Keith Buckley - Every Time I Die

November 15, 2003

Tell me about the band.

Guitarist Jordan and I are brothers. Jordan, bass player Steve, and I went to high school together. Andy, the other guitarist, and I have been best friends forever. We all met through going to shows and we wanted to start a band. Figured it was good timing and everyone was available. Just gelled and weíve been jamming ever since. Weíve been touring forever. Weíve been touring for eight months straight pretty much. A week here, a week there off. Weíre finally going to go home and take a break for two months this summer. We just got a video on MTV2. Itís for "Ebolorama" off the last album. Thatís pretty much all we do. Just hang out and try to get mothers drunk. Pretty smooth.

Getting mothers drunk.

Last night we went to a ladyís house. Her daughter came to the show and it was Jordanís birthday, our guitarist. Weíre hanging out in the street and mom and dad come to pick up the daughter. The mom was drunk out of her mind. She invited all of us back to her house and it was like the Osbourneís house. It was a mansion. So we go back there and sheís like drunk and smoking pot. She tells us not to talk to her daughter because sheís ugly. Weíre like "what?" Then the dad wants to sleep and the mom was streaking through the house and making us food at 3:30 in the morning. Our band enjoys things like that.

Thatís pretty fucking radical.

Yeah, it was amazing.

So have you had lots of experiences like that so far?

Yeah, it happens to us a lot. No, honest we havenít. That was one of the first. Weíve never come across any family members slandering other family members to get us to hang out with them. Especially when theyíre married and they look like theyíre pretty well off. She has a huge house. Then she told us she had another daughter but sheís out getting drunk. We asked how old she was and the mom told us she was 13. Weíre like "cool."

Groovy. So how long have you been on the road?

Weíve only been out for six days.

And the exciting stuff is already happening. How long is the tour?

Itís already happening, yeah. So we got it out of the way. I guess when you have a short tour itís got to get conducted in one or two evenings. Weíre done on the 18th actually. Three more days, two more shows. Really short.

Who are you out on the road with?

Senses Fail and Saosin. Theyíre both from New Jersey.

I saw one license plate that was from California.

The one from California, the tour managerís from California and thatís his van I think.

Thereís a bit of political stuff in your music.

Some people say. I guess thatís just their interpretation but coming from the source, the horseís mouth, thereís really no political ties between my music and I. A lot of people interpret it as such and thatís bull. The more interpretations, the more inspired I get to write stuff. Not politically charged as far as Iím concerned.

Self-righteous right-winged tyrants.

Yeah, itís hard not to be influenced by it when you live under it. I donít use the music as a soapbox to stand on, declare any war against anything or for anything. I think it draws away from the actuality of the music itself. If you use it as a vehicle to portray any sort of personal agenda, I think youíre not getting the most out of it. I think youíre wasting your time. I know granted you have a bigger audience and if itís your goal to talk to people and reach people, thatís a good way to do it. I think there are other ways that arenít so self-deprecating. You sign yourself to a cause and get pigeon-holed for that. I didnít want to do that with this.

So what do you guys write about?

I donít really have any part in the music writing. The lyric writing isÖI honestly couldnít say. People ask me this. I guess Iím too busy writing to think about what it means. It just happens. Just that catalogue of inspiration and occurrences that Iíve accrued throughout these years have just weaved their way into the lyrics. I definitely donít discourage that at all. I let it happen.

How many CDS do you guys have out?

We have two full lengths and an EP. Hot Damn and Last Night In Town are the two full lengths. The Burial Plot Bidding War is our EP but I donít think you can find that anywhere anymore. We severed ties with the label that put it out or they severed ties with us. Either way.

Thatís always strange because then you donít have your music anymore.

Yeah, I know. I donít know where it is. I donít know how to get it.

You guys toured with Converge and The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Itís great. I think that form of music is our niche. We always do really well at shows like that plus the guys in the bands have become really good friends. Itís always fun to tour with friends. Itís when you tour with people youíre not friends with and then you end up hating the bands but this tour is short. We donít really get to hang out with these guys weíre on tour with now very much. It sucks because I donít get to know them better.

You blend southern rock and technical noise core.

People need to classify things to understand them better. We donít abide by any labels but I guess if we have to do it so people get a general idea of what weíre about. People would say weíre noise core. People would say that we have dirty southern rock parts. Itís easier for them.

Youíre going to tour with Poison The Well.

Yeah, for two and a half weeks I think. From November 23rd to December 12th. Itís going to be up into Canada and then down the East coast to Georgia. Thatís it and then we have two months off so weíre winding down this period right now. Starting to go home. The tour with Poison The Well is going to be amazing too. The best way to finish out the year of touring that weíve been doing. Looking forward to it.

Youíre headlining this yearís Hell Fest.

Weíre one of the headliners I guess on one of the days. That oneís insane. Itís just like a carnival. Itís like playing an arena show. Itís just another show along the road because itís such a fiasco of a festival. Itís great. So many kids there. Itís a lot of fun. Nerve wracking. I wish I was past the point where I get nervous like that.

How long have you guys been playing together?

About five years but weíve only been full time for about a year though.

You guys have a DVD out.

It was taken at my managerís house. I was deathly ill that day. I was so sick I couldnít even move. He said well good because theyíre filming a DVD. I was like "awesome." You can tell from watching it that I was very, very sick. I was delirious and we didnít know what the hell we were going to do so we just turned the camera on and hung out. It turned out pretty funny though. Itís weird. Itís not exactly how I would want it if I had the control over it all. It wouldnít have been the first DVD that I would want to put out but itís entertaining to say the least. Hopefully kids will think of it that way.

Every Time I Die