Jay Gordon - Orgy

January 22, 2004

Tell me about Punk Statik Paranoia.

It's a wrap-up of the last three or four years. The way I look at it, it's just my take on the world right now. It's what that's all about. It's a lot heavier than our last record. It's a lot more guitar driven and a little less electronic. A little more straight ahead at least music wise. That's pretty much it. That's a quick wrap-on it.

You said in your bio that you want girls to think that they want to sleep with every member of the band. That was too funny.

Did I say that? Oh my God. What was I on that day?

You must have been having a damn good day.

Right. It's so funny. I think that's why I started the band. Whenever I put the band together, I think I wanted to be like Duran Duranesque where everybody had their own persona. The Nick, the Simon, and the John. I think it was like that at first. At this point, I'm doing what I'm doing. It's cool if they want to sleep with us and I'm down and everything.

I was on the Internet looking up stuff about you so I put your name in www.google.com and all these web site URLs came up with Jay Gordon of Orgy and it all had to do with naked people. It was hilarious.

My God, if you do that...if you put my name in a search, there's another Jay Gordon apparently who does porno. I hope he's doing a good job representing properly.

It was three solid pages of Jay Gordon of Orgy nude.

Did you look at any of his pictures? It's this big buff guy. Isn't that weird? The guy looks like a Chippendale dancer. Isn't that horrible? He's got to change his name or I got to change mine.

It took you guys a little longer to write this album than the last two.

Just a bit. Actually we just went through a lot of changes. I started a label and it took me a minute to get that going. We asked Warner for our record back and they were cool with it because they were going through a big transition. Like a changing of the guard. There was nobody there. The entire floor where we used to deal with everybody, they were all gone. The new staff was getting ready to come in and we weren't sure when that was going to happen. We'd asked them for our record back and they were cool with it because they figured rather than us hang them up, why don't they just do that. That way we left on really good terms with them and they've been positive about helping us with Punk Statik Paranoia and things like that. I think it's a win/win situation for everybody.

Why is it when they restructure, they clear everyone out and bring in new people? What's the point and where do all the old people go?

I wonder that myself because I have not heard from anybody ever since. I imagine they scatter them around at different labels and they all go out and find new jobs. As far as bands go, they drop them or whatever. I heard I was dropped 10 times but then when I talked to the label, they were like "what? We didn't do anything like that. You're crazy." I don't know. It was weird. We were in this state of limbo for a while. That's why they agreed to let us do what we needed to do and then they were cool about that because they could have made it really difficult and they didn't. They were real cooperative at first which was weird. Usually it takes a lot longer to handle those kind of situations but it seems like everything is really on the upbeat with them so it's all good.

Are there any tracks on the new CD that you'd like to talk about?

Not really. You probably have the advance. A lot of the mixes have changed. They're actually I think much better now. Especially the last song, "Can't Take This", which is one of the heavier songs and that song's really changed a lot. It's definitely a lot better.

So you guys worked on the songs a bit more.

We worked on a few songs. There were things that I was noticing in some of the final mixes. I was like "that's got to be fixed. What about the words that are supposed to be there that are completely missing?" Of course while I'm there doing that, I feel that it's necessary for me to completely change the whole song around. Nah, I'm just playing. We just touched up a few things that were missing and things that weren't loud enough. Enhance them a little bit. It sounds a lot better actually.

Tell me about the new label you started.

It's just something that I started with my dad and worked it out with him. It's an idea that I've had for a long time. It was just time to get it going on. My dad was really bored I guess at the time so he figured he'd help me do this and he'd been in the business for years. I think he was missing it to be honest. He helped me out to get it going.

You have a close relationship with your dad.

Yeah, he's definitely cool. That's that. We're doing all kinds of music, not just rock. We're doing some hip hop stuff and whatever. Trying to be well rounded I guess.

I interviewed the guys in The Hunger and they had mentioned an interest in your label.

Yeah, we're talking to them and some other people too. We don't really want to hang anybody up while we're in the beginning stages of this thing. We're trying to wait and see what's going to happen with this Orgy record of course. That's going to make differences in the label. Hopefully if we do good then everything's all good.

It was really cool getting a new release from you guys because I have the other two.

Thank you very much.

I got a kick out of your comment on those VH-1 documentaries of Where Are They Now? when you said they ought to make one called Why Are They Still Kicking Ass? or Why Are They Still Blowing Shit Up?.

I think they should have a show like that. I was always dreading that phone call. The whole VH-1 thing where they're like "we want to put you on Where Are They Now?. Oh my God, tell them I'm busy.

Let me go shoot myself.

I think they intended it to be uplifting but it always bums me out to see what ever happened to those guys.

You guys have gone on several tours with bands like Videodrone and Love And Rockets. Is there a tour that's been rather memorable?

I have to say the first one. The Family Values tour. That was definitely the most fun and I think it's going to be the most memorable in my eyes as far as touring goes. Family Values was the first thing so it was fun.

You were traveling with a lot of different bands on that one.

That's what was fun about it. All these people you'd never meet or you'd never think you'd be playing with and all of a sudden you're on stage with them and you're like "this is weird. Ice Cube's over there." It's cool. You never expect to see him and I think when you're in high school, everybody has an NWA record. It's funny to see him on the road with us. It was really cool.

You also do a lot of producing and remixing.

Yeah, the last one was a Linkin Park remix for "Prts Of Athrty" and that was number one. Funny thing is I haven't really done much of that since that one. I produced a couple of little quick things here and there. I just did a thing for MTV recently for the Dave Navarro/Carmen Electra show that's on MTV right now. I just did the music for that and just doing little odds and ends because Orgy will consume most of my time.

You have to have something else to do.

Exactly. I don't want to take on too much because I don't want to take my attention away from Orgy especially now. I have a lot to do. Basically I have to meet my commitments with that and then I can move on to other projects or bands.

You also did a song on the Queen Of The Damned soundtrack.

Yeah, "Slept So Long". That's a song Jonathan Davis wrote. He had called and asked if I wanted to do it. I have fun doing that with a lot of different singers. If they ask me to do that I'm like yeah. Static X and Linkin Park. It's cool.

Are you guys going out on the road soon?

Yeah, we're trying to support the record. Get out there and do this thing so sometime around February or March we'll try to do the tour and the release. Try to line all that up so it's at the same time.

Any other thoughts or comments?

I'm just glad I got to talk to you and I appreciate it.