Heather Gasaway - Spin66

April 15, 2004

Tell me about the band.

We are a four piece. I'm the only female in the band. We are a rock band but we're certainly not heavy metal as you can tell from hearing the album. We have a bit more of a pop influence as well as a lot of sampling and an electronic edge. I think we all came together or at least myself and Joey, we're the only two original members, in I guess it was '99. We had a different drummer and a different guitar player at the beginning. We got our guitar player first and we got Meatt. Then we replaced our drummer and we got Kyle. The four of us worked really well together so that's the way it's been and that's the way it's going to stay for a while.

So you guys started out with other people.

Then just made little changes here and there to get to where we are today.

You guys sound like a cross between Berlin, The Cars, and No Doubt. Are those the bands that influenced you?

Personally, yes. We all have different influences which is really strange because it's like everybody has a different taste in music. We have a lot of similarities true but I think the fact that everybody has different influences brings something good to our sound because it's not just like Berlin or just like The Cars or just like No Doubt. We're compared to Garbage a lot which is a big influence of mine and Joey's. That way I think it sounds like everything but not just like one of those things.

One of the things that makes bands interesting is when they do have different types of influences from all over the musical spectrum.

We certainly do. We have our guitar player who some of his influences are Motley Crue and he's a big Cars fan as well. Joey and myself, we love Garbage and he's a big No Doubt fan. When we're writing we obviously use ideas from certain influences like Bif Naked who is one of Joey's influences. Joey and I have more similar tastes than Kyle and me. Joey and I do most of the song writing, our influences tend to jump out more. Kyle's influences tend to be more what influences his playing style on drums or Meatt's guitar style.

I'm quite familiar with Bif Naked's music. I've interviewed her and she's a very cool lady.

Yeah, I like her. I've been following her music for a long time. I'd love to meet to her. I really love bands that are fronted by women. It's just edgy and energetic and in your face.

Joey was looking for a female to front his band. Could that by why?

I think so. Especially from his influences too. A lot of the bands that he likes are fronted by females.

You guys got the opportunity to open for a lot of cool bands like The Outfield, Blue Oyster Cult, and Motley Crue's vocalist Vince Neil.

Yeah, actually we've also opened up for Berlin and for Joan Jett And The Blackhearts. Those two shows were really big for me because of influences by strong minded females who kick ass and that was just huge. Not only because I like their music but because I got to watch and learn just how they are on stage performance wise. Their stage presence, that sort of thing. Vince Neil we've actually played with twice. We did an original show in Corpus during Dayfest and we opened up for him. Then a year later his manager contacted us to play a Penthouse party where we were like the headlining band and Vince was just a guest. This was a benefit concert and it was so cool because he's like "well is it okay if Vince gets up and does a few Motley Crue songs with you all." Of course we were like "yeah, of course that's okay." We learned three Motley Crue songs. He came up and sang them with us so we actually not only opened for him once but the next year he played with our band.

That had to kick ass.

It was insane and at the time my fiance was the fifth member of the band. We used to have another guitar player, Kyle our drummer, me, our guitar player, and Chase the other guitar player who's no longer in the band. Vince Neil was their idol. They're all huge Motley Crue fans so that was like their dream come true. We learned "Girls, Girls, Girls", "Smokin' In The Boys Room", and I think "Live Wire" was the third one. It was insane. It was surreal.

You guys have your own recording studio.

Yeah, actually we recorded our last album in my house. We turned our office into our studio here. It's just easier because we used to do it in a studio that was across town and it just made more sense to us to do it here. We could just get up and start working. Then we turned the closet in one of our bedrooms in the house into the vocal booth and soundproofed it. It worked out perfectly being in the comfort of the home. It just made things so much more productive. It was done right here. It couldn't have worked out better. It's perfect.

You wrote some of the songs on the new album.

