Leif Jensen - Dew-Scented

October 2, 2003

I just did an interview in Spanish so I'm probably going to be pretty confusing.

How many languages do you speak?

Four. English where I'm doing my best. I mean it's not my mother language but I'm trying to survive. French, Spanish, and German. I'm a vocalist. I don't have any hobbies. I don't have any instruments so I'm stuck with languages I guess.

That is your hobby!

In a way and it helps you through life very easily.

Yes, it does. I read that your band's name was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe.

I can't say inspired but I think that's where we found it. Looking back in time, this is like 10 years ago, I couldn't really even promise that this is the right story but we were just looking for something very personal and very different. We wanted a standout name. We didn't want to call ourselves Dying Corpse or something like that just because it would be a bit too much metal in a way. We wanted to have a name that is so personal that people would one day hopefully just talk about the name. Not think about it but take it as a fact that they know they're talking about a German band that's playing thrash metal. That has been here and there. That has released a certain album. We just wanted something that would stand out and obviously it's not the most catchy of names and of the most direct when it comes to the music we're playing but we're still very happy with that.

I think it's an interesting name.

Yeah, I think you can look at it from different perspectives. Obviously the flat translation or the flat meaning won't be very metal but I think it has something psychedelic about it. You can twist it around which is cool.

A play on words so to speak.

Yeah, exactly. It's got a lot of "E's" in there and a "w". They're cool letters.

You guys started out on Steamhammer and then signed with Nuclear Blast. Why the change?

We were not happy with Steamhammer. They were not happy with us. Obviously for a time back then, we thought it was a good, big label. Probably a good introduction to the scene and it was in a way, but they are more of an established traditional label and we were a very new, very aggressive act. I don't think they handled us the way they should have so we just parted ways pretty much after releasing the album and then we went over to sign to Grind Syndicate Media which is a one-man label that uses Nuclear Blast channels so that explains why the second and third albums are not really internationally distributed and available because it's a rather small label. Nuclear Blast just happened to take us over with the last album, Inwards and the new album, Impact just because they like the records so much. That's the basic story. It was just moving from a beginning to a good shelter home to a bigger home now that the interest is there and the cooperation has been really good. Nuclear Blast understands what we're all about and they're backing us as much as they can. I couldn't say anything bad about them.

Nuclear Blast appears to be a fine label.

It's fine. Personally, I don't really care what is on the back of my CD. What type of name it has from an industry company or something like that as long as it does the job. If Nuclear Blast does a really killer job with us, we couldn't complain so I'm happy with that.

You guys have toured with some really cool bands like Overkill, Morbid Angel, Arch Enemy, and Immortal. Is there any particular tour you've been on that was your utmost favorite so far?

There have been so many which is a good thing. We always get very lucky when it comes to a live situation that we've had a chance to share stages with a lot of bands that belong to our influences or to our favorite bands. Our first ever tour was with Edge Of Sanity which is a band that didn't tour long or actually doesn't anymore. Anyway, that was a very special beginning. We played with Death in 1998 which was very special as well. That's one of our favorite bands and it was very, very nice to share some good days with those guys. Same with Morbid Angel which were the best shows with David Vincent a bit back then which is pretty special as well. When we went to Japan with Defleshed which was killer obviously. In the last year we had a very special slot. We did a couple of support shows for Kreator and Destruction. Played a couple of shows on the Thrash Metal Trinity type of tour that they did and that was pretty cool because those are established bands that pretty much paved the way for us to begin listening to metal. Now we happen to be out on the road with them and they really liked us and we're the new generation thrash band. For us that was pretty special. We always get sort of lucky for shows I guess.

I saw Kreator and Destruction together. That was damn awesome.

Yeah, I think those two bands deliver a lot at the moment. I think that they have great new albums and they're always killer live just because they have so many good songs. Kreator is a great band. We just love them. I really like the fact that they're very supportive. Mille, the singer and guitar player, has been liking Dew-Scented a lot and helping us out so I hope we'll be able to team up with them again in the next year.

You guys are going to play at a really cool festival. It's the X-Mass Festival with Destruction and Graveworm.

