Daniel Dismal - Crematorium

October 11, 2006

I love the name Crematorium. When you guys were thinking of a name for your band how did you happen upon that one?

It was our actual old bass player who's not in the band anymore but he came up with the name. The original name was Purgatoria or something like that and he had just got out of the service. He was in the Army but he came up with the name. He came in and gave them that name and they wanted to know why that. I guess he just liked the name. It's kind of a weird name. I guess it makes sense for a death metal name because a crematorium has dead bodies and things like that but it's just something that people always think is a pretty cool name. It's kind of a standard name for a metal band. There's us and then there's a couple more but less now because we got signed and everything but that was the old bass player. To tell you the truth as far as I know there's no crazy story behind how he came up with it. I think he just happened upon it or something.

I thought that was pretty fucking cool.

Yeah, I like it. It's a cool name.

I've known about you guys for a little while but this is my first time to actually see you guys. You're touring around on your last record The Process Of Endtime. Is that right?

Yeah, you got it right. I know it's almost like a tongue twister kind of name. But yeah, that's it. Some people can't remember it because they say that's not even a word. Well no, it's not. It's a play on two words putting them together.

That's what those crazy religious people keep coming up with. The Endtime is drawing near.

Yeah, we're just like whatever. Coming up with the name, the title of the album I came up with, because yeah especially in this day and age people are saying that it's the end of the world. This is going on and this is going on. I thought there was a process of getting to that and that's what the title is supposed to mean. The process of getting up to what everyone is saying we're heading to instead of just saying well we're going that way. We're going that way. Well, how? How are you going that way? That's pretty much how we came up with that album title. Here's our fill in guitar player.

Yeah, and he's wearing a nice shirt with Dimebag on it. We really miss that guy around here. It's so weird not seeing him at shows. I guess it's always going to feel that way.

Yeah, I guess when you lose somebody that's prolific. I think the metal scene is a more intimate scene. Where everywhere you go and even the big metal shows, when the big bands come out it's almost like a family reunion. It's the same way in L.A. and I see it's the same thing up here. We've come through Texas on bigger tours and even everywhere else, people come out and say "hey, what's up? I haven't seen you in a while and this and that." I've never seen that in any other style of music. I think that's why metal has always been like when certain bands come out you always think "oh, I have to go see them." When Slayer comes to town it's ridiculous the amount of people that come out and the generations of people. Every time I go see them there's something new. When you lose somebody that's super prolific especially in a local area scene it's going to hurt for a while. It happened on a much smaller level but there was this guy Josh that was from our L.A. scene and he used to do everything for all the smaller bands. When he passed away, he had a diabetic attack and just up and died. It was weird because he meant as much to us as I'm sure Dimebag meant to a lot of people but the difference with him was he wasn't a worldwide figure. But there are still people back in L.A. that when the anniversary of his death comes up or his birthday, everybody is just like...still to this day it's crazy. Once you lose somebody like that, it's not the same. I don't think anybody will ever be able to get over it but I guess that's always the way of always being respectful towards that kind of thing too. I asked him why he put it on and I was like "oh, because we're going to Texas." He said "yeah, yeah, yeah. Got to show people some support down there."

His birthday is the day after mine so I always drink a shot of Crown Royal for him.

Yeah, definitely. That's one thing my friends told me. They knew him pretty well. He used to love to drink Crown Royal.

Yeah, he liked to drink.

Yeah, that pretty much goes with playing music is drinking. I wouldn't say that all musicians are drunks or drug addicts or something. I think you have to have a different mindset to be able to play constantly.

I don't advocate doing drugs but I had a cousin who did that but it eventually kills you as it did him. The thing of it is, there's a certain lifestyle that goes with that and it seems kind of crazy when people get all down on that. You have to cut loose and have a little bit of fun.

Yeah, exactly. If you don't then you're probably going to end up driving yourself insane. It's like picking and choosing your battles. You've got to pick and choose the days. "Well, I'm going out today and I want to have a few drinks." There's never such a thing as a few drinks. A few drinks usually means that I'm going to end up piss drunk. Just as long as people are at least a little responsible. At least everyone says that. Not driving around when you're completely loaded. Of course that's when things just get bad when you start crashing into everything.

