Sean Kane - Gizmachi

March 11, 2005

You have a band called Gizmachi. Just out of curiosity, where does that name come from?

We're not really telling anyone where we got it because there's not really that cool of a story behind it but the name really has absolutely no meaning. The reason we chose the name is because it has no meaning and to us it can mean anything you want it to mean. It's like everything and nothing but all at once so it is what you want it to be.

I think it's really cool.

Thank you.

Some of the names people choose for their bands are like gawd.

Yeah, some of them are a little off.

It's like damn, have we run out of names we can call ourselves? I'm glad you guys dreamed up something out of the clear blue sky. That's very imaginative. Tell me about how you guys got together.

I wasn't originally in the band. The original members were Kris and Jason. They started jamming together back in high school and then they met up with Jimmie who happens to be the drummer. Kris is the bass player and Jason plays guitars. They jammed for a couple of years I guess. I got in the band in '98 and we started taking it a lot more seriously once I got in the band. We played wherever we could. Parties, shows, whatever. We got Mike in the band, the other guitarist, at the end of '99. That's when we opened up our parts. He's got a beautiful voice, a much better voice than me, and he added melody to the brutality. We kept playing shows for a couple of years and then we decided that shows were just fucking dick. We're from the area, Orange County, NY. There's not a whole lot going on there locally. We decided to just lock ourselves in our practice room and perfect our art. Just figure out what we're doing. I don't know if you've heard the record yet.

I was listening to it this morning.

It's a little different. We just focus on writing music for ourselves. We put on there what we would like to hear if we were to buy a new CD. We all listen to completely different things. None of us are into the same things.

That reminds me a lot of KISS. They always talk about how they would go out and see bands and watch their stage show. They decided to put together a stage show that they'd like to see somebody put on.

Yeah, they have a killer stage show.

I can see the spirit behind that. If I want to go out and buy a CD, how do I want it to sound? If I want to go out to a show, how do I want it to be? And just turn around and do exactly that. I think that's totally cool. You have a book that you write lyrics in and you put a lot of thought into your lyrics.

Yeah, they get together. I don't even attend their practices when they're writing music because I have a mouth and it runs 24/7. They would rather me not be there so I'm not there. They write the music to get it all figured out and go where they need to go. Once they're ready with the music, I've thoughts and stuff in my book that I write down and my own little way of doing things so I just put what I feel best represents what's coming out of their minds.

Basically you listen to the melodies and music and write lyrics that will fit in with that.

Yeah, I write all the melodies as far as vocally. I write all that. They just write the music. It's a perfect marriage. We don't bother each other.

I thought it was cool when you said that when you write the lyrics, that you match them with the basic rhythm of the music. That's a different kind of writing style.

Yeah, completely. I jumped in not knowing what the hell I'm doing so I just stuck with that. I first got in the band just jamming around and having a good time. It was cool and it just took off. As far as just clicking, we were like wow, it sounds different. It's just been very amazing. We're very excited about the record and everything that's going on especially with Clown.

Yeah, you guys met up with Clown #6 and I guess he got excited about the band too.

Yeah, I met him through a mutual friend. I was working for a band and we were out with another band and I'm not really supposed to name any names. We met through a mutual friend who had told him I was in a band. He was like cool. I'm sure a million kids tell him that they have a band. He said cool, give him a CD. We gave him the CD and that was it. Gave him our number and never really expected to hear from him. He gave me a call and I was stupefied. It didn't happen right there. We talked for about two years. We said the right things to one another. We did what we were supposed to do. We tried to do everything he asked of us and one day he called. He said "hey fucker, I'm going to be in New York but it's on Easter Sunday so figure it out. Get a studio and get the showcase out to me." So we showcased for Clown, Corey Brennan, Slipknot's manager, and the head of their security on Easter Sunday at 10 in the morning. That was a little weird. None of the guys in the band except me even really talked to him and met him for that two years. It was very intimidating for the other guys to just pop in. Here's Clown from Slipknot and the head of their security. Here's Slipknot's manager Corey Brennan. Throw it down. I guess we did a good enough job to where we stayed in contact. They loved it. That brought Corey Brennan into the picture. Then they got us a show. We had the opening slot on the main stage of the Aggressive Music Festival with God Forbid, Hatebreed, Slayer, and Slipknot. I guess we did really good because we got signed right after that.

