Joe Brown - A Static Lullaby

October 22, 2006

Tell me a little bit about A Static Lullaby.

A Static Lullaby is a band that's been around for about five years now. We've released three records. One that just came out on October 10th. The band after the second record went through some member changes. Dan and I are the originals. Dan plays guitar and sings and I sing. Our new members are John Death, Dane Poppin, and Jarrod Alexander. We haven't toured in about a year since all the changes and this is our first tour back. We're an emotional, straight forward, metal influenced prog band. We have a lot of melody and passion I guess. That's who we are.

There are two core members left. Is this your first lineup change?

Yeah, the people who left were with us on the first two albums. Then some things happened between relationships and creative differences. We went our separate ways and this is our first real overhaul of the band. Our drummer Brett left the band in the beginning, came back, and then left again. Jarrod replaced him when he left the first time and then Brett came back and now Jarrod replaces Brett again.

I think you better keep Jarrod.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

It must be kind of weird to be in a band for a while and then you're the only person who originally was in the band. I've interviewed bands where the original members are gone and the guys who replaced the original members just kept the band going.


Tell me about the new record that came out on October 10th.

It's my favorite. I think it really represents the band to its fullest. I think that A Static Lullaby, that's the title of our new album. It's a self-titled album. We decided to self-title it just because it was a complete representation of the band. I want somebody to put in that record and understand that's what we're doing. These are the new members, this is what's happening, and this is what you're going to get from us hands down. It's not going to shift either way. If you like that, then jump on board. We're ready to dominate. If not, then you will one day. That's that.

How does it differ from your past releases?

Some people say that it's similar to our first release. Some people say that some of the melody is the same as the second but it's heavy. It's heavier like our first album but in its own way. It's a bit more developed and we've got three different members who really see eye to eye with the way that Dan and I like to write music. We've been taking influences from hardcore, metal, and rock and putting it all in and just classic punk and things like that. Just cross blending all these things and everybody is just ready to make heavy records. This one is generally just heavier and just a lot of melodies which we do the scream/singing formula but we've made it into our own right. It's good.

With you as the singer, I think it's going to be kind of hard to change the singing style up.

No, it's true. We had three singers in the beginning and now we have four actually. Dan and I hold the main vocals down but John also sings a bit.

So there's a little bit more harmonizing.

Yeah, definitely more harmonizing. We'll play with that more and more as we write new records but this one we just wrote a straight forward record. We want to be able to play it live and that's something you have to focus on.

How many songs are on the new record?

Eleven songs.

Which songs are you looking forward to playing live? Anything special?

We play a song called "Hang 'Em High". We play a song called "The Art Of Sharing Lovers". We play a song called "The Collision". We play a song called "Trigger Happy Tarantula" and we play "Life In A Museum". All of those songs are one of my top on the album. I like to start playing a song called "Contagious". That's a really fun song and we have a song called "Static Slumber Party" which is fun to play too.

Tell me about "Trigger Happy Tarantula". I like that name.

The song has an anthem feel to it. It has a metal riff at the beginning then it has a nice driving groove that rocks through the whole song. I'm really carried by the drums and it's steady and it's strong. It's one of our strongest. I wanted to see that be pushed as a single but they went with "Hang 'Em High". I hope to be able to release that one as a single soon.

"Hang 'Em High". Is that the one you guys did a video for?


Tell me about the video.

The video is fantastic. It's the first time we did three different sets. We never experienced that before. You just usually grab your stuff and go play here and jam. It was three different sets. It was based off 1920's German expressionism. It's a direct focus on a movie. I can't remember the name exactly but it's a bit dark. We shot it in black and white and then painted in three different colors so the three different sets are different. The live shot of the band playing is yellow. It's a light tint of yellow.

Do they call that sepia or something?

Yeah, yeah, exactly. Then we've got a bluish tint on this prison scene and then there's another scene with an actress and that's in red. Those shots flash in and out a lot and it's the best thing I've ever been a part of. It was shot all day and I just saw it last week and I was really, really happy.

You guys reached into the past a little bit.

Yeah, the way the producer pitched it to us was that we're doing all right for ourselves and what he does is he makes movies. He said this was our second video and he wanted to express art in a different way. German expressionism filming was huge. It eclipsed a lot of things that people were doing and he wanted to represent that with us and bring it in to a whole new level. Put us maybe not in the most comfortable situation that we're in and make us do a little bit of something outside of our influences.

Before Hollywood came along the Germans were the moviemakers. That is very fucking cool. How is the tour going?

It's been all right. The bands on the tour are our favorites. Since we joined up with So They Say, The Classic Crime, and I Am Ghost, it was simple. They were just friends. Usually it takes about two weeks in between to get that to start rolling. I haven't met any personalities that I don't like. You don't have any egos wandering around. Every band is really solid. They're just really, really good bands and I couldn't be happier than sharing a tour with such bands. I didn't know the members and that was a little bit different. We usually take out our friends. All these bands are great. The shows started off on the West Coast and we went down through Arizona and New Mexico and right up into Texas. The markets are a little refined but kids are coming out to every show and they're singing our new songs. It's something you can't put a price on. It's just fantastic.

Back when I was a kid during the '80s hair days, these guys would go out and tour for a whole fucking year and they'd get these big egos and get pissed at each other. One of the things I like about talking to heavy metal bands today is the fact that they go on shorter tours, it's a little bit more laid back, it's a van and trailer thing, and you don't really have to worry about egos.

There's something that really brings you back down to earth having a blue collar tour. We're lifting our own shit up on stage. We're selling our own merchandise. We're working every night and you try to make different shows good. It's fun. It's a job and everybody has to be grounded otherwise you'll kill yourself and the relationships you make with people and the relationships that you have on the road, you can't act like your shit doesn't stink otherwise you've got big problems. You don't know who you're going to tour with. The next band could be 10 times bigger than us next year and we might want a favor from them. If we're not cool, we might not get that opportunity.

That's what I like about covering bands now. People don't think that they're you know.


I can't stand that. At the end of the day it's all about the music and the fans. I think that's real important. The tour is going to end on the 25th. What are you guys planning on doing after that?

Go home and have Christmas with the wife. We plan on touring in January and February hopefully. There's some talk of some good tours coming up. Nothing is set in stone so I won't say it but hopefully we get those and we're able to go out there and kill it. We have plans of going over to Australia and Japan and England from March until toward summer and then we'll either probably do Sounds Of The Underground or Warped Tour.

I love Sounds Of The Underground. They skipped us this year for some stupid assed reason.

Aw, that's not good.

No, it's not because they came here the first year out. I thought that was incredible. That was fucking awesome. Any other thoughts or comments?

Yeah, I need a cigarette.

I've got one of those.



Ah, then that's it.

A Static Lullaby