Morgan, Mercedes, & Jennifer - Kittie

November 11, 2003

Howís the tour been going so far?

Morgan: Itís been really good. Weíve been playing to a lot of kids every night. Probably with the exception of tonight. Weíll see what happens because Good Charlotte is in town tonight and I know a lot of young kids like them.

Mercedes: And our show is 17+. We really hate when that happens because more than half the people that listen to us usually are 16 or 17.

Morgan: Itís never a good thing for the fans but the tourís been amazing. Texas always treats us really well. Corpus Christi was great. San Antonio was amazing. We played in McAllen and it was awesome. All the other shows have been really, really cool. We did a Halloween show in Chicago and dressed up. We just had a lot of fun. Thereís a lot of love on this tour.

What happened in Abilene?

Mercedes: Everybodyís been asking about that. We almost got arrested actually because there had been noise complaints all night and I think once you reach five, the people that make the noise get arrested. We didnít know that complaints were being made. Nobody came up to us or our tour manager.

Jennifer: No one said anything to anybody. All of a sudden cops are coming up to him ready to handcuff him.

Morgan: Yeah, taunting him. Waving the cuffs in his face.


Heís so cooperative. All you have to do is tell him. Heíll work it out.

Morgan: Nobody told us though. Nobody told us that there had been any complaints. If we had been told that we were going to get arrested then we probably would have stopped earlier.

What did people think was going to take place in a night club? That you were going to play banjos and sing gospel music?

Morgan: Iím not sure. Itís weird because itís a live club. Have they never had a loud band before?

Was there a housing area around there?

Morgan: No, I didnít see any houses around to tell you the truth.

Mercedes: Thatís what I was really surprised about because I didnít see any.

Morgan: They claimed it was a residential area and that some residents had complained. They told us we were going to have to stop now. If we didnít, we were going to jail.

Mercedes: They actually came out on stage.

Morgan: Rick our tour manager waving his hands. ďWeíre going to jail! Weíre going to jail!Ē Weíre like ďwhat?Ē

Mercedes: We can laugh about it now. If we actually had gone to jail, it would have been pretty sad.

Arrested for performing. Youíre doing some new material on this tour. When is the next studio album coming out?

Morgan: Good question. Yeah, weíre doing five new songs on this tour and the new studio album really sort of depends on the outcome of the label situation. The whole Artemis Records legal battle there thatís going on with them. Whether or not weíre off the label, the time period will all depend, but weíre aiming for next year.

Are you looking for another label?

Mercedes: We canít right now because weíre still technically signed to Artemis Records.

Morgan: Contractually obligated.

Mercedes: Yes, weíre obligated under their contract. If a label would like to sign us, go right ahead. That would be nice.

What was the deal with the lawsuit?

Morgan: That was the deal. Theyíve just broken a lot of promises. Gone back on a lot.

Mercedes: They havenít paid us either which we really donít care about. We just want to get out of the label. They owe us a lot of money. Somewhere in the realm of what our auditors told us, about $900,000.00.

I think Iíd care about the money.

Mercedes: The weird thing is we donít.

Jennifer: At this point the band doesnít and wants to keep continuing on with itís career. Thatís the most important thing.

Mercedes: Yeah, itís just really sad because there hasnít been any support from the label with the band both financially and emotionally from their angle of things. Weíve been out here paying out of our own pockets for touring, for merchandise, all of the stuff for the past two years.

Jennifer: More than two. Itís been almost three now.

Morgan: Yeah, itís sort of gotten to the point where we feel like weíve worked so hard and achieved so much without that support of a label that we sort of feel like maybe we deserve better. We finally spoke up about it and thatís where this is all coming from.

They also tried to cause problems with your parents.

Morgan: Yeah, that was quite a while ago when we were younger.

Mercedes: Our parents when we were younger, under the court of New York, were supposed to be out on the road with us. Artemis Records sent out a handler to try and get rid of our parents.

Morgan: When youíre 16 years old, thatís a really frightening thing. Having some people who really donít see you as a person. They see you as a money making commodity. It could have possibly turned out very, very bad.

Mercedes: Under law, my parents had to be there. Thatís scary. Itís really scary.

I also think itís bad news for people to try to come between family. I wouldnít put up with that.

