Josh James - Evergreen Terrace

September 3, 2005

Tell me how the tour's going.

It's going really good. We're out with Winter Solstice and As Cities Burn and The Burning Season. It's been about two weeks. Before that, we were on tour with Silverstein. It's like the tours just kind of ran together but overall it's been really fun. I'd definitely say it's the hottest day so we'll see how that goes. Most of the shows have been good. There's been a lot of weird places. Midwest places like Iowa and places you don't normally go like on bigger tours so we're just trying to go there and hit up that secondary market seeing as we've had a new record come out.

How's the metal scene in Iowa?

Actually, you know what? Iowa's one of the best shows on this tour. It was awesome. The kids were totally into it. There was a really, really good turnout. It was a super fun night. Which is weird because every other time we've played Iowa, it was one of those shows where we could have done without that show but this time it was really awesome.

You hear about Slipknot coming out of there so I was wondering about that. How's the record doing?,p> It's doing really good. It's doing better than we all had really anticipated from the get go. We didn't expect it to sell as much and as quick as it has. We just shot a video for one of the songs off of it last month which should be airing in a few weeks. We're really excited about that. As far as the turn out of the record, we couldn't be more happy with the way things are going and with the final product.

How many records have you guys sold so far?

Right around 16,000 or 17,000. On the label that we're on, that's the most that they've done that quickly so it's going really good. It's moving a lot quicker than I think everyone anticipated.

Which song did you shoot the video for?

Track four called "New Friend Request". We shot the video in Detroit with this company that had done a couple of Suicide Machine's videos. It was the first time we had ever shot a video so it was a pretty cool experience. It was super fucking hot. It was the middle of July and it was in an abandoned warehouse and there was no air conditioning. Bright lights on you and you're melting there. It was a really cool experience.

Tell us a little about the video.

It's pretty much flashes in between a live performance piece of us playing in a room and then there's actually these two ultimate fighters that starred in the video. It sounds kind of weird. One of them kidnaps the other one and takes him to this roof. He's going to kill him and then the dude breaks away. We'll just say that it's us playing in an old abandoned warehouse. There are two ultimate fighters and there's a chainsaw. That's all I'm going to say about that.

I like that. Are you guys planning to shoot any other videos?

Yeah, if this one does good then we're going to end up shooting another one hopefully.

If people who are not familiar with your band pick up your CD, what three songs on it do you feel best represents the band and why?

I think definitely the first track, "Dogfight", because it has elements of everything in it. It has really, really heavy parts. It has singing like Craig does and it has a lot of Drew screaming, so I think track one represents the band really well. I think "Dogfight", "New Friend Request", and then maybe "Brave Reality". That one has a couple of more punk parts because there's a lot more upbeat, fast punk parts on the record than there was before. I'd say those three.

I guess you guys are influenced by punk music.

Oh yeah, definitely. We all grew up listening to punk rock and stuff like that. We listened to punk and then got into hardcore after that. We were all in local punk bands and we all decided to start a hardcore band because there were no hardcore bands in Jacksonville. When we started that, we got more into hardcore but still definitely, I think everyone's heart is still in punk rock bands.

When you guys put on a live performance, what can people expect?

We definitely, completely feed off the energy but usually half the band is drunk and we really just don't give a shit. Just there to have fun. If kids are into it then we definitely get into it way more but I'd say nine times out of 10, half of the people in the band are usually pretty trashed. That can either make it really interesting in a good way or really interesting in a really bad way. It all just depends on the night.

It should be interesting tonight. How many shows have you guys done so far?

On this tour, with these bands I want to say maybe 10. We've been out since the 14th of last month and the first seven or eight days was with Silverstein. The total tour is a little shy of a month long and will go until next Friday. We have until next Friday.

Here's a question I never ask anybody. You guys are out on the road in a van and a trailer. What's it like being on tour? What kind of shit do you have to go through?

It is the best thing ever. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I so much would rather have this job than any nine to five office job where I know I have to wake up at a certain time and be home at a certain time. A normal day is, you wake up and get in the van and go back to sleep. Drive through a town, load in, play the show, and then go to a party. Hang out until three or four in the morning and then do it all over again. It's cool because the craziest things will happen to you. Stuff that you could never plan. Like giraffe raping. Craig recently raped a giraffe.

How did the giraffe take it?

Like a man. Surprisingly.

So tell me a crazy thing that has happened out on the road. The best one so far was one band ended up partying at some girl's house and her parents got into it too.

