Chris Edwards - Kasabian

March 18, 2005

I saw your show in Dallas last night. It was an excellent show.

All right! Excellent. Thank you very much.

Tell me a little about your band.

We've been together for about seven years I think now. We started about 1998. We're going to be playing the guitars since 1997. We got together through just being in school and stuff and all being from the same village. That was it really. Just practiced all day and that was it. Just got a band together.

Where in England do you guys come from?

We come from a place in England called Leicester which is about 100 miles north of London.

You guys have been touring the U.S. since the 17th of February and I guess today is your last day.

Yeah, that's right. We're flying home tomorrow. That'll be outstanding. We've been here for five weeks.

How have you liked it here so far?

It's really good. Everything has got cheese on it. Yeah everything does, much to my dad's chagrin. He hates cheese.

That's quite good. The American fans have been really good to us. They have warmed to us quite quickly which is really nice.

The music scene is a little strange. It's gone more to underground really heavy stuff and I think a lot of people are hungering for more melodic music in the same vein as bands from the '70s and '80s.

Yeah, that's what we're trying to revive. We're trying to revive that life, that spark. The way it was back in the '70s when it was all about music and not about how much money you could make or how you looked. It's just all about music. Feeling it. Playing live and stuff.

At the show last night, one thing I noticed about you guys is that you have such a wonderful stage presence. You've got so much energy and fire and so alive. I think the audience really responded well to that.

Yeah, it was awesome. That's what they come to the gigs to see. They don't want to see five boring twats on stage playing mopey old music and thinking they're cool. All the audience wants to do is slit their wrists. It's not what you go there for. You go there to be inspired, to be uplifted, and to have a great time. That's what we try and give out.

You guys are pretty well known over in England.

Yeah, very well.

Was this your first tour of the States or have you visited us before?

This is the first tour that we've ever done in America.

Then you'll come back to see us again.

Yeah, I think we're coming back in May for seven weeks. Then we're also coming back in September and October for about a month I think. We'll be over here for about another four months this year probably.

You guys are in Austin tonight for SXSW. How did you get hooked up for that?

We're not too sure. We were going to play it last year but we thought it was a little bit too early for us. We pulled out of that and did some more U.K. gigs instead. We've always been penciled in for it and as our reputation has grown over in the States and in the U.K., they've just put us quite higher on the list. We've got a really good slot tonight. The biggest venue in Austin which is really nice.

Tell me about your latest release.

It's a great album. It was recorded quite a while ago. It's been out in the U.K. for six months already. It's already gone double platinum in the U.K. It's doing really well over there. We recorded within about eight months at the farm where we used to live. Basically we just lived there and recorded the album because it took us a while to record the album. Not through lack of songs or anything. It's just that's how long it took. It's a journey on the album. There's a lot of different kinds of drums and music all put into one. There's a lot of different ingredients and we stirred them all up and put them in the oven and pulled out a nice big Kasabian cake. Because it took so long, there are really several influences because our influences changed throughout the year. Then we'd go back to a song and we'd put a bit different stuff in there. It's just a great debut album and hopefully it's going to be one that people will be talking about for 10 years.

I thought it was incredible.

Thank you very much.

When you guys sat down and wrote the lyrics for the album, what were you guys thinking about?

Serge the guitarist actually does all the lyrics on the album. Serge wrote all the lyrics. I know exactly where he gets them from because it was just about life at the time. The Iraq war just kicked off and things were going down. There was a lot of terrorist stuff going on. We don't really care about politics or anything. It was just about life in general at the time when we were making the album. We'd look at the morning paper and it would tell you our troops were on fire which were American and English troops. They both got petrol bombed in Iraq. It was just headlines for the papers so we just decided to put it in one of the songs. Just a mishmash of words about just life and we put them all together and put it on the album.

It took eight months to do the album. Do you feel the that having taken your time with it, it turned out a much better product than if you had rushed through it?

Oh definitely, yeah. If you rush something, you washed your hands of it and you're going to go out looking like shit. If you spend a bit of time on it, you're going to go out looking good. It's the same with everything. It was our little baby. We took time to dress it well and to bring it up right. We ended up with a great album because we did take a lot of time with it. It was our first album. We wanted to get it right. It was an album that we had been wanting to write all our lives. I think all of our musical passion came out on the album.

Yeah, I guess so after being together seven years and this being your first release.

Yeah, exactly.

Did you guys release any EPs or is this your first release total?

Not in the U.S., no. That was our initial release. Our first release. I don't know if that's out yet. It's different in America with singles, isn't it? We've had five tracks off the album being played on a lot of radio stations for the last three months or something like that. The radio stations have been really good to us.

When you guys come back in May, you'll be with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

We're not sure yet. It has been thought about but it's not 100 percent sure yet. We're definitely coming back and we're going to do our own headline tour.

Cool, so you guys will be the headliners this time. We'll get to hear more stuff.

Yeah, it's going to be us headlining. We're not too sure what bands are going to come out yet. It could be a band called Mad Action from Philadelphia.

I felt like your set last night was just way too short.

Yeah, we'll be playing a bit longer when we come back.

Outside of coming back to the U.S., what else do you guys have planned? Are you doing any festivals?,p> Yeah, we're doing most of the festivals in the U.K. We're doing Glastonbury, T In The Park, Reading, and Leeds festivals. We're also doing some festivals around Europe and we're also coming back to America to do one also.

Going back to the CD, are there any particular tracks that are favorites of yours to play live?

"Reason Is Treason" is one of them. "Clubfoot" I suppose. They're the two favorite live tracks off the album. They're wicked, man.

I was reading this comment about "fuck the Americans. I'm sick of your fucking three-minute, scuzzy garage rock shit." I guess you're on a mission to get music to be a bit livelier.

Yeah, we're on a mission big time.

Do you think you're succeeding so far?