Yeah, actually I helped with pretty much nine out of 10 of the songs as opposed to the first album. The first album I just came into Spin66 with not a whole lot of musical background as far as writing lyrics or music. The songs were already written at that point. I just came in to sing them and I always hated that because I didn't feel like I had any creative input at the time but I really didn't have any experience to do so. After we played and rehearsed for two years or whatever behind that first album, I just gained so much more experience and knowledge of the music scene. When it came time to do this album, I was able to write lyrics and to help with the song writing in general. Adding in loops and melodies. I am so much more proud of this second album for those reasons. I have so much more creative input.

When you have more to do with the product you put out, it's more comfortable for you. Tell us about Digital Self.

Absolutely. There's a single, "My Best Day", that's the first track on the album and it's already getting radio play in Louisiana and in Wichita Falls. It's getting a really good response. We also played it on a local morning talk show here in San Antonio which is called Great Day S. A. and so we played "My Best Day" on there because they had heard the album and really liked it. We did that song on there and I think probably for the second single, we're probably going to release a song called "Allison" or a track called "Don't Tell On Me". We haven't decided which one yet. We've been playing them around and seeing which one gets the better crowd response. Close call. We're not sure yet.

Some of the songs like "Teen Idol" and "Number One Fan" show both sides of being a musician. Are you guys doing some touring for this album?

Yeah, thankfully Michael Mazur is really helping us out and Joey was telling me about some shows we're going to be doing in North Texas this summer. We're going to do some out of state stuff and we're going to get on some summer festivals and things like that.

Those festivals are definitely a great thing to be a part of.

Absolutely because when we did Dayfest, we ended up playing with Vince Neil and him liking us. A year later we ended up doing a fun gig like that where we're actually playing with him. A lot of good things always come out of festivals. Michael is really excited about this project and so far he has lived up to everything that he's promised. That means a lot because in this business you run into so many people who just talk big but then don't actually come through with what they're saying. It's very refreshing to work with someone like Mazur.

It seems like when a band first gets started, they always run into some asshole or a really bad record deal and it almost blows the whole thing.

A lot of liars out there. Why can't everybody just be honest?

Then the labels want you to sign deals with them but then they don't want to put any money behind you.

I know. A lot of liars and a lot of shit talkers.

Are you guys signed to a label?

The first album we got an independent record deal with Garage Band. It was a development deal and they helped us quite a bit financially and then they got us a lot of press. They got us a lot of exposure that we couldn't have really gotten on our own. They introduced us to a lot of out of state radio stations that now know about us and so it's still helping us out but we grew out of that field. Right now we are doing things. We put out this second CD on our own from the money we made from the first album. Now we're just pushing for something bigger.

This new one will be available in record stores?

Yeah, it will be.

The first one can be purchased on your web site?

Yeah, that one's still in stores too. I think you can get them both on CDBaby and then through our web site, www.spin66.com.

Did you guys produce your CD yourselves?

Yeah, we mastered it in Austin. We had Chase Derek produce it and he did an excellent job. Then we had it mastered up in Austin.

It helps save money when you can do a lot of that yourself.

Not only that but when you have that kind of talent that's available to you, it's almost like we don't need to hire someone. As far as mastering, there are certain things that you just have to put the money towards.

You contributed to the album cover with your photography.

Yeah, that was a lot of fun. Talk about another learning experience. All the photography of the oranges and the band photo and the whole concept of just having the album cover look like orange peel and the disc itself look like an orange. It was more colorful. We wanted to do some things that brightened it so it came to be like that.

Have you done SXSW yet?

We always seem to miss the deadline but that's certainly something we need to do. It's always bad timing or we're not prepared. This time we will be.

You're opening for Fuel.

Yeah, that's on the 19th and we're still waiting to hear what time we're going to be doing that.

That's for your CD release party. You must be excited about that.

Yeah, we've been doing a lot of rehearsing and we're ready to do it. We're just waiting back to hear what time we're going to be doing that.

So the CD will be released April 19th.

We've still been selling it through our web site and we've actually sold quite a few on our own. It'll be the official release of it.