Rick Flanegan - Beyond The Flesh

May 18, 2005

Tell me a little bit about Beyond The Flesh.

Beyond The Flesh is just a I'd say melodic, death/thrash band from New Jersey. We formed in early 2000. We got signed with Screaming Ferret Wreckords and they released our album What The Mind Perceives which we independently released in 2003. Screaming Ferret picked it up and they re-released it for us in March. It worked out pretty good.

Sounds like it to me. Who are some of your influences as far as death and thrash bands go?

Definitely Krokus. More melodic sounding stuff. I'd say death of course is probably our main influence. Other types of bands. Different members listen to different styles and different things. Our drummer likes a lot of death metal. Our bass player listens to a lot of black metal. It all comes together. We like a lot of harmonies. Good riffs. We're big on riffs.

I think riffs are pretty important.

A lot of bands don't focus on riffs. Like hedge riffs. They just chunk away and don't do any solos.

I've noticed that some bands don't focus on guitar riffs as much as I think they should. Tell me a little about What The Mind Perceives.

The songs were written pretty much late 2001 and early 2002. We went in the studio Fall of 2002 and we finished about Spring of 2003. We released it in June and it did pretty well. We shopped it out to a bunch of labels and got a lot of good press on it. One of the labels that showed interest was Screaming Ferret. They picked us up and we re-released it to get it out to a wider audience. We've gotten good reviews on it so hopefully that helps.

It's really difficult to get your music out there unless you actually do get picked up by a label.

Oh definitely, yeah. It's still a struggle.

Hopefully being with Screaming Ferret, things will get a bit easier for you guys.

Yeah, hopefully.

Since this album has been out for a while, are you guys working on new material?

Yeah, definitely. We have 10 new songs written that are pretty different from the stuff online. They seem almost like just influenced by so many different styles of metal. I'm pretty happy with the way the new songs sound. Hopefully we should have it demoed or out at our home studio sometime in the summer. Hopefully we'll be in the studio recording it in the Fall or Winter hopefully. So probably a 2006 release. The material is much more mature than the stuff online. It definitely kicks a lot of ass, I can tell you that.

You want your stuff to progress from what you put out last time and I don't think people should be afraid to experiment.

Oh no, not at all. Especially nowadays. It seems like metal has gotten pretty big right now and the whole metalcore. Like melodic metalcore type stuff is getting so big. It's almost like we're moving away from a lot of the more popular styles that are out today. We just write what we write. It's honest music. It's not like we're trying to conform to a certain thing or anything.

I think metal goes through phases where sometimes it's underground and sometimes people in the mainstream get a real appreciation for it because they have a friend or relative who is into underground stuff. Hopefully more people will get into it.

Oh, yeah. The more the better.

One thing I'm glad about is that they brought back Headbanger's Ball on MTV. That was the only show that made the channel worth watching.


Have you guys done any videos for your songs?

No, we were hoping to do a video for one of the tracks on there but nothing's planned yet. We still hope to do one for this album.

I think that would be a good idea because you definitely have some songs on here that would be awesome for videos.

Yeah, thanks.

Are you guys doing any touring?

Yeah, we're actually playing a couple of one-off shows here and there. We're playing the Louder...Harder...Faster Fest in Allentown, PA in June. A lot of good bands on that. Testament's playing. God Forbid. That's going to be a lot of fun. No tours set up. We're hoping to do a little touring this summer. That's kind of in the works right now. Too early to tell though.

Hopefully you guys will get on something.

Yeah, hopefully. It's rough. It's real rough.

Any other any thoughts or comments?

That's pretty much it. You can check out our website at www.beyondtheflesh.net. Hopefully if you see the album out there, you'll go check it out.

Beyond The Flesh