Morgan: I can only imagine the things they would have us doing if we had been separated from the people that really care about us.

Mercedes: And have their best interest in us and no one else.

Iím so glad your parents support you so much.

Morgan: Itís great. Itís better than being whored out by the record company.

Youíve recently launched your new official website.

Morgan: Our brand new official website as the old official websiteÖ

Mercedes: Öhas been bought up by Artemis Records and they wonít update it.

Morgan: Theyíve refused to update it for almost a year now so we decided to do our own just to let our fans know what weíve been up to and tour dates and give them samples of new music. A place to support the band and gather and talk.

Mercedes: is the new official site.

Artemis Records sounds like a bunch of creeps.

Morgan: Itís been a wild ride so far.

Mercedes: I was talking to some fans of ours and one guy actually wrote a letter to Artemis, he was telling me, and they opened it and returned it back to him.

Jennifer: Another fine example.

Morgan: They read it. They got the message.

Mercedes: Sent it back to the guy but they read it. Or at least they read the first couple of lines.

Has your writing changed noticeably since the last album?

Morgan: Oh, absolutely. Not only have we become a better band and better musicians but Jen has joined the band. Sheís been in the band for almost two years now and itís just like the whole positivity level has just gone up. We all feel very confident because weíre all on the same page in terms of our styles and where we foresee the band going so itís really great. Thereís a new dimension to the band thatís never been explored before and thatís a great feeling. Things are great. Itís just kind of strange because around us all this crazy stuff with the label is happening but internally, this band is stronger than ever.

Sometimes it takes a little adversity to become closer.

Mercedes: Weíre definitely being tested.

Morgan: Not only with that but on this tour. Weíve had a lot of interesting things happen. From almost being arrested to things getting stolen to people getting sick. People getting injured. PAís falling off.

Mercedes: The beginning of the tour I had to go to the hospital because I was really sick and we lost our monitor guy. He was sick and the doctors couldnít find out what was wrong with him. He went home because he was so sick. Our crew is like our family.

Jennifer: It was really hard to see him go.

Mercedes: Rick our tour manager got his briefcase stolen and we were almost arrested.

Because you were too loud! Morgan: Thatís crazy. I canít believe that. I just think the police were hanging around to see if there was a problem that they could cause so they would have something to do in Abilene. Iím pretty sure thereís not a lot going on there.

There isnít jack shit in Abilene, I can tell you that. You guys put out the Safe EP and the Spit In Your Eye DVD.

Morgan: The Spit In Your Eye DVD was quite a few years ago but itís pretty much the same as the VHS. Finally we decided to make it into the magical world of technology. They had put out a DVD version of it.

Mercedes: Actually we didnít even know it was getting put on DVD. We were just told when it came out.

Courtesy of Artemis.

Morgan: We released the Safe EP about a year ago and there was a remix done by Sasha from KMFDM on there and a few live tracks as well. It was just pretty much something to try to hold our fans over for a little while until we get the opportunity to do a third studio album which we are so excited about doing but have no idea when thatís going to happen.

At least you have material for it.

Morgan: Thatís not the difficult part at all. Itís figuring out the situation. The writing comes easy.

Jennifer: Itís not the band thatís the problem.

Mercedes: Usually itís the other way around. Itís the band thatís the fucking problem.

Itís very cool to see an all female band get along so well.

Jennifer: Itís a rarity. I think we understand each other as people. We really respect each other.

Mercedes: Jeff just stuck his head in the door. It takes a couple of trys to get it right though.

Morgan: We all understand and respect our differences of opinions and personalities.

Jennifer: I think thatís really the key. If thereís advice we can give to other chicks. Iíve seen nasty things with other girls being in a band together.

Morgan: I think guys are worse.

Jennifer: Guys are far, far worse. Iíve always played in bands with guys and the drama is unbelievable. This is a cakewalk. It has a lot to do with us really respecting each other.

Morgan: Apparently weíre the easiest band to work with.

Jennifer: Exactly, so weíre doing something right for fuckís sake.

Morgan: I think itís the perfect combination. The right pieces of the puzzle fitting together.

Jennifer: We just need the puzzle thatís outside of this puzzle.

Morgan: We need a box for our puzzle.

Any other thoughts or comments?

Jennifer: Sign up for the street team and thank you so much for supporting us in very interesting times.