Dallas Coyle - God Forbid

April 15, 2001

Give us a little background on everyone in the band.

Everyone in the band? Well they're all dickheads. Is that good enough? Except for me who is a cool dude. We're a five piece. A bass player, two guitarists, a singer, and a drummer. We've been together for four years now as the band that we are. Our bass player's name is John Outcalt. His nickname is Beeker. I'm Dallas Coyle. My brother is Doc Coyle, he plays guitar too. Our drummer is Corey Pierce, he plays drums. Our singer is Byron Davis and he sings.

How did the band form?

Actually we were a bunch of friends first before we even knew about heavy metal music. We were friends before we were a band. We just met through a mutual friend and we got together. A little bit over four years ago, it was my drummer, my brother, me, and my singer. That's who played bass and that's how we met.

The name God Forbid seems a little tongue in cheek.

It's just a catchy name. It's a phrase. There's no religious connotation to it at all. None of us are religious guys or anything like that.

I didn't take it like that. I took it like when somebody says "oh God forbid".

Exactly. Especially when they see what we look like.

How do people react to a thrash band that's 4/5th's Black?

I don't know. Most people don't really say anything because they don't want to seem like they're a racist. Some people think intriguing too. They like mentioning it. It doesn't really affect us any because the music we write is just metal. We look at that first. In our press releases they stress the Black thing. I don't think it's bad. People should know because it's a little bit different than most.

I got it from the press release and they were stressing it. There are bands out there like Living Color and Sevendust. No big deal.

Yeah it's no big thing. Me, my brother, our drummer, and our singer are of descent. There right there is the difference. Especially for us being as metal as we are I guess you'd say. Kind of weird.

So for people who hate rap they don't have to worry about you guys busting a rhyme because you're going to kick their asses with some hard core thrash.

Yeah we don't rap at all. No rapping.

I heard the album. It's definitely pretty hard and heavy.

You like it?

Yeah, sure do.


What got you into heavy metal?

Metallica. Guns N'Roses. That was a heavy one on MTV, "November Rain". That started my rock music interest. Then my brother picked up the guitar. Than three months later I did. That's how we started playing. We liked Megadeth and stuff like that. That's basically how our heavy metal started and then we just backtracked to all the heavier bands.

I understand that Determination is your debut album on Century Media Records.

Yeah. It's our first album for Century Media but we had two releases before that. We had an EP. It was actually more of a demo than anything that got released on an EP and we did our first full length. Our first full length is what Century Media signed us off of. As soon as they heard it, they actually wanted to put out that record and they didn't because of a contractual thing. Stuff like that.

The other two that you did were Out Of Misery and Reject The Sickness.

Yeah. Out Of Misery is out on a different label now. That was out of print for almost a year. Reject The Sickness is still in print but it's very hard to find. We really only sell it live because that's the only way we can make money on the road too. It's pretty good. Our new album is really better than the first two and Century Media is pretty much...it's pretty good. We're all pretty psyched about it.

I've noticed that New Jersey seems to be a happening place for metal. I don't think most people associate the Garden State with heavy metal.

It's because New Jersey is New York's armpit. People make fun of Jersey more than they acknowledge it. If you actually moved there you wouldn't think it's that bad. As for metal, we don't really have a lot of bands. It's just like a lot of bands that came out of New Jersey actually got signed pretty quickly. Like Dillinger, us, Arson. They're not from a big major independent but they're signed. There's a lot of bands who are notable. When a band from New Jersey is good they get noticed because New Jersey doesn't have too many bands. Unlike some place like Massachusetts has tons of bands and only a couple who are really doing something.

It's been stated that you guys have something to prove. What is it you're trying to prove?

I don't know if we're trying to prove anything outright. We're just trying to prove something for ourselves. We have goals for the band. We really pretty much keep those in the band because we have to keep everything realistic. As far as proving people wrong, I think we're past that point. We already had to prove people wrong in our state. We've already done that and now we're getting known in our state. We just want to be a band that has a good catalogue of albums. It's hard to write good record after good record. That's what we're aiming for. We're aiming to be a touring band. We need to be out there all the time just so everyone can actually get a chance to see us. It's tough.