Especially when they can't even drive when they're sober.

Yeah, there are a lot of people who can't drive when they're sober and then they get drunk. It's just a mess. It's like Armageddon waiting to happen.

From what I understand you guys are going to be playing some songs that you're putting on your new record.

Yeah, there are two of them. The first one will be tonight. "Six Degrees Of Degradation". It's a play off of that pretty old theory now of how everyone is separated by six people. The other one is "Lost At Occupations" which is kind of a double meaning song. It has to do with people who completely forget who they are when they get into the work place. When you first have to act professional you have to be like that but it's all the whole monetary thing. People forget what made them happy so all they want to do is just constantly strive at the work place and forget about everything. You always hear about the fathers that weren't there or the mothers that weren't there because they were held back from always having to constantly work and it always comes out later that they were working to support the family but the family ends up missing themselves. It has to do with when we're all children we all have certain aspirations to be something in life but as what people call reality starts to set in, people start giving up on that. This song has to do with not just completely letting go of what your dreams are even if you could only do them on a small level. You wanted to be a firefighter but you couldn't make it because you have a bum knee. You can still be a volunteer firefighter. They always take you for that. If you wanted to be a doctor and you weren't able to come up with the money or you weren't I guess smart enough to actually do it, you could always at least volunteer at a hospital and that's one thing any organization will always tell people. Volunteers are needed so there is always ways to carry on with what you wanted to do when you were young and that's the way to I guess defeat the system in a way. You've got to work and you've got to make money. You've got to pay the rent. There's no other way around it even if you own your own property, you've got to pay property tax. So that's two new songs off of an album that has no name yet and we're still working on it. We have four more songs. We actually just completed another one before the tour but we're not going to start playing those until probably next spring or something. We don't want to give every single little bit away because everybody would be like yeah, I already heard them all. That's the problem with being a smaller touring band. You just play everything and then when the album comes out people are not surprised. Movies when you go see them, every good part was in the preview and it sucks because you're not surprised by anything. You're just like oh yeah, I knew about that. Oh yeah, I knew about that. Okay, I knew about that. Then you go see it and what a waste of money. I saw the movie in the previews. I could have filled in the gaps instead of paying I don't know how much it is out here but it's about 13 or 14 dollars to see a movie in L.A.

God damn! Life is expensive out there.

Oh yeah, definitely. Gas is $2.60 a gallon for the cheap stuff out there right now. That's why it went downhill when we were coming out this way. We thought it was going to be cool because they've got cheap gas. I know it's a big hike from what you guys have been paying before. It's not like our gas out there is more expensive than yours. It's been raised the same amount. A lot of people don't realize that. They're like gas at so-and-so's is a dollar cheaper. It's always been a dollar cheaper or 75 cents cheaper. It's not like they just decided overnight that everyone was even and they were like okay, you guys pay more here. It's that way for a reason. I told some of my friends who called me earlier and asked how much gas is out there that it's about two dollars and they were like it's cool. They start going on a tirade and I'm like dude, last summer when we were out here the gas was I think $1.70 and over there it was $2.30. Now it's $2.60 and it's $2.00 up here. It's 30 cents up so it's even. It's an even grade. People like to complain too much I guess.

Yeah, since you can't really do anything about it anyway.

Yeah, you've got to have gas unless you come up with bio diesel or something out your own kitchen.

People are working on that.

Supposedly. I saw this thing that you could just actually take grease.

Yeah, you can. There's something that you can put in your vehicle that converts it because one band came through that was doing that.

Yeah, what I saw was that you had to strain it and all kinds of stuff. There's an additive or something like that. You have to strain that oil through a strainer. They said it took about six hours. People said it's a fuel alternative and I'm like it's still burning. It's still going to put some emission into the air. As soon as everyone starts riding bikes or driving electric cars but then again electricity has to be produced some way. People don't realize that. People think electricity comes out of the sky. What are they thinking? People are catching lightning bolts? There are water generators.

