Lacey Conner - Nocturne

May 12, 2005

Tell me a little bit about Nocturne.

Nocturne is basically comprised of two members which is myself and my ex-boyfriend Chris. He and I write all the songs. We record all the songs. We produce them. We deal with the record labels. We deal with anything business oriented. Our first album came out in '99 on Triple X Records and we actually formed a few years prior to that but we just played in the local band thing. Playing at the local bars and stuff. When we put our first album out, we started touring and stuff like that. We've been busy staying on the road ever since then. We've toured with King Diamond. We've done a couple of tours with Bile. We're out with Pigface right now. We're working on putting together a tour with Mushroomhead and Dope at the end of the summer. We just put out a new album. Just staying busy.

You manage to be in a band with an ex-boyfriend.

I know. We were actually together for eight and a half years and we broke up about a year and a half ago. It was actually on tour when we broke up too which was tough but anyway we managed to stay friends and I actually feel like we get along better now than we did when we were a couple. It all worked out. I moved out to L.A. and he stayed here in Dallas. Whenever we work on music, we just send CDs and MP3's back and forth to each other and we just get together a week before a tour starts and rehearse first and we're good to go.

I think the distance thing is probably what makes it good.

Yeah, exactly. It really does make a big difference. We used to argue and bicker quite a bit on tour and we really don't do that anymore. We don't bicker at all. It's really interesting. We just obviously get along a lot better as friends and as business partners.

Some guys are definitely like a "brother".

Exactly. That's totally what it is and that's how I view him now. As a brother. He's got a new girlfriend and they're really serious. They've been together for a year now and she is really cool. I really like that in that regard. He's like "okay honey, I'm going out on tour and living in an RV with my ex-girlfriend. See you in six weeks." She doesn't have any jealousy issues which is good. We girlfriends can really make old girlfriends' lives hell if we wanted to. For the sake of the band, I'm so happy that she's supportive and she's really cool. That worked out very well. It's funny how that works out.

That's fucking awesome. You guys are an industrial band?

I guess so. It's so hard to figure out. Lately we've been saying industrial metal. It's so hard to figure out where we fit in. We're not really industrial but we're not really metal. I guess we are some sort of hybrid of the two. Our new album isn't really as industrial as the older albums. Before we used to use programs. We would program all of our drums and now we used a live drummer on our album this time around. We still have some samples but not as much as our last album. But we still definitely have that industrial element to it. I guess that pretty much answers the question about the genre of music. I always tell people we're some sort of hybrid of industrial and metal.

I love bands like Ministry and Killing Joke so I'm looking forward to seeing your show. Plus I got to listen to the CD which I really dig.

Thank you so much.

I listen to CDs where the drums are programmed and then I listen to CDs with a live drummer. I think a live drummer comes across a lot better.

I totally agree. The funny thing is, when we used to program our drums on the albums, we programmed them to sound like a real drummer. We didn't have that Depeche Mode style drums. We had kick drums that were actually samples of an actual kick drum. Snare drums that were samples of an actual snare drum. We programmed it as if a real drummer was playing. Most of our previous albums, you can't really tell that they were programmed. At least except for maybe a song here or a song there. We're not drummers so when we program we try to do the little fills and stuff like that but we can never quite do it with the same flair that a real drummer could. I think that comes across on this album.

Tell us a little about Guide To Extinction.

We definitely have more of an organic feel this time around than we have on past albums. The reason we called it Guide To Extinction basically is because it's going along the lines of what we as humans are doing to ourselves, to our planet, and to each other. We're just basically destroying our environment everywhere. Animals are going extinct left and right. Different species. We're starting wars everywhere and basically I think eventually in time going to be a cause of our own demise. Certainly that of the planet. The environment is going to get so bad. At the rate that they're going, unless they do something drastic to change that, that's what's going to happen. That's where we came up with the album Guide To Extinction. We basically touch on different themes. We did several songs that have themes regarding the government and the screwed up things that they're doing right now. Just poking a stick at that. Some of the songs are not so heavy. Some of the songs were inspired by the breakup of Chris and I and have everything in between. Even if there is a theme to it, it's kind of diverse as far as what we wrote about. Most of the songs are heavy. We have a couple of songs that aren't. There's definitely a lot of variety to the album.

I'm Choctaw and it just pisses me off how people want to cement the earth over. No one cares about how they fuck up the quality of the water you drink, the air you breathe, and it's all about money.

Yeah, exactly. Another example, I don't eat beef, pork, or poultry because I don't want to use my money to support the meat industry and the way they raise their animals. It's really cruel conditions. I do eat fish and eventually I would like to become vegan but I'm just not there yet. One step at a time. I haven't eaten beef, pork, or poultry in about six years now. Eventually I'd like to stop eating fish and all animal parts altogether. I eat a lot of salmon and lately they're talking about how the mercury levels of salmon are so high that it's dangerous for pregnant women and young children to eat it. I'm like oh my God, I cannot believe that this is acceptable.

If the mercury levels are high, it's dangerous for anyone to eat that. You don't have to be pregnant or a young child.

