Andrew Cook - The Receiving End Of Sirens

July 20, 2005

Tell me a bit about your band.

We are from Boston, Massachusetts. We've been playing shows for about a year and a half. We're a five piece. We're signed to Triple Crown Records out of New York. We put out a record, our debut album, on April 26 of this year. It's called Between The Heart And The Synapse. That's about it for background info.

So the band's been together for a year and a half?

Yeah, we actually started playing together in the winter actually. Probably like a year and eight months ago maybe. Something like that. We actually started playing together and then we started playing shows last April so it's actually only been a year and three months when we started playing shows actually. Probably about a year and eight months since we met and started playing together, practicing, and stuff.

How did you guys get lucky enough to be signed to a label so soon?

We started playing shows like I said and then we started touring right away in the summer a couple of months after our first show. We toured with a couple of bands that were affiliated with Triple Crown and they told Triple Crown about us and told them to check us out. Meanwhile a couple of other labels heard of us. They heard our demo that we had done. We made a little EP and pressed it ourselves and sold it at shows and that got around a little bit. We just got lucky. A couple of labels made us some offers and we decided on Triple Crown and we signed with Triple Crown around September. In late August or September I think.

How would you describe your music?

We get asked that in every interview we do. It's really hard to describe because we bring a lot of things to the music. We all come from very different backgrounds. We describe ourselves as basically a pretty heavy, melodic experimental rock band. I guess it's the only way to describe us.

Who are some of your major musical influences?

We all have a wide range of influences. I come from more of a punk rock background. I grew up listening to bands like Pennywise and Rancid and I also really enjoy a lot of different stuff now. I really love Elvis Costello and we all collectively really enjoy Bjork and Radiohead and Muse and more progressive stuff. As far as stuff from the "scene" is concerned, we're all big fans of Coheed And Cambria and bands like that. Bands that are doing stuff a little different.

What do you think makes your band different from other bands?

A couple of things that we try and do to set us apart, I feel like the fact that we have three singers really sets us apart. We have three people that sing lead vocals and aren't just backup singers. They split the vocal duties evenly and so we have three singers who sing very well and they do it very well live too. At least from what we've been told, that's something that really sets us apart so we really try to make the most of that. Also we use a lot of electronics in our music which a lot of bands of our nature don't really do that much. I think that's a couple of things that really sets us apart and we put a lot of time into our live shows and I think that helps a lot too. We basically practice every single day that we're not playing a show just to make sure that our live show is always on.

I would definitely say having three lead singers is very different. Why did you guys decide to basically try that out?

Basically because two of the guys had sang before and for a while we were looking for somebody to just be a regular old lead singer like a free mic sort of thing. Then somewhere along the line we couldn't find the right person and we decided we should just try it with the three guys because they can all sing well. We'll just try writing a couple of songs. As far as melody goes, we'll write a couple of vocal melodies for a couple of songs and see what happens. From there on out it just worked.

Tell me a little about your record, Between The Heart And The Synapse.

It's a thematic record. It's not so much a concept record. It deals with the basic theme of the struggle between the heart and the mind in making decisions based on emotion or making decisions based on impulse. Every song while they don't really tie together like a story, they all share that theme and they all use individual stories to represent that struggle and the way to deal with it. It's basically like putting an every day problem in more of an extraordinary context and showing how it can be dealt with.

Do the three lead singers do most of the lyrical writing?

Actually two of them do, Brendan and Casey. They write all the lyrics together which is actually why a lot of our lyrics turn out to be kind of like a conversational piece. Like between two characters because we have two main writers as far as lyrics are concerned.

How is the record doing so far?

It's doing pretty well. We're really happy with it. The label's really happy and we're just touring as much as possible and pushing it. We're doing better than we thought we were going to be at this point. We're stoked about it.

You guys ended up on Warped Tour. How did you guys get selected and how is that going so far?

It's been going great for us. It's great exposure and we're on the Ernie Ball stage and that's actually how we got selected. Brian Ball from Ernie Ball called us up and said he came across our band on the Internet and really liked our stuff. They're doing a tour at the time and would love to have us on the Ernie Ball stage. They started off by giving us four or five dates and then as he got more and more into the band and then finally got to hear our whole record, he really loved us and gave us four weeks on it. We're stoked about that.

Are you guys still on the Warped Tour?

We're not right now but we're joining back up on August 1 and doing the last 15 days which is mostly all East coast and Florida stuff.

What are you guys doing in between?

We're at home right now. We're taking two weeks off which is well needed. We've been on tour full time since January and we've been out straight for 10 weeks without coming home until a couple of days ago so we're enjoying some well needed time off. Then we just go back out for Warped Tour August 1 and right after that we start a six week full U.S. tour with a band called Acceptance. We're booked up pretty far in advance right now so we're looking forward to enjoying our time while we're home and getting back out on the road.

Becoming reacquainted with your house again. “I forgot what it looked like.”

Yeah, exactly.

After you guys get done with Warped Tour and the tour with Acceptance, are you guys doing any European dates or just sticking with the U.S.?

We definitely are trying to. We’re trying to get on a tour in February or March time that would bring us overseas and hopefully we can do that. Hopefully by halfway through the touring cycle for our record, we’ll be able to get over there because it’s a really huge market that a lot of bands ignore. It’s definitely not something we’re going to ignore. We really want to get overseas like the U.K., Australia, Japan. Anywhere we can.

This is your first Warped Tour you’ve been on. From a band’s perspective, what do you think of Warped Tour?

I think it’s great. They’ve had a lot of time to get into sort of a well-oiled machine and the routine seems to run pretty well now. The staff is usually pretty helpful. There are really long days and it’s really exhausting for bands that have to do it in a van and whatnot but it’s cool. It’s nice.

Do you like the variety of bands that they have on it?

There are a lot of good bands. There are a lot of bands that we’re all fans of and a lot of bands we’re friends with. It worked out nicely.

Any other thoughts or comments?

Not really. If you want to know the website, it’s We’re on and We have a video coming out soon as well. We just shot it a few days ago in Connecticut. It’s for the song “Planning A Prison Break”. That should be on Fuse and everything by late August or September.

Tell us a little about the video.

It’s mostly a performance shot video. Performance based. It’s a lot of post production effects and we’re doing some animation sequences and stuff intertwined with the shots. We’re waiting until after the editing process to see how it turns out. Hopefully it’s what we thought it would be and everybody will be psyched on it and we’ll get it out there.

The Receiving End Of Sirens