John Campbell - Lamb Of God

April 2, 2005

How is the tour going?

It's going pretty well. It can be boring some nights in the arena but we have a good time when we get the chance to play.

What happened in Los Angeles?

Oh, you're talking about when we were banned. The church that owns The Forum found out that we used to be called Burn The Priest and assumed that we had anti-religious lyrics and therefore we couldn't play The Forum which they own. Fortunately for us that more people heard about us because of them banning us then ever would have had we just gone ahead and played the show.

Are you guys going to play L.A. sometime for those people that missed out?

We're playing in Pomona that night and then we're playing a headlining set which means we'll be playing almost twice as long as we do on the Slipknot night. We will definitely be back again. There are more places to play than The Forum in L.A. The next time through we'll definitely be back up in L.A.

What made them think you guys are really bad but Slipknot and Shadows Fall aren't?

They just looked at what was on the surface of what was going on and assumed that that meant that there was something bad. I'm not sure. It probably had something to do with the internal politics of how the church works and I'm sure that somebody somewhere saw something and thought that they would make a stink about it and do what they couldn't get done within their organization. But you know, fuck them. I'm not really concerned with it.

Hell yeah. Are you guys playing every night on the tour then aside from L.A.?

Oh, yeah. Absolutely. We're the direct support on this tour and we go on right before Slipknot and there are nights where there is not a show with Slipknot. We go out and play headlining sets about once a week.

You get to do a one off type of thing.


Because of the flap in L.A., have you noticed an increase in CD sales?

I don't know if there's been a direct correlation there but definitely when the New York Times and the L.A. Times are picking up the story and it's all over the Internet, word of mouth will spread and that can be better than CD sales sometimes.

How long is the tour?

We're almost in the middle. The tour runs until the beginning of May and it started at the beginning of last month.

What are you guys doing after the Slipknot tour?

We're going to go home for a second and then we're going to go play some festivals in Europe and play some club dates in Europe. Then we're going to come back to the States and probably do some sort of festival tour in the States.

You guys are re-releasing your Burn The Priest album.

Yeah, we already did. It came out about two weeks ago I think. They decided they wanted to add that to their catalog and we got Colin Richardson to go over the tracks and work a little bit of his magic on it and it has been re-released in all its glory.

When can we expect a new CD from you guys?

You can expect to see us play live this year. I would say in 2006 would be the next time when we might be in the cycle to put out another record. We do have a DVD that's coming out probably late this month or early next month which has got a live show filmed in Philly and then a bunch of behind the scenes kind of ridiculousness.

Any other thoughts or comments?

Thank you very much for helping spread the word and doing what you do.

Lamb Of God