You need a lot of water to generate electricity.

Yeah, the Hoover Dam and the one up in Washington or whatever only powers certain sections. Those sections when they need more power they're buying it from Texas or other countries. How do you buy power from other countries? They just ship it over somehow I guess. It definitely doesn't come in oil drums or anything.

I can just see it now. Cartons of power made in India.

Yeah. They do it. I don't know how they do it but they buy electricity from other countries. I don't know if they send over big massive batteries or something or if they just send it through the wires. People bitch and moan about everything without looking it up and figuring it out. "Oh crap, you know maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's not really the fault of the people I like to blame it on." Which is a big message. If you think you can do a better job, do it. I've always hated people who sit there and complain and complain. I may agree with them but after a while you're like wow.

Just shut up already.

Yeah, have a good time. There's a time and place for everything. Some people will go to a wedding and all they want to talk about is politics.

Oh no kidding. God knows I can't stand Bush. I think he's a lunatic and I really wish he would just go away but I don't want to hear about that idiot every day especially because of the fact that I don't like him.

It's the same thing with a lot of my friends. They hate Bush and they ask me if I like him. No, but I haven't really agreed with a President in a long time.

Yeah, I think all politicians are a bunch of assholes and I think politics are the biggest scam that's ever been pulled on the general masses. Now that we've got that settled let's have some beers.

That's why I always tell people that if they come up with a better way and come up with a better system, go out there and do it. Obviously with all the cults and everything that are out there, one person is able to change a large group of people's minds. If you're really not insane like a lot of these cult leaders have been, if you really had a message to put out there people could possibly fall into you and it doesn't take brainwashing to make it happen. It will definitely come to a point where you have a large group of people who will say this guy is right and that's what running for the presidency is. Get out there, put things on your platform, and fortunately 95 percent of what everyone always says theyre going to do they never do because they get up there with their real agendas. If there was somebody out there that was able to because people say that you have to kind of sell out because you have to get the money to run your campaign and this and that. Not really. If people believe in you and you voice your opinions to the right people, they'll fund you. So many people are tired of everything. If 30,000 people gave you a dollar there's $30,000. It's not that hard to start out small.

Besides there are a lot of people who are picking up the Independent ticket and running for office. We've got a few people here in Texas who are doing that. Van Osten and some grandmother. People are getting sick of the corporate bullshit.

That's where it comes from with California. We have Arnold Schwarzenegger. If people look at that they're like what the hell is that. Anybody with half a brain is like well, it's not our first actor that's been in office. Ronald Reagan was President for eight years.

He was the worst fucking actor I ever saw.

You had Jesse Ventura the wrestler was the mayor or governor or something like that.

He was the governor.

And a lot of people said he was good. It's a little weird thinking you have a guy who used to body slam other dudes doing something but he's actually really good at what he does. People don't like Schwarzenegger in California but then again it's the same people who just constantly bitch about everything.

Well, somebody voted for him.

They attribute it to the fact that it was the fascination of having the Terminator as the governor. Well if California is that stupid to vote somebody into office because they thought it would be a neat idea then they deserve whatever he does. You shouldn't have voted for him in the first place.

I understand he's changed a lot of shit.

He's come in there and done a lot of things. It's kind of hard. You can have one public speaker and that public speaker is never going to speak to everybody. Humans in terms can agree on one point and then disagree completely on another. You can't have one person up there that does it all. That's supposed to be where you have the checks and balances and everything but it's never going to be like one side is completely happy but the other side isn't going to be happy at all. Even the people within that other side that are happy supposedly, they're not going to believe in some of the things. That's how you have the Republican party where they're like all this and that but then you see that there's a few of them in there who are like "oh, I don't know about this. I'm not a hundred percent on it." But they're like if you're a good Republican then you'll do it and it's like "oh, okay I guess."

And if you don't do it we're going to find some way to get at you.