Exactly, it's definitely not a good thing. Then what is also happening is that the birds that eat salmon are laying bad eggs and the eggs aren't developing like they should. It's affecting other species, not just humans, but people should just riot in the streets because of this.

People should be rioting about a lot of stuff. They are being taken advantage of by the government and by the corporations that they work for. People should be screaming and yelling right about now. It's like "oh, I need to watch Fear Factor." I remember when Arafat died and a journalist interrupted some fictional crime drama to announce that he had passed on. People actually got pissed off that some fictional crime drama was interrupted by a real world event taking place. That's fucking insane. These people are crazy.

The thing is that people are so wrapped up in their day to day lives. They're worried about if they're going to get to work on time or their boss is an asshole or they have to pick up little Bobby from soccer practice. They've got do this and they've got to do this. They never stop to think about the overall picture of the state of the world. Not let alone to our country but the whole world. There are so many horrors and atrocities that are going on. The thing is, people are so wrapped up in their day to day lives and I guess all the problems of the world are too monumental for them to want to think about. Although some of the things are disturbing and unpleasant to think about, people don't want to think about them for that reason as well. What I say is that's a really selfish attitude. If you choose not to think about it because it's unpleasant and so you choose to ignore it and let the problem continue because you don't want to think about it, I think that is extremely irresponsible and extremely selfish. As far as the problem is too monumental, what can I do? If every single one of us did something really small that didn't even take up that much time or energy but if everybody gave just a little bit of a shit, something might happen. Something might change. Nobody wants to think about it. Nobody cares. Nobody wants to contribute. They're helping all these problems. They'd rather deal with their own lives and they don't care.

What you don't pay attention to and what you don't know about can eventually hurt you. I think in the case of 9/11, it can even kill you. Something one might want to take into consideration.

Exactly or you can end up with cancer. Why does everybody have cancer these days? Why do you think? Because toxins are being poured into our rivers, our oceans, our air.

The Pentagon dumped two tons of depleted uranium over Iraq. This is eventually going to kill everyone in that country. Plus the American and foreign soldiers who have been exposed to it by being over there. Radioactive material and waste does cause cancer and other health issues. There is a direct link and people need to think about that.

Yes, exactly. This is why I try to talk about stuff in our CDs and on our website because I want to get people thinking. Get more involved. Get more people writing letters and talking about these issues.

Their very lives depend on it really. That's not paranoia or anything. It's hard, cold facts.

Exactly and we just need to be a little more compassionate overall. Not just for our own well being but for the well being of everybody on this planet. Animals as well. There are a lot of things that we can be doing to just stop the cruel way animals are being treated in various industries but we support it. Just for example, the fur industry. Some things you can be on the fence about. Medical testing on animals or eating meat or whatever. Those things, that's one thing but wearing fur. There is absolutely no reason to wear fur. It's purely fashion and that's it. It's vanity. The thing is, the animals aren't just killed for their fur. They are kept in horrible, cruel, horrific conditions while they're alive. The thing is, the fur industry is never going to make itself more humane towards its animals. It never will because then that would be cutting into their profits. To make bigger cages and to make better conditions for the animals. That would cut into their profits. They're not going to do that. The only way to stop this torture of these animals is for the fur industry to just go bankrupt. The only way that's going to happen is if we all choose to not wear fur. To not buy fur products. That's easy. That's not me telling you to do something. That doesn't take your time, your money, or your energy. I'm saying don't do something. Don't spend your money buying a fur product. Whether it's a jacket with fur trim or a rabbit's foot or whatever. If everybody did that, there would be no fur industry anymore. Easy solution. Just don't buy it. Easy solution. Problem solved. That would spare millions of animals from being tortured and living a miserable, suffering existence. Just stuff like that. People just need to care. No one will stop doing that until they care and that's what we need to do. Start getting people to care a little bit more.

I've always felt fur looks better on critters anyway.

I agree 100 percent.

You have a touring bassist and drummer.

We do, yeah. We've got Rotny on bass. This is his third tour now with us. Then we have Ben Graves from Murderdolls filling in for us on this tour.

How long have you guys been out on the road?

On this tour, we've been out for about three weeks and we have a week and a half or two weeks to go. The whole tour is five weeks long. Then we take a six week break and then we're going out, it's not confirmed yet, but it's looking that way that we're going to be going out with Mushroomhead and Dope at the end of the summer for eight weeks.

That will be pretty fucking cool.

Yeah, I'm excited about it. I think it's going to be a really awesome tour. I'm very excited.

Are you guys just touring the U.S.?

I believe so. I think we're only doing the U.S. Maybe a couple of dates in Canada. I'm not really sure yet. We're supposed to be getting the itinerary soon. When we went out with King Diamond a year and a half ago, we did Montreal and Toronto. There might be something like that on this tour. I havenít gotten the dates yet. Iím supposed to be getting them any day now actually.

Any other thoughts or comments?

I think thatís about it. If people are interested in anything that weíve talked about as far as our political, social, or animal rights issues or just if they want to find out more about the band or listen to music, go to our website which is