God Forbid is such a cool band. I love those guys.

Great dudes. Very cool guys. We're kind of from the same area. They're from Jersey and we're from New York but they're really awesome guys.

Yeah they are and they definitely speak their minds. I love that.

Yes, they do.

That's what I love about you guys from New York. If you feel a certain way about something, you say so.

Yeah, I completely don't care at all.

You just come out and fucking say it.

I don't care about hurting anyone's feelings. I don't care. That's where I'm at in life. I'm in my own wormhole.

Sometimes that's what it takes. I used to be really concerned about hurting people's feelings. Then I came to the realization one day that people don't give a damn if they step on mine.

That means that you're living by the rules that that imaginary person in charge of society made up. That's bullshit.

The Slipknot tour started out on what, the 16th of February?

I don't remember exactly what day it started. We're very excited to be on the Slipknot tour and it's been going great. The kids are totally into it. We were sitting in our dressing room yesterday and it was an off day with Shadows Fall in Grand Rapids, MI. My guitar player looked at me and we couldn't figure out what day it was. We were trying to so hard to figure out what day of the week it was. Finally we had to call our tour manager and ask what day it was. He told us it was Thursday and we were like ah, fuck. It's amazing how you lose track of the world.

I guess you guys are on the Slipknot tour until the 14th.

Yeah, today's our last. We've got a bunch of off dates with Lamb Of God and we're doing main support for Otep the end of April and the beginning of May. I'm told everything will be filled in before then. We're not going home for 18 or 24 months.

I saw Otep the other night with American Head Charge. Great show.

I'm good friends with those dudes too.

Tell me a bit about The Imbuing.

The meaning behind The Imbuing is to surround somebody with a revolutionary idea and to take over one's mind itself. The Imbuing is based on the name. There's no set schedule for it. It's just pure wormhole and pure music. My honest opinion about The Imbuing right now is that it's my favorite record. I'm pretty proud of that being that it's my own. I've never thought that my own shit would be my favorite shit. I'm really, really excited about it. We're all very proud of it. Clown did an amazing job producing it. We just sent "The Answer" and "Wandering Eyes" on our single sampler out to radio stations and they appeared on number three in the country for metal and for a band that no one's even heard of. We've been on tour for two weeks. People are freaking out about it. We got added to 59 radio stations this week. For someone who is not even huge yet, our record doesn't drop until May. We're just so excited and it's a little overwhelming at first but it's slowly setting in. When the kids hear it, it's so fresh. It's something completely opposite of what they're expecting. Our single is almost six minutes long and it still got added.

You're rather surprised at the impact it's made.

Yeah, especially on radio. We're totally not expecting to get added to 59 stations first week so we're really excited about that. It's kind of ridiculous.

Clown made a comment that your music doesn't revolve around anger and hate which I think is a good thing.

If you listen to the songs, none of the songs revolve around hate or disgust or anything like that. It's really positive. It's just thoughts in my mind and the way I'm feeling at certain times. Just the way I feel about certain things.

You've got so much fucking negativity going on in the world right now. The best thing to combat that with is positivity.

Yeah, it's nice to be positive once in a while. There's enough negativity circulating around everything. That's one of the things that drew Clown in too. Everyone's "fuck this, fuck that. I hate you, I hate him, I hate her." Hate is a very strong word. There are tons of things in this world that I dislike but you have to really do something to get me to hate it.

For me it has to be something really evil and vile.

The five of us in Gizmachi, we're all brothers. We all get along. We all love each other. There's not any negativity surrounding us. There's no reason. None of us had hard lives growing up. There's no reason for us to come out like that. We have a little bit of a Toolish vibe about us. We really like it. We're very happy to be here too.

You guys released a video for "The Answer".

Yeah, it's not out yet. To be honest with you I haven't even seen it.

Tell us a little about what it's going to be like.