Yeah, the silent majority ruling the vocal minority. That's all it is. Everyone is bought and paid for but that's not how you have to do it. We just got stuck on politics.

That makes interviews more interesting. My interviews aren't like anyone else's. Sometimes I read other people's interviews to get some ideas of what to ask people. "So how do you feel about the metal scene today? How do you feel about this other band?" I'm thinking damn, I can't really ask people stupid shit like this.

Yeah, I know. It's like the form letter.

Yeah, a form letter interview. I can't do that. I like my stuff to be free flowing and people just fucking talk about whatever the hell they want to.

Well, yeah. It's a good way to any sort of journalism. You throw a question out there and then you see where the person you're interviewing will take it to. Some people will go a certain way and some people won't. Some bands and I'm sure you've had bands that you interviewed and you asked them a question and they're just like blah, blah, blah. Then that's it.

Oh my God, I hate interviews like that.

You're like is that it? Maybe that's because they're so used to that form. The questions that people always ask are like if you could play with any 10 bands, who would they be? What? Are you stupid? Do you think I could put my favorite 10 bands or they ask who do I think are the best 10 bands of all time. How could you be that narrow minded to try to decide who the best 10 bands of all time are?

Yeah, because someone else might not think they're the best.

Or they say tell us about an up and coming band. That's putting people on the spot. I know Josh so I could say oh yeah, go check out Jacknife. They're a great band. But I've got millions of friends at home and they could be giving me the dirty eye like hey man, thanks. So you have people that go okay, so your album is like this. Why'd you write it? That's your whole interview right there. If you really think about it, if somebody really cares about and I'm not saying that other musicians don't care about any of their stuff obviously, but some people just write things. It's like when you wake up in the morning and you don't really know what you're doing yet but you do everything. Whether it's turning on the coffee, feeding the cat, or going to the bathroom. It's all clockwork. You don't even realize it. Next thing you know you're doing something. What is that? Sometimes music comes like that. They don't try to explore a little bit. Maybe they're also scared. They don't want to experiment or come off in a different way without pissing off everybody that's already into their band. Not saying that music wasn't supposed to come to this form but music was never supposed to be, I think almost in a way music loses its soul a little bit too much that it becomes where people are like "well, we're out here touring. We're out here to sell a million records. We're out here to do this and that." I catch myself in that sometimes. I'm like wow man, I'd really like to be on these big tours and play before all these people making this money and this and that. One question people ask. Well, why did you get into music? This is the only thing I knew how to do at the time. Everybody is born even if they say they don't know how to play music, everybody that's born knows how to play. Everybody can beat on something and make noise or just be a fan. Sometimes I think it takes more talent being a fan than being a musician. It takes art to be a true fan of a band. Go out there and purchase everything. Read about them on the Internet. Know everything about them and actually still every single day listen to their music over and over. You just dedicate your life at that point. You lose a comprehension of that as a fan. Oh, I used to listen to this style of music but I got into this and I don't listen to that anymore. Listen to everything. You'll have a much happier life if you go from listening to some metal bands to listening to some jazz bands.

I like to have a variety. People always talk about dumb metalheads and all that but I don't think that people realize that a lot of musicians are very introspective. It seems to me that you guys put a lot of thought into the music that you write.