I can imagine it's hard trying to outdo the last album.

You mean this one? Determination?

You were talking about putting out better and better albums and I was thinking it's kind of hard to outdo the last one when you work on the new one.

Yeah it is. Some bands do. Nevermore did it and Opeth did it. As long as we keep the same members in the band it's not as hard as people think. It's just doing things differently. Trying not to copy yourself.

I've noticed of late it's pretty hard for people to actually keep the same members in the band. Some bands go through four or five different lineups.

A lot of people form bands just to form bands. We didn't really try to form a band. It just happened.

When people describe your music, they use the term Eurometal. What exactly do they mean by that?

Lately a lot of the new metal has been influenced by the Swedish Gothenburg style. We have a little bit of that on our new album but not that much. I don't think it's enough to really classify it as Eurometal. We're trying to be a new form of American metal. I don't think it's mislabelled because if you listen to a Eurometal band like At The Gates or Soilwork and you listen to us, chances are you'll like both of our bands. I think that's just a way for people to recognize what type of music we are. There aren't too many metal bands in America that are doing the thrash thing. It's a handful. In Europe you can look anywhere and find a band that's doing that.

It was mentioned that you guys are students of music. Has anyone in the band actually studied music?

Beeker's studied music before and our drummer has. Our singer, music theory. I play trumpet too but I really don't know much about music. My brother and I are more self-taught. Our drummer went through Drum Corps which is this huge touring drum machine. That's what he went through in high school. He toured the U. S. as a drummer before he was in a band. He's more known to this than we are. A lot of times we don't even think about theory when we're writing our songs. We go out more on fuel than anything else. We analyze all music.

You guys have already been touring. How has the audience reaction been?

The reactions are good. We've played a lot of places that we've never, ever played before. I like that better than going some place where people know you. Then people don't know what to expect which is a better feeling for me. We've been getting a stunned feel, like people not believing what they see. We've played in our area but we've never played outside of our area so when we go places people don't even know who we are. I think that's going to change now because of Century Media, because the record's out and stuff, and they're pushing us. A lot of people are going to hear us before we actually get out there.

I understand you're going to be touring with Nevermore and Opeth. Are you pretty excited about that?

Yeah, I'm totally, totally psyched about that. I'm psyched to go out with those bands. Those are my two favorite metal bands.

How did you get hooked up with them?

Actually our drummer, our singer, and me went out to L.A. for the November's Dismember MetalFest and we met the Nevermore guys. They were really cool with us. We showed them our band and then we had to go record our album. Our label asked them about it and they were totally down with putting us on the tour. We kind of hooked up with them with the label and Nevermore. If Nevermore didn't want us on the tour, we wouldn't be on the tour. We have to thank them and our management too. Our management is really good.

Is this basically going to be a club tour or will there be any bigger venues?

There's some big ones. We're playing a Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago and a place called Club Chrome, New Jersey. Both of those hold 1,000 people. Other places are just clubs. Like 300-450 people. I think the tour's going to draw really well. I think it's better to have a place with a smaller venue to start out rather than have a place that's too big and it doesn't live up to your expectations as far as crowd is concerned.

Smaller crowds are a little more intimate.

Yeah being closer to the crowd is way better than not.

Any other comments?

I'm just psyched to be on the road. I'm mad at my band members right now. All they do is talk. Break shit on the van. New shit. Not even old stuff. Brand new, just bought yesterday. Let's break it. What we need to do is, we need to go to a hotel room and break things.

You're supposed to go to a hotel room, throw the TV out the window, move the furniture around, and put holes in the walls.

We haven't done that yet. We're gonna wait. You're not a real band until you smash your first hotel room. We're not a real band yet. Maybe at the end of this tour we can talk again. We'll be a real band.

God Forbid