Clint Baker - Riddlin' Kids

November 19, 2004

You guys put out Stop The World.

The record just came out three or four weeks ago.

You guys were working on a video.

We were working on a video, yes, for "Stop The World". So far so good. They just finished it up. I haven't gotten to see the final on it but they did it and then we decided to go back and make some changes. We added a bunch of extra graphics and crazy effects and it turned out really awesome. I saw the rough cut but I haven't seen the finished cut so I can't wait to see that. We're about to present it to MTV so that's pretty exciting.

When is it going to air?

We don't know yet. We've got to find out. The label has to send it to MTV and kiss their butts and hope that they play it. We haven't sent that out yet but as soon as we do, I'm sure we'll post it on our website and tell everybody to watch it.

Tell us a bit of what it's like.

It's just a bunch of footage with us playing and it looks a lot like the cover of our record. It looks like a battlefield, like destruction and stuff on the cover of our record. It's basically a little girl walking through a bunch of rubble of a destroyed city and there are bomber planes flying overhead. In the video basically, that's playing and all the graphics and stuff from the cover, it looks basically like at one point we're standing in the battlefield and at other points it looks like you're traveling through it and flying over it. It just looks really neat. It's a lot of eye candy. Pretty cool.

Was it inspired by this war we're involved in?

Nah, not so much. Sort of but not really. The song "Stop The World" which is also the title of the album, it's just kind of about being fed up with everything and that translates into a lot of different things. With the elections and the war and people being pissed off at their bosses yelling at them all day to battling husbands and wives. Everybody has their own thing that makes them want to freak out and makes them feel like the walls are closing in around them. That's what the song is about but when it came to our artwork, we wanted something that was really eye catching and we talked about everything from having a family eating at a dinner table but then the dinner table is in the middle of an intersection. Maybe there's a bus heading straight at them and they're completely oblivious. There are just all kinds of different ideas. There's something that's really eye catching imagery and the little girl playing and walking through a bunch of destruction and there are bomber planes flying over. It ended up looking really cool. That's what we chose. We just had a bunch of footage of us playing live and then we pieced in a bunch of stuff and graphics from the cover and almost kind of animated it. Made it look like we were in the cover. It looks neat.

That sounds pretty cool. I can't wait to see that myself.

Yeah, I'm excited. Then the artwork on the record itself is really awesome. I even thought about getting it tattooed on me because it's so good. I have tattoos on my arms and I thought about doing a half sleeve of the artwork because it looks really cool. I want to get the cover of the record around that other stuff and make it a half sleeve.

You guys are on tour right now.

Yeah, we're on tour with Lit. Lit and Denver Harbor who is also a really awesome band.

How's the tour going?

The tour is awesome. The kids are amazing. All of the bands are super cool. It's just been a lot of fun. We've met Lit before and we've played a couple of shows with them and they're just super nice. Denver Harbor is some of the people from Fenix TX. They originally came from Houston and moved to San Diego. Those guys are so awesome. It's just been fun. Anything from gambling together to drinking together. On a long drive the other day, Denver Harbor pulled up next to us and we looked over. All of a sudden fireballs start shooting at us. They were shooting us with bottle rockets. Then they pulled really close to us and handed us a bunch of bottle rockets and we had a bottle rocket fight on the highway in the middle of the night, like at three in the morning. It was super awesome. We stocked up on fireworks. We're going to do a little bit more of that. Hopefully we won't start any fires and we won't get thrown in jail.

Don't blow yourselves up.

We actually lit one and we were trying to shoot it at the van and it got stuck somehow in the window and just started burning the side of the van. We were freaking out because it was spraying sparks into the van. "Oh my God, oh my God!" Of course they explode so that was really funny. Luckily no damage was done. They just lightly burned our bass player Mark's hand. It was no big deal though.

Yeah, no big deal.

All in all it's been pretty fun. We're playing the Hard Rock Cafe tonight in the Trump Tage Mahal. So far everything is awesome. We're stoked on the new record. Kids seem to really like it and everything's going great. The last I heard from our manager is that we're going out with Bowling For Soup and American Hi-Fi in January. That'll be a really awesome tour because Bowling For Soup, those dudes are awesome.

They've been around for a while.

Yeah, they're a great band and they're great dudes. It should be pretty fun.

How is the record doing so far?

So far so good. Sales wise, it's going out on a slower start than our last record. Our last record, we toured for nine months straight before the record came out. This time we were at home for nearly a year doing this record and we never toured. All of a sudden we just put the record out. Now we've jumped on tour. Last time people knew about it for months and months and months. Now we just got on the road and people are just finding out about it but I can already see the excitement starting to kick about the record itself.

It's an incredible record.

Thanks. I'm pretty confident everything will be just fine as long as we stay out on the road. That's how we sell records. We never got much exposure on MTV. We did get a little bit of MTV2 support on the last record but it was really light airplay. We've always sold our records through playing shows and talking to kids and shaking hands and doing that kind of stuff. Making a connection with people. We haven't had the opportunity to do that yet on this record so now that's what we're out here doing.

You have to put the music in people's faces because these days you can't count on the radio anymore. Another radio station, I forget what city it's in, has been turned into a Spanish station because Clear Channel seems to be under the impression that no one cares about rock or metal anymore. It either becomes a classic station or a Spanish station.

Yeah, that's happening all over the place. It's really weird. Labels aren't selling records like rock records. It's rough too for us. We're on Columbia. You're on the same label as Destiny's Child and John Maher and all these other bands. For us not to come out and sell a million records our first week, it doesn't look good. They look at us as almost like a hobby.

You're dictating to the masses what kind of music they should appreciate and that's not what freedom of choice is all about.

That's true. I guess they pick what is easy for them to sell and they shove it down the average person's throat who doesn't have time to get into bands. They just listen to what is thrown in their face and thinks it's cool. Like me, I go out hunting for bands and I'm really picky. Most people don't have the time to do that and think and hunt for music. They just listen to whatever is on the radio and whatever is on TV. I can understand business wise if a label gets down on a band because they're all about money. It's easier to sell hip hop. "Let's go sell some hip hop." I'd be the same way if I was a business. I guess I'm in a business but only I'm doing this because I enjoy it.

It pays the bills.

Yeah, we're just getting by. We're definitely not making any money. We're just paying the bills and surviving. It would be nice to be able to make enough. It's our second record and I'm starting to get a little older and I've got a serious girlfriend. It would be nice to get to a position where I could put a down payment on a house and start to make investments and do things to where one day, I'm not ready now, but in the next five years I'm going to probably be ready to start thinking about having a family. It puts things into perspective when you're thinking about the rest of your life and you start questioning what you're doing. Are you doing the right thing. Should you go back to school. Right now I love what I'm doing and I'm having a blast. As long as kids keep coming back to shows and I can pay my rent, I'm not that worried about it.

I think you should enjoy your youth while you can because it doesn't last forever. If one of your main deals is strapping on a guitar and playing in front of a crowd, you should do that for as long as you can. You only get one shot.

That's true. That's what I was saying. When I'm an old man, it's not going to matter how much money I have if all my time is wasted and I don't have anything to show for it experience wise. I guess when you're 89 years old and you're laying in bed and you're about to go, it doesn't matter how much money you have sitting in a bank.

You can't take it with you.

I'm actually doing the right thing. I'm doing what I love and my girlfriend is going to law school so I win both ways. I always joke that I'll just be the house husband. I'll be Mr. Mom and take care of the kids and cook and clean when she needs to do things. I'm actually really good at it. That's how we'll do it. I'll just have a home studio and produce bands. I'll cross that bridge when I come to that.

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