Tom Gomes, Randy Blythe, Jason Bittner, Corey Pierce - Headbanger's Ball Tour

November 24, 2003

Okay, I have three drummers and one vocalist.

Jason: In essence, you've got one guy that people recognize and three dudes that no one even gives a shit about.

Awww. Why don't each of you tell me a little about your band, what you guys are up to lately. Let's start with you.

Corey: Let's see, what is there to know about God Forbid. Well, we're on the road and we're about to put out a new record at the end of February called Gone Forever. Other than that, we're going to take a couple of months off after this and just try not to beat the shit out of each other for a little while. Come out fresh and beat everyone else down with some new shit. That's basically all there is to really know right now.

I read somewhere that you had a recent lineup change in the band.

Corey: Nah, there were a lot of rumors that went around. That's basically what it was. It was a lot of rumors because we had some issues just like everybody else does. It came to a head and then that's what had to happen for the next stage of evolution. You have to get into serious shit before you can build something new and that's what happened. Everything came to a front. Everybody got their shit on the table and here we are today with some new shit.

Cool. And you, what's going on with your band?

Tom: Well, as soon as this is done we'll go home and record the new album. We'll start tracking as soon as we get back?

And with yours?

Jason: Well considering that we've been on tour since 1946, we're finally going to go home after this tour and it's a well deserved rest because we're all shot literally. Just every day seems like it's a week long. It's not that we're sick of each other because we're still having fun with each other and it's fun being out on tour with all of our friends. That's pretty much the only thing that's getting us through this. We're really tired of being on the road. We're ready to go home. We go home, probably take a few weeks off in December just to mellow out and Christmas shop and do up the holiday thing. Then start writing and getting our next record out as soon as we possibly can. Probably get back out hopefully by spring or summer.

And your band?

Randy: Lamb Of God. We're about in the same position as the Shad guys. We're tired and burned out. Been doing a lot of touring and we're going to go home and write our new record. We're going to take about six months off, record it, and hit the road again.

You guys are on the MTV2 Headbanger's Ball tour. How's that been going?

Jason: Great.

Randy: Great.

Corey: I think it's a competition to see who can get the most fucked up every day.

Randy: We get trashed every night.

Who's winning so far?

Jason: That one's hard to say. I think there are band members in every band that even it out for everybody. It might be one band pushing the envelope on the other day but then on the next day it's going to be someone else in another band and it's just taken to the next level.

Randy: Yeah, it gets pretty ridiculous.

Jason: Like Corey said, no one remembers who it was. You wake up in a daze. "Hey, how are you this morning? All right."

Randy: I saw him at four and I'm like "good morning Jason." That's my every day life.

Jason: You don't go to bed until six.

A lot of people would be envious of that life style.

Corey: I'm one of them.

Jason: Let's not portray that in the wrong light. Sometimes it gets old.

Randy: It's pretty brutal on you, life on the road. Especially if you live as hard as we do. God Forbid is stuck in the van regrettably. We're on the buses but we've all been doing this for years in the vans and playing basements. Now we're on a bus which just gives us more leeway to get drunk.

Jason: That means we don't have to pick a driver at the end of the night.

Randy: There's no arguing over who has to drive but it's pretty hard on you.

Jason: Half the reason why we're drinking so much is because we're bored. Shit, there ain't nothing else to do.

You're rotating the headliner duties.

Randy: Yeah, we're rotating. On the first half of the tour Unearth opened up every night. Second half we got God Forbid. Then every other night it's in between Killswitch, Shads, and Lamb. We just switch places. We all get the same amount of time. It's pretty cool. We all hate headlining though.


Jason: Because that means that you got to wait until forever to start drinking. You're playing at 12. Everybody else is hammered by the time you go on stage. "Hey, have fun!" Yeah, great.

Randy: Except for Adam. He doesn't give a fuck. Adam will just play drunk as balls, doesn't matter. And probably will do so again.

Is he better when he's drunk?

Randy: He doesn't fuck up really. He's more comical. Ask his drummer.

Tom: He doesn't make mistakes. He just leaves out parts. He just won't play parts.