That kind of happened to us in July and we ended up partying so hard that the roof came down. To make a long story short, me and Kyle went to jail. It was pretty intense. Then a few days before that, Kyle almost got arrested for taking a shit in the street in Detroit. That was even more interesting. Anywhere between that to seeing a gang bang. One time we saw a place catch on fire and this guy rode a bicycle out the window to get out of the building. Everything in between those different things, we've probably seen it. We've never seen a murder happen on tour have we?

Drew: We were driving in the van and we were in Cleveland. Two guys were running and one guy was running behind them with a gun.

That wasn't on tour. The only thing that hasn't happened on tour is we haven't seen someone get actually murdered before our eyes.

Drew: And we've never seen anyone wear those kind of pants.

I like to be different.

I like those pants. I think they're pretty wicked. Yeah, those pants and we've never seen anybody give birth. Those are the three things. Oh, never mind. Craig saw someone give birth in the back of a convenience store.

Drew: We had once earlier toured the same town and so it was my kid. We got back and it was good timing. I delivered it in the bathtub.

In Australia a lady got run over by our van. No one in our band was driving. We're not going to say who was driving. It was a rental van and it was the lady's fault, right Drew? The lady just jumped out in front of the van.

She was a kamikaze type person.

Yeah, exactly.

Tell me about your tattoos.

I like this one.

The blonde lady with the boobs and the rose and poison.

None of them really mean anything. I have some that mean something but then I have a lot of funny ones like there's a monkey fingering his butt hole. There's a midget with a wooden leg and a kickstand. He's a boxer midget. Me and my friend played tic tac toe on me. Here's a roll of toilet paper. I just did that the other day but it obviously didn't come out very good at all.

Is that a tattoo?,p> It stands for Punk As Fuck. PAF. None of them really have that much meaning. I've been getting tattoos since I was 17 so a lot of them were like "that looks cool, let's get that."

Is that a praying lady?

Yeah, it's an angel lady. I'm definitely not the kind of person that would ever regret getting a tattoo or anything like that.

You've never gotten one you're going to regret like putting your girlfriend's name on you arm?

I definitely won't do that. There's a difference between regretting something and knowing what you will regret. I definitely haven't put anything on me that I know that I will regret.

Are you planning on getting where you'll look like Tommy Lee sort of?

Yeah, I'm on my way. Tommy Lee. My sides are all done. My chest is all done. I really just have this arm left and my back and my thighs.

How much do you think all of that has cost you so far?

Actually, I've been very lucky and my old roommate for three years was a tattoo artist. I was friends with him and all the other tattoo artists in the shop. That's turned into one of the things where I'd just hang out there all the time and people would do tattoos for 50 bucks. Not that much. This arm has cost me 400 bucks maybe. I've definitely been blessed. One of my ribs cost me $1,000. I flew to San Francisco because I wanted to get tattooed by somebody I really wanted a tattoo by. That ended up costing a total of $1,000.

Do you like to get tattooed out on tour or do you normally do that at home?

I got a tattoo when we were in Australia. Like a severed koala head. Then I got a tattoo on this tour. I don't really like getting tattooed on tours because you're playing a show every night and you're jumping around. The one I just got is right there so it's on my ankle and it's blown out because my ankle is constantly bending jumping around on stage. I'd rather get tattooed when I'm at home.

After this tour is over, what's next?

We have 12 days off and then we go to Europe for a month with As I Lay Dying and another metal band from Europe called Heaven Shall Burn. We go there for almost a month and then we come back and we have another 12 days off and then we go on another 40 day U.S. tour with a band called The Chariot. They're on Solid State and they're a newer band but they're definitely moving up. They're headlining the tour and we're main support. We're doing that and then we're going to come home and have two to three weeks off and then we go back to Australia for about three weeks. Hopefully when we get back from that, we can take a couple of months off. Ever since our record has come out, we've been touring nonstop. Just going home for 10 days at a time which is awesome to be able to have that many tours booked. All the tours so far have been very successful and I'm sure all the ones in the future are going to be successful as well but you do get homesick. What really sucks is the day before we left for this tour, I just got a house. The day before. I woke up, I moved all my stuff in, set up the whole house, went to sleep, and then woke up and got into the van. I haven't even had a chance to hang out at my new house. I'm really looking forward to that. The good thing is, I have free cable. I have a roommate and he called me a couple of days ago and he's like "dude, the cable's still on. It's September 2 and they still haven't turned it off." I'm super excited about that. I haven't had cable. We've been touring so much the last couple of years, there was no reason for me to ever have cable because it was an expense that I never could use. We did 250 shows in 13 months so there was no sense in paying 60 bucks on television if I'm never going to be home to watch it anyway. Now I'm really excited to get free cable.

Now you have free cable damn it. Any other thoughts or comments?

That's about it.