Yeah, that is definitely a phase. There is a stereotype that comes with being a metalhead just like there's a stereotype that comes with being a guy that's into hip-hop. Metalheads will stereotype a guy into hip-hop by looking at him and be like "well, that guy's this and that guy's that." From one side it's like "well, that guy's straight up gangster. Must be a gangster. Must have 15 or 20 kids." It's a stereotype. In that point I'm not one of those people that blame the media for everything but when has it ever been portrayed as a smart metalhead in any movie? There's never been one. They've always been stoners. But then again, look at most hip-hop. Most hip-hop, any time they show a guy in a hip-hop movie he'll have a moment of clarity and he'll have a moment of being smart then all of a sudden he's back to the same thing. Bitches and money. The media controls that and I think that if you put a Black guy that's into hip-hop, a Black guy that's into metal, a Black guy that plays jazz, a Black guy that plays country, and you put them all into the same room. You can say there's your biggest stereotype there. They're all Black so they're all going to act like Black people. Well, how do Black people act? How do White people act? Everybody acts different. So, how are all these dudes going to act? They're all Black guys but they all play different styles of music. They're all going to act exactly different but there will be a little small part of them that will be the stereotype, which is what they were taught. To play this style of music, this is how you have to be. But break that down and you finally get them to get over that then that's when you start realizing well the Black guy who's the hip-hop dude actually is one of the most intelligent people you've ever known. The Black guy who's playing jazz who is an eclectic musician is a fucking heroin addict. Okay, so the guy you thought was going to be the idiot is actually politically motivated with a strong opinion about things, has a good speaking tone, and can really get to people. The guy that you thought would be the perfect guy is a total moron. That's all social studies things though. I used to read a lot of social studies. See what they would do especially back in the '50s. They figured out how certain people would act. The same kind of people but it was always all middle class White suburban males and females. Who was that guy? Kinsey or whatever who did all those sex reports.

The Kinsey Report.

What that guy found out about humanity really made people go "nah, that's fake." It might be fake. As a whole it might not speak for everybody but that shit spoke for a lot of people. You don't know how many people he interviewed. You'd be surprised what people really are. That's like "oh yeah, all metalheads are stupid." Unless you've sat down and talked to a metalhead or five of them because there's always going to be the idiots. There are idiots in every single crowd. There are the people who are the smart ones and the people who are just plain stupid. If you actually sat down and talked to five of them...I've always gotten that. I'm actually a real quiet person. Not introverted or anything but I'm real quiet. I keep to myself. When I was single I wouldn't go to bars trying to pick up girls. I actually never even went to bars. I just hang out with my friends. People are always like ask but nobody ever talked to me. Then when people actually sat down and talked to me and actually gave me a second to open up to them, they found I have a lot of opinions about things. I'm like yeah because I shut up and I look and I listen and I see what's going on. I'm not always doing what I'm doing right now. Right now you're giving me a platform. You're like "well here's a soap box. Go on ahead and stand on it. Here's your room. Go on ahead and speak. Let us know a little bit more about you." That's why in a lot of the interviews that I've done people have always come back and are like "wow." Even the form letter interviews. I will sit there and I will type out pages and pages and pages of just reponses and they'll get it back. They're like "I didn't expect all this." I'm like well hopefully next time you'll put a little bit more into it. I've seen some interview people which is cool that you're not doing it, they'll go on our website and we list the interviews. You can click there and go there. Instead of going in there to do a little research because as an interviewer you're never going to know and obviously doing this you can't do 10 years of researching somebody and get the opportunity to sit down with them and really give them questions like "so your uncle from 1983". It's like "oh my God. Oh my God." Some of these guys and a couple of the girls have done it too, they just send it in and they're the exact same interview questions that I just answered three days ago. What the hell is that? A few people I've sent it back and said ask me something a little bit different. I'm not trying to disrespect them but give me questions like a test. Put things in front of me that's going to test my knowledge. One of the best interviews I ever got was from this guy who runs Satanic Inquisition. I'm not even a Satanist. He's a Satanist in the form of not worshipping the devil but do what you will and things like that. He said "well, you're not a Satanist but you create some messages that might come across to other Satanists." I've even had people who were Christians say that a lot of the stuff I write has reached over to their scene. I'm like hey, great. As long as people are getting some sort of message maybe it might make them think a little bit differently or be a little more open. This guy from Satanic Inquisition is in prison and he sends his interviews to, I don't know how they do it. His girlfriend is the one who puts the magazine together for him and it's only available online. He just gave me all these questions and then he started asking me questions about how I felt about the prison guard systems. I forget the actual words that he used to question me with this stuff. I went out and I didn't know jackshit about this stuff. He's asking me how I feel. It doesn't mean how I feel at that point. It means that when you walk into a movie or go and watch somebody speak and you've never heard of them before. You've never seen that movie before or watched that director and then at the end somebody asks you how do you feel. Well, he can't ask you before. You have to see it afterwards. I went and read up on all this stuff he was asking me about. I did research and I formed my own opinions on it and I sent them back to him. He wrote me back and said it was really cool that I went out because he always asks these questions and people tell him they have no idea. He said that I actually went out and researched this because you'd only know this if you were in the prision system right now. I told him that's cool. I always tell people if you're going to ask me the same five questions or 10 or 25 that everyone asks like how do you feel about the metal scene today or your five favorite artists or your five favorite bands of all time or who influenced you. Well, the influence question isn't bad. It really isn't.

