John Campbell - Lamb Of God

June 15, 2005

You guys are releasing your new DVD on June 21.

Yeah, we sure are.

Tell us a little bit about Killadelphia.

The DVD comes out the 21st. It's called Killadelphia and it's primarily a live show from Philly from the Ashes Of The Wake tour we did earlier this year. There's a bunch of behind the scenes stuff going on and the DVD is chock full of ridiculousness.

It will be well worth the buck.

I definitely hope people agree.

Doug Spangenberg directed the shoot.

He did. He's the same guy who did the Terror and Hubris DVD. Our first DVD. He did not only direct that one day of shooting, he came out with us for a month on the road and filmed a bunch of behind the scenes stuff.

You've got your "Now You've Got Something To Die For" video online.

Yeah, and a lot of that footage is taken from the footage that Doug had shot. Doug actually put that video together for us.

You guys are the headlining act for the Sounds Of The Underground tour.

Can you believe it?

That must have been awesome. When did you guys find out the good news?

We actually knew a while ago. It might have actually been before the Slipknot tour but we weren't allowed to say anything about it because we were playing to markets that they would have considered it competition if we had been included in the ads for being on that tour so we had to wait before they actually announced us as the headliners. We knew for a long time.

How did you feel when you found out?

When they came and asked us to do it, we were really excited about it. We're hoping this thing goes real well. It would really suck to headline a festival that was for shit but with the bands playing and everything the way it is, this festival I think is going to be amazing. It was definitely very flattering to have been included in it.

I can imagine. How long is the festival running for?

We leave next week. It starts next Saturday I believe and it runs through I think the final date is August 1 in Nebraska but I'm not really sure.

Are you guys going to be part of Ozzfest?

No, we're not. We did that last summer and they have a policy of not having the same bands back two years in a row. That's what we were told. No we will not actually be playing there but I really hope I have an opportunity to get to at least one of the dates.

What are your plans after Sounds Of The Underground?

After the Sounds Of The Underground, we're going to take a couple of months off. Randy and myself, although not to each other, are getting married and we're going to take a little time off to get that done.

I'm glad you aren't marrying each other.

Yeah, I don't think that's legal in Virginia right now.

How did the Slipknot tour go? I was at the Dallas show and it was really cool.

The tour went really well for the time that we were actually on stage playing. It was amazing. There were huge crowds every night and the kids were really responsive and we went over really well. The moments leading up to and most of the moments following the shows were pretty downright boring. We sat in our locker rooms in arenas that are kept far away from anything really cool in the cities that we played. A lot of it was pretty damn boring. Nothing like sitting around with your thumb up you butt until your set time and then that was just incredible.

That's pretty bad.

It could be a whole lot worse. I could have a real job.

Yeah, you could be flipping hamburgers at McDonald's.

Although I have never worked at a McDonald's, I definitely did my share of flipping hamburgers.

Any other thoughts or comments?

I've interviewed with you before and I appreciate you continuing to help put the word out for us and hopefully we'll see a whole lot of people come out to this festival and everybody have a good time. That's that.

Lamb Of God