Yeah, that's a Christmas festival. It's like a big festival tour that's going to be Destruction, Amon Amarth, and Nile. It's a huge festival tour with seven bands on the road for Christmas for three weeks and then we do another two weeks with Nile and Misery Index. That's going to be the European tour that we do now in November and December and January. We're very much looking forward to it.

I can imagine. You've also done the Wacken Festival. I hear about that one a lot.

Yeah, that's a big, big nice little festival. It's all the way metal. There is nothing else but metal and at the festival there are a lot of people. 30,000 or 35,000 people and we had the chance to play there for a second time. We already played there in '98 and we played there again this August. It went great. Actually it was the place where we debuted a couple of the new songs from Impact for the very first time in a live situation and they went down awesome. We managed to do that.

In your lineup, you have a bassist who plays live with you and another bassist who played on the CD.

The situation with the bass player is a bit tricky for us because we happened to run into a situation where our original founding member bass player Patrick step by step started leaving the band in the last year just because he couldn't find the time to come up with the devotion and with the effort that a band that is touring a lot needs. He's pretty much not in the band anymore but he still plays with us every now and then when we need him. Now for most of the time we're using a guy called Alex from the German death metal band called Obscenity. He's doing our live shows as a new bassist but none of those two bass players were playing on the album just because they were not part of the writing of the material and part of the rehearsing. Our guitar player Hendrick just took over the bass for the record just because it seemed the most easiest. He's a multi-instrumentalist. He plays drums as well. He does bass and guitars so he's really good and that seemed to be the most compact way of doing it for the album. When it comes to the live situation, we're always a five piece. We try to look at two bass players that look almost the same so people won't notice. It works.

Impact is your fifth album. Tell us a bit about it.

It's up to my personal, humble opinion that I think it's the best ever we've made so far just because we were in a lucky situation that we were exposed to the media already at the time where we were still growing. A lot of the thrash and death metal bands, if you realize that they do their best albums at the beginning of their careers just because they're the most aggressive, the most raw, the most talented in a way, and that wasn't the case for us which leaves us a very nice window to just grow and progress. The reaction of the last two albums have been by far the best making big steps for the band as well. We all find that very challenging. There are a lot of good vibes for the band at the moment. That made us work very, very hard on this new album and according to the band opinion, I would say that as far as writing the songs and as far as the production that we achieved with Andy at the Stage One studio, this is probably the best album altogether. We're very happy with that at the moment and we're just hoping to play a lot of shows and get the music around to people.

You used Andy on a previous album.

Yeah, he produced Inwards as well which we're very, very happy with so that's why we returned to his studio and did the new one as well with him. We used him last time as a measure, as the minimum, and took it a step further which was really, really good.

Have you guys had a chance to play in the States or do you think you'll have that chance?

I hope so. If it were up to us, we would play there the whole year but sometimes you need a booking agent and a promoter that is interested and all that. I think we're still at the very beginning with the States. We played the Milwaukee Metalfest 2002 which went down great for us so that opened a lot of doors and created a good interest because labels saw us there and quite some people from the media and from other bands. As it looks right now, we'll be coming over to do this New Jersey Metal festival in November.

Yeah, it's a three day festival.

Yeah, that's in mid-November and we're hoping to do that somewhere else for the release of the album to get started and then hopefully try to go on some sort of tour in the next year but that's at the moment just an idea. We would love to do it but it depends on of course how the album gets accepted and how much people are liking it and how much people are buying it and all that. We would definitely like to do it because we believe that all music at least works the best in a live situation. That's what it's meant for. The albums are just performers so to say.

They give you a taste of what's to come.

Exactly. That's like doing the homework and then you go to school to write the exam.

Any other thought or comments?

Thank you very much for the interest and hopefully you'll have enjoyed the album and hopefully you'll find quite some other people that will agree with that. That will be nice. We plan to make a very big effort on bringing the music some more over into the States because we know that it's a big, big market. It's a big territory and there are a lot of people who like this music. We're just one of many bands at the moment so we just want to try to get interest and hear from people. Thank you very much for the time you're putting into this.