I like to ask that particular question because of some of the answers that I get. I'll talk to a hardcore band and ask who their biggest influence is and the vocalist will tell me it's Frank Sinatra because he was such an awesome showman. You never know what people will tell you when you ask that.

That one gets sometimes clumped in there with the form letter things. There have been a few people and they never come back. Hey, okay I'm sorry. An interview is supposed to obviously bring a new light to people who want to get to know a band a little bit better. That's what interviews always are for. Yeah, they are for advertising and getting your name out a little more but the cool thing about it also is the fact that the people who already know the band can learn things that they can't get from just buying an album and reading the lyrics. They would never know that with us that we have two fill in guys on this tour. Or a merch guy that eats a lot. Those are things you wouldn't normally find out until you read an interview. That's what's cool about them. When it is the form letter ones, this has already been discussed 15 or 17 times and I don't do it but I've read interviews in every magazine by different writers from the same artists and it's the same answers. The questions are two words different but it's the exact same answers.

I always felt that if I got the opportunity to interview bands, I wouldn't do it that way. I want my interviews to come across as two people chatting over a couple of beers or a cup of coffee with a real conversational flow. I always wanted to do something connected to music but I'm not talented with instruments or singing so writing about it is the next best thing.

Like what they say about building a house. When you ask somebody what goes into building a house, it's a question you could ask anybody. You're going to get a million different answers. They will also sometimes forget the smallest, tiny pieces that actually make the house stick together whether it's nails or screws. What about the glue, the mortar, the caulking, the tar. In music you have your drummer, your bass player, your guitar player, your singer, keyboard player in some metal bands. Violin players in some metal bands. Saxophone players, cello players, trumpet players. All kinds of crazy things that go along with it. People think that's where music starts and stops. No. I guess that goes with earlier what I said about the whole thing. If you always had a dream of being involved in something, just because you can't actually do what people would consider being part of the actual core of what's involved there whether as a musician or a doctor or a politician, you can get involved in something that's just as important. The thing is of course there's not as much glory. There are very few interviewers I think in history whether it's news media or music media or just written form that's actually had a following of their own. It's very rare.

That's not something I'd want.

That's cool for people who still want to be involved. I play music. I sing in this band. I play guitar. I play bass. I've played saxophone in the past. I know how to do electronic programming. I listen to all sorts of different styles of music. My influences for doing music is from the stereotypical I can talk about a bunch of metal frontmen and then go on to Ice Cube and stuff like that just because of the way he wrote. What he does with rapping. How he takes his lyrics and does his metaphors and his earlier stuff. His new stuff, it's just that rap now is commercialized music just like jazz. You turn on smooth jazz. It's commercialized jazz. It's not real jazz. They do it with country too. I even listen to country. When we're driving through out here, the first time we came through I was like we're going to hear some good country. It was all crappy country. Now everyone is all big on Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. That's what I grew up on around my grandfather. He was a truck driver and that's all he listened to. Back then I was crazy on people like Robert Johnson and how they took a raw form of music playing crazy things and then taking it over. They would play and sing and it was just cool things like that. Also at home I book shows. I'm a promoter. I do management. I do all sorts of things. I actually write a column for a small magazine. I used to do record reviews for another one. I used to do interviews. I did all these smaller things and a lot of people don't know that. I thought it was always cool that people would take out the time and show up in a kind of dingy neighborhood with a tape recorder. I thought it was always cool that somebody would do that. It's hard to tell somebody that they're going to go out and talk to somebody that they've never met before and they are going to have to try and get something out of them. People don't understand that that could be just as if not harder than actually getting up on stage and playing. But then again people always just think that there are only four sides to the box. Well no, there's not. There's a floor and a ceiling. Then if you want to get further into it you have the inside wall, the outside wall, and then you keep going and there are all these little things that people don't realize. Then when they start realizing it then maybe they understand everything a little bit more. If you start being cooler to everybody because that person right there is somebody I might need down the line and they might have what I need. My car's battery just went down and I need jumper cables. Shit, I don't have any jumper cables. Yeah, I remember that guy. Hey dude, do you have any jumper cables? Oh yeah, I have some. You already met the person so it makes it easier to do it. Then if he doesn't know you and he helps you out then you never know. He might see you later down the line and maybe he ran out of gas. Do you have a gas can?

