Lewis Cosby - 10 Years

August 18, 2006

The last time I talked to you, you were all excited about a lot of shit that you guys were going to be doing in January. I was wondering if you guys got your "Wasteland" video done.

Yeah, we got the video done and it actually got nominated for two VMA's as well so we're pretty excited about that.

You guys were going to host Headbanger's Ball so that came through.

Yeah, we did that. Then we hosted the T-Minus Rock Countdown so that was pretty cool stuff.

So what have you guys been doing since January?

We've been on tour with Korn for three months. We went to Japan, Korea, Australia, and all over Europe. We actually got back from Japan about three or four days ago. We've been very busy.

Was that your first time to those particular countries?

Yeah, this is our first time. You get a chance to see a lot of things that many people will never get a chance to see in their lives. It was neat to see how the crowds reacted to something they've never heard before. They're ultra appreciative of all kinds of music styles. It's a lot of fun to play in front of people that get that amped up when you come on stage.

You guys are on the Family Values tour right now. How is that going?

Yeah, it's great. We're going to finish this last tour out and go back in the studio and start writing a new record. It's fun. We get a chance to see Deftones every night. We're big fans of them and I don't think any of us missed a show yet so it's been fun hanging out with everybody.

You guys are fixing to write a new record. Any idea on what direction that's going to be in?

We have no idea. We've got a million riffs and they just have to be put together so I think we're going to rent a house in late October and all pile in there and start writing. Who knows what will come out. We have no idea. It's always something that's tough to predict when you've got five different people going in five different directions.

So you guys lock yourselves away from everybody.

Yeah, absolutely. No distractions.

When you guys write and record a record, how do you go about doing that?

We write individually separate and then we'll all come in with different riffs and hash it out. You've just got to get all five of our approvals before anything makes it. We usually sit in there and argue for a little while. We spend a lot of time eating and not doing what we're supposed to do and then doing everything at the last minute.

The last time we talked you were really excited about what direction the band was going in. How are things going for the whole band so far?

They're going great. The record is close to gold and everything has just been really well. It's gone the way that we've hoped and beyond. We didn't know it was going to turn out like this a year ago. We're amped that it did.

What has attributed to your success so far do you think?

Relentless touring and the label has done a good job so far as just working the record. It's just been a combination of everybody's parts. On our end, all we want to do is be on the road. We've only out of the past year and a half had maybe a month off so we've been on the road constantly.

So that's something you guys really enjoy doing.

Yeah, I mean that's all we really wanted to do in the first place. We just wanted to be able to have the opportunity to play music every night and this has allowed us to do it so yeah, we love it.

How long has the Family Values tour been running so far?

A little less than a month. Like three weeks I think. It ends September 22 I think.

Have you guys been covering all of the states or is there only one certain part of the country you're covering?

No, we've been on all the dates. We'll be on the whole thing.

Out of all the shows you've played, is there any particular show that stands out the most?

Yeah, Japan three days ago. 20,000 kids. It was fucking crazy watching these kids jump in unison and it was just unreal. You don't see that every day. Especially 6,000 miles away from home.

That is so cool because you look on the political side of things where people are getting so pissed off and shit with each other. On the musical side everyone is pretty cohesive. I always think music is the big diplomacy player.

Right, right.

When you guys are done with the Family Values tour, aside from writing the new record, are there any other plans like maybe another video?

We just released "Waking Up" and we might do a video for it. That's up to the label. I don't even know that yet. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. It just came out so I have no idea. Outside of that the only plans are to go and start writing.

When you guys do videos, which ones do you like doing the most? The performance ones or maybe videos with a story line?

We like to incorporate both. We'd rather more focus on the story line of it than the performance part. We're not all about plastering ourselves all over it. We'd rather have something meaningful and something that people can grab onto.

For people who haven't seen the "Wasteland" video yet, what is that video basically about?

The song itself is about overcoming adversity and struggles. Rather than show some kid whining to his parents like every other video on MTV, we thought we'd do something that would reach a little bit further than our own backyard and show people about things that are going on around the world. People are struggling with things that are far beyond anything we deal with on a day to day basis.

It's like where I work. I deal in customer service and people approach me whining about how they had to stand in line for five minutes and they couldn't find something or other. I think my God, there are people being blown up by bombs. Talk about an actual real problem.

Right or parents literally watching their infants die from malnutrition. That stuff is real and it's happening everywhere.

Every time people whine to me about waiting in line I feel like telling them they should be fucking thankful to have stores to wait in lines at.

Oh yeah, I know.

Any other thoughts or comments?

Thanks, Angela. I'll talk to you soon.

10 Years