John Campbell - Lamb Of God

November 5, 2004

How is the tour going so far?

The tour's been going great. We sold out a lot of places. The crowds have been great every night. A great response for everyone on the package.

I've heard there have been a lot of sell outs. That's pretty damn good for a club tour.

Yeah, absolutely. It's just some of the amazing shit that goes along with being in this band is things just seem to work out well for us.

I believe I spoke with your drummer when you guys came through on the MTV Headbangers Ball tour. How did that tour work out?

That tour was amazing. We had known Shadows Fall for a long time and we had played a few shows with Killswitch Engage. It was a chance to get to know those dudes a whole lot better. Everyone got along so great. A lot of times, you get on tours and there's a lot of politics to work through but that tour was so awesome for not having to deal with that. Just hanging out with friends and having a good time and again there was a great turnout for that. A great response and it was a good time.

You guys were also on Ozzfest. How did that work out?

Again it was a bunch of bands that we knew and had known for a long time. It was incredible to be able to spend the summer playing huge shows with our friends that we've been playing shows with for years. God Forbid we played basements with seven or eight years ago for 10 dollars and spaghetti. It was shocking how far we've come. It was a good time and everyone got along good and had a great time. Nobody got hurt so it was awesome.

That's always a good thing. After you guys got done with the MTV tour, is that when you guys worked on your CD As The Palaces Burn?

Yeah, we got home and then started in January writing through April. Writing and rehearsing and then we did two months in the studio recording. Then did Ozzfest and went home for a quick breather and came back out on this tour.

How has the CD been doing?

The CD has been doing really well. We're getting great reviews on it. It's been selling really well and a lot of people are digging it a whole lot.

You guys are on tour with Children Of Bodom and Fear Factory. How did all of you hook up for this?

People calling people. Who wants to go out. Who is available to go out. There's always a bunch of talk going on in the beginning and it boils down and you're left with your package.

How much longer are you guys going to be on tour?

The 15th of November is the last show which is today being the 5th, so we got not much longer to go on this tour.

You'll be happy to go home.

Yeah, we're home for two weeks and then we go out again for another two weeks in the U.K. and then we're home for hopefully a little bit longer.

You album has landed you on MTV, MuchMusic, and commercials and Fox Sports Net.

Yeah, we've been real lucky but a lot of that stuff has been happening since before this new record. I think some of the Fox Sports Net stuff happened off of As The Palaces Burn and we definitely broke with "Black Label" is our first video that was aired and that was on New American Gospel so we've just been the luckiest sons of bitches you're ever going to meet from Virginia.

Do these people just contact you and say "hey, we heard your CD and we thought it was awesome. We want to use your shit in a commercial."

Pretty much. It's been that way even with record deals. We never actively sought out a record deal. We never started this band to be a commercial success. We did it because it was a hobby and we wanted to write heavy music and then it's been a constant progression from the get go. We just hit our 10 year anniversary so this is the accumulation of a lot of fucking luck over 10 years.

I'd say. I guess you guys started out with day jobs. Now it's a full time thing for you.

Oh, absolutely. It is now but over the course of 10 years it's been a lot more on the low end of things than on the high end of things. Yeah, we've been juggling jobs for a long time.

What do you attribute your success to?

I think our determination to stay to what it is that we do. I don't know if I can necessarily describe what it is that we do but we're really good friends. We've known each other for a really long time and we love making music. We love making music together and somehow that formula worked out with the personalities, talents, and skills that we have in this band to do something that a lot of people find special. It's flattering as fuck to have all the compliments heaped on us especially after the shows, talking to fans and how or why, I'm not really sure. We just try to stay true to who we are and what we do. If it ends tomorrow, it's been a great ride for me.

You guys are totally accessible to your fans and I think that's a really cool thing. I think a lot of people forget that's what their bread and butter is based on.

Even more so, I love traveling around and meeting people. Even if I wasn't in a band. It's fun for me. Some nights it might be a little bit old. You might be a little tired. You might be a little cranky. You might not feel like hanging out with people but most nights, you finish the show, grab a beer, and kind of wander around and see who's hanging out.

What are your plans after the tour?

There's the U.K. tour after this and then we're looking to go out probably the end of February and the beginning of March to do another tour and it's not solidified yet so I don't feel comfortable saying what it is. The plans that we're working on will be pretty big and it'll be hopefully another great tour.

Are you guys working on new material?

Not at this moment. We do things one at a time. We're not running around with a studio on the bus or anything like that.

Some people do that.

I know they do. I don't know how the fuck they do that because touring is an around the clock having to deal with bullshit. I don't know how these people find time to get in the frame of mind to write stuff.

I have people telling me they wrote this and that on the bus. I figure they must be bored and everything is going great.

They must not have video games or any weed sitting around. I don't know.

I guess not. You guys have co-hosted MTV's Headbangers Ball on a couple of occasions. You aired a half hour Lamb Of God DVD special.

That was pretty insane. Right before our DVD came out, we hosted Headbangers Ball and then they took the DVD and basically edited it down to a half hour of what they felt was appropriate. Essentially it was a half hour commercial for the DVD being honest. Still, the fact that they would use their valuable air time to support us was incredible to me.

When Headbangers Ball first started, that was the main reason I watched MTV. Then they took it away and they were basically a hip-hop, reality TV, game show channel. I don't knock any of that shit but it caused me to lose interest. But they've brought it back so what do you think of the Ball?

I think it's great. Especially for someone in my position, it's amazing because I'm in a metal band and this is now my job so any positive proactive exposure towards that is definitely great. I think it just speaks to where our culture is. This underground scene has been underground for a long time and the roots are deep and it's just sticking its head out. We'll see how long it's out but I think especially with Bush being re-elected, people will remain angry for another four years. Unfortunately that means that metal will probably be around for a little while longer. I would have gladly gone back to bartending if Kerry had won and it meant that metal was done being cool.

I find it hard to believe that people wanted that guy around again.

The cool thing about it is, this is believing the facts that we're told on CNN, but if they're telling the truth and that there was a record turnout of voters, that is encouraging.

I was glad about that regardless of who people voted for.

I was a little disappointed that they didn't agree with me. I can't say that I 100 percent believe that would come with the election.

I hope we can hold things together for another four years.

Ralph Nader said something really fucking awesome on Election night on CNN and he put it in very conversationally. The person interviewing him said "so you want Kerry to win" or "you're calling Kerry for a win". He said "yeah, I definitely want Kerry to win because I think George Bush is a corporation disguised as a human being." That's some amazing shit for somebody to say. Not that I'm a huge Nader fan but god damn that made me stand up and cheer when I heard him say that.

The Republican party has never hidden the fact that they are pro-corporation. They are pro big business and of course that means they are anti the little guy. They don't make a secret out of that. If there's the one thing that politicians of that ilk are honest about, it is that. I don't know why people ignore that and think those politicians love them anyway.

The thing I find disgusting is when that whole corporate machine gets into the business that we're in now with there being a war and people are dying. People's lives and families, homes, culture, are just being fucking destroyed in the name of this corporation being more powerful and making more money. That to me is the evil that is George Bush.

It's scary. What do you guys see in your future?

I couldn't tell you because I couldn't have told you a year ago we'd be here. I couldn't even begin to guess. For real, it's been an amazing time and if it's over tomorrow, I have no regrets.

Lamb Of God