I'm a strong believer in karma and when I run across some of these guys who live out in the streets, I'll buy them a sandwich or something. That's good karma because some day down the road I mght be in that kind of trouble and maybe he'll have some money and buy me a sandwich. You never know.

People always say that I have amazing karma because I'm always trying to help people out. There was that song "Every Rose Has It's Thorn". Everybody has trials and tribulations that they have to go through just being a human being. Again that's another thing that I'm always writing about in songs. Don't write science fiction type lyrics. I like the bands that do it but it's not for me. My mom always told me, that's another big influence on me. My mom. My mom is a single parent, raised me, and did a pretty good job. Did a lot of crazy shit when I was young. She got me through a lot of things. She told me how these things are, this is what I believe is right, you can form your own opinions, this is what I believe, you can form your own opinions. Always about everything. She was like I don't really know if you want to get into that, that's a little bit too much. Whether it was drugs or alcohol, dating women, political theories. Just anything. That's a boiling point for the whole society thing. You don't have to believe in karma to practice it. It's the bottom line of every single religion and every single culture. Treat the people with respect. It's the very bottom line of everything. You get down to the bone, get down to the marrow, there's a little tiny sentence down there that says stop being an asshole. That's the way to say it. In a way you could say it in a prolific profound Ghandi kind of way. Say it very plain, very simply to people who can get it and people who don't, offend them to hear it. Stop being an asshole to everybody. If you don't have change to give a bum, just let him know. A lot of times they might get pissed at you. Sometimes but a lot of times they appreciate the fact that you actually tell them you're sorry but you don't have anything on you. I only have five bucks but you know what, I'll buy you something. Like you said, it can come back to you. It may not be that person but it also helps make you feel better. If you walk away and you truly helped somebody out, you will feel good. There is no way that you cannot walk away from a situation like that and not feel good. That's why a lot of the Christian theory is that you need the hole in your heart to be filled by Jesus.

No, I don't.

The idea of Jesus and what Jesus was, this is where people start saying that we sound like a Christian band but we're not, the whole idea of it is that the hole in your heart is being filled. You can fill that hole in your heart just by doing good things and that's what the message is. In the original Christ was supposed to be good to people. Peace, love, don't hate. Don't screw your best friend's wife. Don't do this and this. That's all it is and unfortunately people fall into a religious crutch and say well, I can be a total dickhead all the time and I can just be forgiven. No you can't. If you need to be forgiven, you need to be forgiven by your common everyday man to actually be forgiven within yourself. You can't just be a Catholic and say your Hail Marys and everything is right. It's not because when you step back out into reality on the streets, people are like "there's that guy."

There's that asshole.