Jason: Because he's too busy running around the stage and making goofy faces. Making everybody laugh. But that's all right.

Tom: The more he drinks, the fewer parts he plays. He doesn't play them wrong. They just don't show up. He's always doing something that makes you not care that he's not playing them.

People probably don't even notice.

Jason: They're looking at the jackass on stage running around with the cowbell.

Tom: That's true. He's playing more and more cowbell.

I guess the MTV2 Headbanger's Ball CD has been released.

Corey: Quick note on that. We're the only band not on the CD. We got the shaft. We're the only band not on the CD. We're not on any of the advertisements. Keeping the Black man down.

Randy: That's not true. I've seen you guys on some of the ads in the papers and shit.

Corey: That's news to me. I guess I'm late. My fault. I apologize.

Randy: He can't read.

You're not on the CD?

Corey: No. I'm definitely pissed about that.

Why didn't they ask you if you wanted to contribute something? I've got one of your CDs. It's good shit.

Corey: I really don't know the beat that went on.

Jason: I think it's because their management company is a bunch of retards.

Corey: I think it's just a lot of bullshit really.

Jason: Their management is our management too. I just like to get a little dig in every time I can.

You three are on the CD I hope. What songs are on it?

Randy: I don't even know.

Jason: I don't even know either. I think "Destroyer Of Senses" is on it. I'm not sure.

Roadrunner didn't give you a copy?

Jason: Roadrunner didn't give us any copies so I have no idea.

Headbangers Ball is back on the air. How do you feel about that?

Randy: It's cool. It exposes a lot of kids to our stuff who probably wouldn't have heard of our bands . It's cool.

Tom: I think more people need to get MTV2 though.

Jason: I think they need to play a little bit more of metal too and not fucking eight Korn videos in one night and Linkin Park. Not dissing the band but it's not Headbangers Ball. Those bands are already on regular rotation.

Corey: I think they show a lot of heavy bands. I think it gives kids a basis too for comparison who had none before. Kids who thought Disturbed had a heavy shit album. They're good dudes. We got a remedy.

I used to watch it when it was first on the air and I thought it was a great program. It was suckassed when they pulled it off the air. I never understood it because that was the only damn thing I really liked about MTV.

Jason: Yeah, likewise. I think they need to bring Adam Curry back personally.

Oh, you didn't like Riki Rachtman?

Jason: Riki Rachtman? Screw Riki Rachtman. I hated that dude. "Hi, I'm Riki Rachtman. I'm the host of Headbangers Ball because I could never be in a band."

How much longer are you guys out on the road?

Randy: Nine shows or something like that.

Jason: Is that all we have after tonight? Oh God, that'll be great.

Tom: 10 shows all together.

You're going to make it.

Jason: Hopefully.

If you drink enough. I think it's great that you're out on the road having fun because people seem to be so against fun lately.

Corey: Liquor and drugs are like preservatives.

Tom: That's why I don't get sick. I'm pickled.

You're pickled all the time. Any other thoughts or comments?

Jason: Thanks for coming to the shows and keep supporting us.

Corey: We're broke. We need the money. Buy merchandise. Come to the shows and bring money. Fuck the CDs. Buy merchandise.

You guys make most of your money touring.

Randy: Merchandise is how we live.

Jason: Not really touring because any guarantees that we get go to the payment of your vehicle no matter what it is.

Randy: Hotels. All that shit.

Jason: For example, our bands are going to make more money than Corey's band is going to make but our overhead is going to be more. Just because we got paid more, our expenses are more. They got paid but they've still got to pay for their van and insurance and gas and all that shit. And hotels. It all evens out. What it come down to is did we sell a lot of shirts tonight? Good. We might have some money at the end of the day.

Your respective labels don't really put any money into it?

Randy: We try to take as little money from our label as possible.

Tom: We don't take tour support to go out.

Is that better for you in the long run?

Jason: It's better in the long run because it's less money that we have to pay back. It's less money that you owe. If you're ever to go to the next level from a smaller label like we're on right now, the less money that we owe is the less money that a bigger label has to pay to get us so to speak. If you're in debt two million dollars to a small label, even if you're in the best band in the world, a major label might be like "we can't afford the money."

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