Gordon Gebert - Angel

May 5, 2000

What got you started in the music business?


How long have you been a keyboardist?

Yeeeesh - do I have to tell? Over twenty years.

What other instruments can you play?

I play a mean kazoo. Actually I dabble in all instruments but keyboards are my forte'.

Are there any particular bands you're listening to lately?

Damn - so many. Fuel, Staind, off the top of my head. I like older bands like Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against The Machine. Then I like the dinosaur bands like ELP, Yes, etc...

When did you join Angel and how did that come about?

I joined two years ago. Three years ago I was doing an autograph session at the New Jersey Kiss Expo and I met singer Frank Dimino and manager Danny Stanton. I just passed them my card and said if you ever need a keyboard player give me a call. A year later Danny Stanton called and asked if I would like to audition for Angel. The rest is Kisstory...oh that's a different subject.

What other bands have you been in?

Too many bands to list. The important one is the one you're in at the moment.

How is the tour coming along?

Excellent. Amazing how many people come up to me to have their books signed.

Is Angel getting a lot of publicity?

Just like any band. It's a struggle but we are doing some very high profile shows. On June 8th we are playing at the Sweden Rock Festival between Dokken and Dee Snider. Angel was and is a great band. Come and see the show.

Is it pretty much the original lineup?

Frank Dimino is the original singer. Barry Brandt is the original drummer. Steve Blaze from Lilian Axe is taking the guitar duties. I am on the keyboards and Randy Gregg is kicking ass on the bass.

How is the new Angel CD doing?

The new CD is entitled In The Beginning and is doing quite well. You can find it at all music stores. Also on Amazon.com and all the other dot.coms out there.

What is their tie in with KISS?

Angel was discovered by Gene Simmons in Washington D.C. The story goes that Gene called Neil Bogart in the middle of the night from the club Angel was playing at and they were immediately signed onto Casablanca records.

What tips do you have for aspiring musicians?

Set goals and don't let anyone get in your way. If you really want something you can get it. I know a lot of people say that but do it with a vengeance and you will reach your goals.

A lot of people have criticized you over the books you wrote about your relationship with Ace Frehley. A lot of people found the books to be amusing and a glimpse at the rock star. How have you handled all of these reactions?

Quite well. LOL. My biggest, angriest critics just make me so much stronger. And the majority of people that found it quite amusing and didn't take the books personally I found to be of the more intelligent, rational crowd so to speak.

What was the issue that got you and Ace on such bad terms?

Ace made our problem public that he had no business doing. He betrayed my friendship and tried to make a scapegoat out of me.

A lot of fans said you wrote the books to get back at Ace. Was that the point of the books? To set the record straight publicly and to amuse everyone in the process.

Have you and Ace had any communication since you wrote the books?

LOL - Yeah, Ace blew a gasket when I called into WNEW to confront him publicly on Eddie Trunk's radio show. Ace, like the chicken shit that he is, had me cut off and we had a verbal "confrontation" OFF the air!

Is Rock And Roll War Stories enjoying a lot of success?

Rock And Roll War Stories hasn't been released yet but the pre-orders from all the major book distributors are through the roof.

Are there plans for more books?

I said I had no plans for another book after KISS & Tell and now there are two more books after that. I can't predict the future. I have an idea for a new one after Rock And Roll War Stories. We'll see if it comes to fruition.

What is the craziest thing a fan has said to you?

A female fan at a book signing said to me, "I masturbated and came while reading your book."
I asked, "Which chapter?"

Any other comments?

I'm having a great time and I thank all my supporters. It really means a lot to me. I hope I get to meet you all at the next Angel show or book signing.