It's pure aggression is what it is. It's us throwing down in New York City in Chelsea Market. One of the loading docks is this awesome silver background and we're just throwing down as hard as we can in front of it. There's not a whole lot to it. We just want the world to know that that song is the best representation of what our band is about. The first song on the record and the last song on the record which happens to be "Voice Of Sanity". That's our masterpiece right now. We have some other shit that puts that song to shame. That'll be for the next record. Right now those two songs, we figured start the record off that way and end the record. If people want to know what Gizmachi is all about, we'd like them to listen to those two songs. If you're in, figure it out. When we were done with "The Answer", our jaws dropped and we were like wow, this is us. It's hard to even talk about this stuff because it's a little overwhelming at first. We're just so used to going into the local studio and doing this bullshit and then we got Pro-Tools and we're doing it ourselves. Now we go into the studio with Clown and boom.

When you were writing the lyrics for the songs, what kind of stuff was going through your mind?

For "The Answer", the chorus is "so what/ it's gone/I wanted more than just possibilities/I'm wrong/I just live for me and this song." There was a point where I was sick of everybody around me trying to persuade me with what I'm doing with my life and telling me what's wrong and what's right. Playing that whole society game. Playing the whole "this is the way it's supposed to be". If following your dreams is garbage and all that crap, and to me anybody can do anything they want as long as they put their mind to it. You can be a fucking movie star if you want. You can go out and be the best hockey player in the world. You can fucking do music if you want. That's just what you've got to do. You can't have anybody tell you fucking ifs, ands, or buts. You've just got to be your own person and be in your own world. Don't stray outside of what you want to do because if you do then you won't be ultimately happy in life.

I think people concentrate too much on doing what they feel they are "expected" to do. If your opinion is not the opinion of the majority of the people, then your opinion is wrong. You have to get in line.

Yeah, a lot of bands do that too with their fucking "oh this song is too long. It won't hit radio." Fuck off dude. Are you happy with the song or what? I mean, are you happy with what you did? Fuck, who cares if it goes on the radio or not. Make yourself happy. If you're not happy then life is bullshit.

The radio doesn't seem to be where it's at anyway.

The radio is good for some radio airplay. It doesn't mean kids are going to fucking come to your shows. People need to learn to fucking be happy and to be themselves. There are too many people in this world that have no fucking idea what it's like to be an individual. They need to just figure it out. Look in the mirror one day and say hey, I like who I am. Whoever can't accept me for who I am or what I do, fuck off. I don't need you in my life. Human beings do not need other human beings. You need a couple. You don't need all of them. That's the way I look at it. There's no reason to have any negativity in your world because it's your world. You don't have to have it. It's up to you to get rid of it.

I definitely make a point to do that on a daily basis.

That's the way to go. Then you won't fucking wake up in the morning and say fuck, why did I do that? Why did I let that person influence my world? What I live and what I stand for.

Absolutely. You guys plan on promoting your album for the next two years.

Yeah, we're trying to spread it out as quickly as possible. The response has been amazing. There's been over 500 to 750 kids a night getting CDs and free samplers. We're not out in the parking lot forcing them upon everybody. They're up at the concession stands. Kids go up and ask for them. We've got 25,000 hits on our website in a week. We're pretty excited. I know it totally has something to do with the Clown because that's how the Clown works.

The Clown is everywhere.

Yes. We're flattered to be the first band on his record label.

He just recently started that up.

Yeah, Big Orange Clown. That's the imprint. We're the first band on it. Our parent label is Sanctuary. Can't have a better endorsement for the type of music we play than that band. A band like Slipknot, they're on top of the metal mountain and they're on top of the rock now. They're very well respected and whoever doesn't respect them can eat dick because they just don't get it. They're just jealous and they're whom we've seen perform. We've seen that they came up with the idealism of Slipknot.

I listen to people talk about how one band sucks or another and it's like well someone likes them.

It takes a set of balls from country music to fucking rap music to go up on stage and do your thing in front of a fucking crowd full of people that are there to do nothing but judge you.

I figure if a band attracts an audience then they're successful in that and they're giving a certain group of people what they want and they're getting what they want. That's all that matters, man.

That's it. There's no reason to sit and tear bands apart. Yay. Because one day, someone's going to be tearing you apart.

Any other thoughts or comments?

No, not right now. I will when we're done touring. When you see me in Dallas, I'll have a book to tell you.

I'll be waiting and ready to hear it.

Awesome, man. It was very nice to meet you and talk to you.