That's why I say it just boils down to just stop being an asshole. It's probably the easiest thing that anybody can do. You don't even have to be friendly. I walk through life not saying anything to anybody but I've stopped because I've seen the people on the street. There was this guy who had an old truck. He had a Chevy C-10 and I have a Chevy that's a '71 C-10 Cheyenne SS truck. It sits in my backyard because they're a pain in the ass. I went up to the gas station and I see this truck on the side of the road with the hood up. I get out and look under there and ask him if he needs any help. He gets out and looks at me and goes "what the hell?" I told him I have one of these trucks and we go through everything and I finally figured out that it's his fuel line. I fixed it and it took five seconds. He started it up and was able to go. He thanked me and told me he was a fisherman. He said he only came into this town every once in a while. He said he's been bringing this down and it helped him out. It just so happens that I went from eating a lot of red meat to starting to eat a lot of fish. You never know. It's kind of a screwed up way but he might have caught that fish that I ate the night before. In essence he might have been putting dinner on my table for the last two months and I just helped him out to get back up there to put more food on my table. Fish don't fall out of the sky. You have to pay for them. There again, it's the whole karma thing. I walked away from that and for two weeks I thought that was cool. We do the same thing on tour. We saw an old man and a big piece of metal had fallen out of the back of his truck. Everybody kept driving past him. We pulled over and he looks at us and thought holy shit. We told him to open up the back and we lifted it up and we get all this tar all over us and we put it in there and he thanked us. We told him no problem and maybe in that sense we changed him. Maybe next time when all the people that look like him are passing him up and he sees those kids walking down the street, maybe he doesn't have to be scared of these people who don't look like him. Maybe the people he needs to be scared of are the ones that look like him.

That's very true. So the tour has been going really good for you guys?

It's been great. I like it down here because Texas is usually, I don't know how it usually is up here because we haven't been through Dallas in three years I think but Texas is always usually hot and humid. Right now this is paradise.

When I was waiting on you I was sitting here enjoying the coolness because it's been 100 degrees.

Yeah, it felt nice. We were up in Oklahoma last night and it was raining and it was cold. I got a touch of the sickness but the tour's been going really well. The weather has been kind of crappy on some of the dates but now coming out here, we've always had fun when we come out to Texas. Texas, it's super redneck town. There are just as many rednecks in California as there are in Texas. Have you ever traveled outside of L.A.?

Hell, there are rednecks in Michigan and New York. Redneck is a fucking state of mind for people.

People act like it's a breed of people. It's a certain way of living.

When someone is referred to as a redneck, it's that person's state of mind and that train of thought that makes you want to wring their neck.

Yeah, I've met some people who call themselves rednecks and nothing seems wrong with them. I've met a few guys who come to our shows and tell us they're a bunch of good old rednecks and I'm like rednecks? They tell me they know it sounds bad but they're not screwing their sisters, running moonshine, or wearing Klan hats burning crosses in people's yards. It's the media again. In every movie when the family stops at the gas station and the guy comes around with the hay in his mouth missing all of his front teeth, people think everybody in the South is like that. I ask people if they've ever been to cities in the South. A lot of the cities down South are just as big if not bigger and have more culture. They're older than anything in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the place that has no heart. It's like Hell. But yeah, to answer your question the tour is going pretty good. It's better now since we're down here because I'd rather deal with heat. Well actually, heat when you're at home is hard to deal with but heat when you're on tour is a little bit better than dealing with cold. You're in a van and when it stops, the heat circulation stops. You can't leave it on unless you're going to burn the gas. The gas is so expensive right now no matter where you go. Forget it. It could cost you 15 or 20 bucks plus leaving it on all night running and then driving it. Just forget about it. It's a pain in the ass. Coming down here, I told my mom we're going to where it's at least a little more hot. You will like the heat when all you have to do is open the windows.

Any other thoughts or comments?

Don't be an asshole. That's the bottom line. What to do for tonight? Just think don't be an asshole tomorrow. My life will feel a lot better. That boy scout mentality of doing at least one good deed everyday. Where the hell are you going to take it? There's no such thing as a man scout. There's no women scouts. Once you grow up what do you have left? What you're supposed to take away from all this is don't be a jerk. Don't be an asshole. Don't be a prick. Stop talking on your cellphone on the freeway. Let people over. Try to be a little bit nicer to everybody and remember, if you're nice to somebody first they'll be nice to you second. You don't have to always expect them to be nice first.