Chris Caffery - December 7, 2005

Give me a little bit of history on Doctor Butcher.

Doctor Butcher was an idea that Jon Oliva and I had on the Gutter Ballet tour with Savatage. We had discussed doing something really heavy one day for fun. After I left Savatage Jon was out of the band about two years later. We got together and just started to hang out. In the midst we began to write music. A year later we had a deal. Criss Oliva passed away and things were put on hold so Jon could do a Savatage CD. When that was done we entered the studio to do the CD.

Why did you guys decide to re-release Doctor Butcher? It was definitely a great idea because the CD is spectacular.

There was not one single record company producing a copy! Our Japanese company Zero Records went out of business. Gun Records' contract expired. There was never a deal for North America. So we decided it was time for a new worldwide deal!

What was the inspiration behind the creation of this album?

Frustration and fun. We wanted a heavy CD with a light heart.

How many other Doctor Butcher albums are there and will we see a new one with the re-release of this one?

We are hoping to do another in the next year. There is only one CD and the demo material.

What are your favorite tracks off this album and are your favorites different now from back when it was first released?

My favorite track is "The Chair". I don't think this has changed. I do love "Inspector Highway", the new song!

Can you tell us a little bit about the record?

Butcher is about life, good and bad. Drugs, disease, religion, war, famine, love, and hate.

What other projects are you working on aside from Pain, Savatage, and TSO? Or do you have time for any other projects?

I am doing my Chris Caffery CDs. I am also working on my own holiday material. I have a lot of inspiration and there is not always room on the TSO CDs for outside material.

Has the TSO thing gotten a lot bigger than you expected it would? I had the chance to attend a performance once and I was blown away.

I think it is bigger than anyone expected except Paul. This is why it is as big as it is, he believed so much and invested so much into making this what it is. Even when it was not as successful as it is now, we still delivered a show like it was!

Do you change the TSO shows from year to year and what do you have in mind this year?

They always change, you have to see it to believe it. Just bigger and better!

Any other comments?

Thanks for the interview and I hope to see you on the road!

Chris Caffery