August, Gaz, Christian, Skyla, & Marc - Killingbird

June 28, 2002

I had the pleasure of interviewing the boys before the show. So we went to the Lucky Triple 7 bar, had some beers, a lot of laughs, and some gab. Everyone had quite a bit of input in this so it's pretty much everyone talking.

How did you guys meet?

The three of us, Skyla, August, and and myself were in a band together back in Michigan probably about 10 years ago. We've known each other for a long time. We separately made our way out to Los Angeles and the funny thing is, Gaz actually was my roommate in Michigan and we knew (Booger) Marc because he was in a different band in Michigan and we used to do shows together with them. We all went out there separately but we all ended up linking up and just starting this band a year and a half ago.

So why do you call him Booger?

When I first moved to L. A., the first person I met was Stacy. Next person I met was Tracy. Then there was Lacy. I needed something to stick out so I called myself Booger and the rest is history.

And it stuck. History.

I like Stacy Snot better.

Actually that sounds like a porn star. What are some of your musical influences?

I can't speak for all these guys but I think there's some common ground. A lot of the rock bands, I don't want to say '80s bands but that came out in the '80s like Guns N' Roses, The Cult. I know these guys have wider ranging stuff than that but I think that's what we find on common ground. An appreciation for those bands.


I forgot the Crue. How could I? The fucking Crue.

Vince Neil will be here next month. How did you guys get your record deal with 2K Sounds?

Skyla did it.

I think it was that video we made.

Yeah, we were originally planning on putting out the record ourselves. We were just going to dress it up and sell it over the Internet or to an independent distributor or something. We ended up making a video for the song "Just Like Heaven", a Cure cover, and the video got into the hands of 2K Sounds. They liked the video so much, especially knowing that we made the video ourselves, and we recorded the record ourselves. Did the video ourselves. Pretty much did everything else ourselves too. I think they liked the fact that we asserted ourselves as a band because we were really promoting ourselves and they gave us an opportunity.

Why did you pick that particular song to cover?

I don't remember.

I think we probably liked that song.

We always liked it and just thought that it would be cool rocked up a little bit.

We always thought it was too slow.

But we loved it. It just came out so good. We kept recording it just to see how it would turn out but then it turned out so great that we wanted to put it on the record.

It always went over really well at the shows. We've always gotten away with that song.

How would you guys describe your musical style?

I would just have to say straight ahead stripped down rock. It's rock influenced with a bit of punk influence. A great deal of booze.

Drunk rock.

Beer is where it's at. Tell me about some of the tracks on the album.

I guess I could run through them or maybe pick out a few highlights. The first song on there is "Not Long Dead" is mainly about being in the hard rock scene. Going out. Just seeing friends getting deeper into things they shouldn't be doing. You're probably doing it alongside of them but having the willpower to pull out and then seeing them get farther and farther into it.

Like Steven Adler and Guns N' Roses.

Yeah, just something like that. Exactly. "Down From My Cloud" is mainly just about trying to stay positive and getting sick of people trying to bring you down. It's that simple. "Little Flower" is about drugs. It's about drugs. A popular issue with this band. No. We're not glorifying it. It's not saying "please do this drug right now." It's about just giving them to us.

Well that would be different. "Do drugs now."

"Just Like Heaven" I really don't have much to say about just because we covered it. I guess we'd have to get Robert Smith in here.

He wanted you to know he's on his way.

Okay. He's probably one of the only guys that wears more eyeliner than we do.

"Little Flower" is number one on

Before the record came out we had done some demos and that was one of them. We had it posted up there. It was just basically word of mouth and people downloading it to hear it, it hit number one on the charts. That was very exciting.

How's your album selling?

It's doing real well considering they just went to radio this week so it's been out a month without any radio push or anything. We're hoping that some stations will start picking it up but it's been out a month and it's already scanned over 1000 pieces so we're really happy with that, are we not?

Yes we are. We're going on the road for a couple of weeks so hopefully after the radio kicks in and more time on the road, we're looking to increase those sales numbers.

Has it gotten any radio airplay?

Sporadically around the country. A station in Cleveland, a station in Wisconsin, a few others that I can't remember, Omaha. It hasn't officially gone to radio yet. That was all pre-ad date stuff. It hit the radio this week.

How's your touring schedule going?

Pretty good. This is actually the last date. We just went off for two and a half weeks so tonight's the last show of this tour. Then we're going to do some more regional stuff over the next month and a half. There's talk about maybe going overseas to Japan and then probably another tour for fall. September - October. Somewhere in there, doing another tour.

Any other comments or ideas?

Ah, Skyla?


Skyla? Thanks to all the people who came out and saw us on the tour. All the people that checked us out on the road. All the people who bought the record. And thank you for coming out and seeing us.