Steven Bishop - Pitbull Daycare

April 24, 2004

Tell me about the band.

We're from San Antonio. Texas boys. We're on Cleopatra Records. We just got signed to Cleopatra last year and we're doing our first album with them that we're out on tour supporting right now. The album's called Unclean.

Where did the name Pitbull Daycare come from?

Years back our bass player was living in New York City and he was sitting around getting wasted one night with one of his bass techs and they were just thinking of funny names. What would be two opposite names and out of the millions of names they came up with as they're sitting around getting wasted, Pitbull Daycare was one of them. When he came back to Texas, he was looking to start a new band with a guitar player, T.C. Connally. They were tossing around names and he said he had this funny name he had thought up when he was living in New York called Pitbull Daycare. They used it and it just stuck. That's how that came about.

I love the web site. Every time you click on something it barks.

Yeah, Redrum is our new webmaster. We just got the new web site up about a week and a half or two weeks ago so we're pretty excited about it. The guestbook should be up real soon as well. There's still a little here and there under construction but it was much better than what we had before. The last one we had was so dated.

You guys had Fred Coury produce your CD.

We were out playing in Los Angeles one night at The Whisky and we were actually out there showcasing for some other labels. Cleopatra wasn't even one of the labels we were supposed to showcase for. We ran into Brian Perera, the owner of that label at the Rainbow and he sees our guitar player who started talking to Brian and said we were playing at The Whisky and to come by. Brian just happened to have been having dinner with Fred Coury that evening and invited him along knowing that Fred Coury produces bands as well as his own band EFFCEE which is an electroclash remix band. When Fred came out, Brian asked him what he thought and Fred thought we were a diamond in the rough. Thought he could really do some work with us and that's how we got signed to Cleopatra. It wasn't even our intention. We just stumbled upon each other and it's been working out great ever since. Fred was really great. He was real easy to work with in the studio. He's a nice guy and really put the band in the right direction.

You guys had an album before that called SixSixSex.

Yeah, SixSixSex was on MIA Records and we released that in 1998. We did a lot of touring behind that album as well but MIA unfortunately just ran out of cash. There were a lot of great bands on it. Candiria, Downward Thing. Soil put out an album on MIA. It was a good stepping stone for where we're at right now.

Tell us about Unclean.

Yeah, Unclean is a collaboration of songs that we were writing over the last few years. After MIA closed down, we just started touring and touring and writing over a period of time. Trying to write stuff that was something really new and progressive compared to what we were doing. A lot of it was written in the studio but a lot of it was also written before we got to the studio so there's a lot of new sounds that we've incorporated into the album. We had some guest appearances on the record like KRSI who helped us do the title track. KRSI is a pioneer in the rap and hip-hop industry so it was real cool to work with that guy. Then also Stephen Pearcy from Ratt. He did some vocal tracks on there with me which was real cool. It was the first time that we had all written songs together as a band even with our new members Jason West and Andy Escalante. We're real stoked about it. We're happy to do the record.

Your music is a mixture of modern industrial and electronica.

Yeah, it's kind of weird to classify it because just for lack of better terms we say we're an industrial band just because that's what we cut our teeth on. I'm just a huge punk fan and I grew up on good old school punk rock and then as well I'm a big industrial fan too. I love Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Die Warsaw, and bands like that. Then we have a variety of influences. Andy, one of our guitar players, he's more of a garage rock guy. AC/DC, bands like Mastadon, and stuff like that. He was in a band called Chapstick before that was on Reptilian Records, straight up a garage label. Donny of course comes from a big metal background as well as Todd. Jason was in Neurotica which was on Ozzfest 2002. We all have our different backgrounds and when we get together and write songs, what comes up is the unique sound of Pitbull Daycare I guess is how they usually label it.

I love Ministry.

We were fortunate enough to do a show with them last year here in San Antonio when they came through on the Animositisomina tour. That was great. It was a fun, fun show.

You guys are on tour with The Genitorturers.

This is actually our second tour with The Genitorturers. We did the first tour a couple of years ago before MIA shut down on us. We just got in real tight with them. Became good buddies with them. They're such a great band to tour with because they really keep in touch with the underground scene and they keep a real close relationship to their true fans. If they have fans, The Genitorturers fans are your fans as well. You're going to have fans for life because they have such a close knit group. They network so closely with that scene. It's always a party with The Genitorturers so why wouldn't anybody want to tour with those guys.

How much longer are you on the road?

We're playing Dallas tonight. This is going to be our second show on the tour with them. This is their third show. The tour is just starting for us. We should be out for another five weeks with them. It's good to start in our home state of Texas too so it gives you a chance to work out all the kinks while you're still local before you hit the big trip.

Where are you guys touring?

From Texas we head into California and then up the coast from L.A. to San Francisco. Then all across the Midwest zigzagging back across the Bible belt. Then going into the East coast and then working our way back down to end up in Florida and then we'll cut from Florida across through some of the southern states. The Gulf coast states. Louisiana, Georgia, and then back home to Texas. Hopefully right back out on the road again right after that.

Your CD came out on March 30th. You guys had a CD release party on April 3rd.

Yeah, that was a blast.

People can get it in the stores?

Yeah, you should be able to get it in the stores. If the store doesn't have it, ask them to order it or you can also buy it online at Amazon and a variety of CD sellers on the web. It always helps too to call in and request to hear Pitbull Daycare. A lot of radio stations are starting to play it. It helps us get into other markets. Other people's towns.

It's not only a CD but a DVD as well.

It has a making of DVD included which is a little over an hour long. A lot of candid footage, backstage interviews, things like that. The package also comes with a free sticker.

Any other thoughts or comments?

Just be looking out for us. We're hopefully going to come to your town soon. If you go to a record store and they don't have it, ask them to order it. That way we can know where to go next.

Pitbull Daycare