D.C. - Bullet Treatment

August 22, 2003

Tell me about the guys in the band and how long you've been working together.

Well the current line-up has been together for about two months basically, just enough time to write and record the songs for the 4-way split "Furious World". It consists of Icky on vox, Jojo on Bass, Dan E. on drums, Anthony on guitar, and me on guitar (My name is D.C. by the way). If you're not familiar with Bullet Treatment, it would take me about an hour to describe what this project is, but basically every record, show, recording, whatever, will feature a different line-up. As fas as I know this is truly a one of a kind band ! You never know what to expect. There's probably been somewhere around 20 different members so far.

Who are some of your major influences?

Our personal influences range because of the diversity of the band and how many members it consists of. But Bullet Treatment has covered songs from The Ramones, Misfits, Bad Brains, Circle Jerks, Adolescents, and loads more. I'd say anything along those lines probably has an influence one way or another.

Tell me about the upcoming "What Do You Want" EP and when we can expect to see it.

You know, I've been asked that question more times than I care to answer. You see the line-up for that EP is different than the 4-way so we have to work around everyones schedule, and that includes the vocalist. Matt has been on tour with his band, The Bronx, for about six months and lord only knows when they're going to get a break. As soon as he can finish up the last couple of vocal tracks it's done! I guess if we keep our fingers crossed maybe by the end of the year.

Tell me about some of the shows you've played and the label disputes and the fights and the missing band members.

We haven't played any shows in awhile. Things tend to get out of hand. And I can honestly say who knows when the next one will be. As far as the label disputes, we've been contacted by a few really great labels but things are just so hectic we don't feel comfortable with anyone right now other than Basement. You really have to understand us and what Bullet Treatment is about and Basement Records does. These of course are some of the things that bring on the fights and missing members. I guess you could say the reason there are missing members may be because of the fights or vice versa.

How is the 4 way split CD coming along?

Great, it will be released on September 30th and features three other great bands. There's us and Walk Proud from Los Angeles, CA and Latchkey and The Homeowners from Washington, D.C. If you like east coast hardcore and a little west coast punk rock, definitely get your hands on a copy.

What got you interested in being in a punk band?

I think probably the indepedence, because a lot of music that I hear isn't really that good. Not that we are, but I enjoy doing things ourselves and playing what we like to listen to. Also, not having to deal with "the powers that be" type of thing. To me that's what being in a punk band is about, doing what you want. And if you can find a label that believes in those things than more power to you!

Any upcoming shows or gigs?

Yeah, I'll be going to the San Diego street Scene to check out Bad Religion and then maybe to the Glasshouse to check out The Bronx and The Distillers. Oh, you mean for us...uh, we've got a private gig that I can't really talk about it's a showcase for some very important people. In fact I don't think some of the guys even know about it.

Any other comments or thoughts?

Yeah, I'd like you to think about this comment "I can't fly, These things go down, These things go down. It's too big!" Thanks Angie! Check out Bullet Treatment.

Bullet Treatment