Morgan Lander, Jennifer Arroyo, & Lisa Marx - Kittie

July 14, 2004

How have you girls been doing? It's been a while since I've talked to you.

Morgan: We've been all right.

The last time we talked was when you guys played the Live Room on Greenville. Everything turned out well with Artemis?

Morgan: Yeah, as well as it could possibly be I guess. We just wanted to put out an album. That's all we cared about.

You guys recorded your album on a horse farm in Massachusetts.

Jennifer: Yeah, we did and we smelled a lot of horse poo.

Morgan: Actually when I got my bag home, I could smell the hay and the horses in my clothes. It was so gross. Seriously, it was a lot of fun though. It allowed you to stay focused. There isn't a lot to do at all. There are a lot of cool lakes where we were and gas stations.

Go hang out at the local gas station.

Morgan: I think that was what everybody else was doing.

How long did it take to do the album?

Jennifer: Actually we did it in honestly less than a month's time. It was probably around three weeks' time. Actually Mercedes and I were done in six days. We really railroaded through the record. It worked out great. Working with Steve Thompson is definitely a blessing because we never had worked with him before. He's worked with Blondie, Metallica, Anthrax, Guns N' Roses, and so many different people. He recorded us very organically so to speak. It worked out really good.

Tell me about Until The End.

Morgan: It's great. I think it's our best offering to date. It really feels like a debut all over again. I think there are a lot firsts that went into the album so it just all feels very fresh and exciting that we can do this. It's just awesome and amazing.

Jennifer: A great feeling, yeah.

Morgan: It's definitely an album you can listen to in its entirety. There's a lot of brutal, heavy stuff, there's a lot of melody, and it all mixes together very well. I think it comes across as a whole.

How do you feel it differs from the previous two?

Morgan: There really isn't much of a comparison. In a way, things work when certain people lay the groundwork for what we've been able to accomplish now but by no means is it anywhere near any of the other two albums. Musically, writing wise, song structure wise, singing wise, bass wise, drum wise, guitar wise. Everything. There's so much more to it. I think it's more dimensional. Three, four, five, six. All the dimensions are on there.

Let's talk about the new girl.

Lisa: I've been playing music most of my life. Piano and guitar. Guitar for about eight years. I joined the band To See You Broken, based in Seattle. It's an underground punk band. Garage type hardcore. I guess most people would call it hardcore. I guess about two or three years ago now. Back in February we had broken up which is about the same time Mercedes contacted me. A few of the band members from To See You Broken went to the Kittie show last year and got to meet with them. When they were looking for a guitarist, they remembered me. That my band had gotten to meet them. They got in touch with me.

I saw you guys on Headbangers Ball and you were playing some kickass videos.

Morgan: We had fun.

My guy friends were drooling over Lisa. They were going "who is that? Who is that?" I said well, that's Kittie's new guitarist. They were like "oh my God, she's gorgeous." I cleaned up the drool in my living room. It was too funny.

Jennifer: They need to go buy the record and they can drool all they want.

Did you get to play on the record?

Lisa: No, I didn't. Actually, when I tried out it was while they were recording. I went up to Boston for a week and hung out. I got to see their process.

Morgan: She was pretty much the only one that was there too.

Lisa: My cousin was there.

Morgan: We've got pictures of us all together in the studio. There's already a big heart around all of us.

Every time I talk to you guys, I guess this makes the fourth time now, you always seem so close. It's like one big, happy family.

Jennifer: I think that's definitely how it should be because we want to do this for a really long time. We're not a bunch of bitches.


Once you get us mad, we're god awful. I'm really god awful.

Morgan: We're having the time of our lives. This is what all of us have ever wanted to do in our lives. Especially for Mercedes and I. We're like finally we have people that give chemistry with the band, that we're friends with, and this is the way it always should have been. It feels great. That's why everybody is so excited.

Lisa: We're all laid back and happy.

Morgan: We have a great album too.

When does the new album come out?

Jennifer: Thirteen days.

Morgan: July 27.

You guys are pretty excited about that.

Morgan: Oh yeah. I think we're going to have a party. I heard strippers are going to be there.

Are you guys going to play some material from the new CD?

Morgan: Oh, yeah. There's a lot of focus on what we're doing now as opposed to what we have done.

Jennifer: It's all about the present and the future.

You guys did a video for "Into The Darkness". Is that the one where you almost got electrocuted?

Morgan: Yeah, ironically enough.

Jennifer: What happened actually was, there was this tank that this studio that we filmed everything at, had ordered. It was around an inch or an inch and a half thick. Nowhere near thick enough to really maintain the amount of water that we wanted to have in it. Around 600 gallons of water was put into it and that didn't even begin to fill the tank.

Morgan: It went up to about where I was.

Jennifer: They just wanted to put it in just so it could get used to it because it was still new. Then it just decided to explode all by itself. It didn't explode at the seams. They were talking about suspending it as well.

Morgan: That was the recommended thing that they had told the studio.

Jennifer: That would have been a disaster. It could have truly, truly ended up to be a disaster. Amazingly enough, the head light guy there was prepared for something like that and two to three hours later we were up and at it doing performance shots.

Morgan: Nothing ever hit anything or was destroyed which was amazing.

Jennifer: No equipment. No one got hurt and that was the most important thing. No one got hurt and they were an amazing crew by the way. They really busted ass. It could have been a disaster but there was no way no one was going to let it be a disaster.

Morgan: Either way we would have done whatever it took to make sure it happened. I remember saying hey, we'll work until six in the morning if we can find another tank just to make it happen. We did end up having to add an extra day. We were there at 8:30 in the morning. I remember you and Mercedes sleeping head to head.

Jennifer: We were sleeping head to head. We had worked so late the night before and I was delirious and confused. I woke up confused. It worked out really well and I think the video shows that. We got a new tank where we didn't die in it and it actually had been used with different models before and different photo shoots.

I couldn't do this interview without asking about the electrocution deal. Ace Frehley, eat your heart out. How is the tour going?

Morgan: Awesome. It by far has exceeded my expectations, definitely. There are tons of people.

Jennifer: The attendance has been amazing.

Morgan: I haven't seen this many people lined up since yesterday.

How long have you guys been on the road?

Morgan: This is the seventh show. Things are really coming together. I just can't believe this tour is filled with such an amazing attendance. It's so great and we're playing amazing and the shows are just getting better and better every day. The crew is working together. Sound and everything.

Jennifer: It's cool to have it finally be that way and not feel like everything is working against you instead of for you. It's quite a change of pace for us from the last time we talked to you.

Morgan: I joke about all that stuff but really it is. It's nice.

I'm glad to see you so happy and have things going so well for you.

Morgan: I think we've passed the test with flying colors.

How much longer are you out and what's going to happen afterwards?

Morgan: Seven more weeks.

Jennifer: We're just getting started really. We're going to be really busy this year.

Morgan: For this tour, the end of August and beginning of September is when this ends. We are trying to hook us through September and perhaps we're going to Europe for October.

Any other thoughts or comments?

Jennifer: July 27 at

Morgan: Yes, and you can go into the E-card there and it's definitely not the Kittie you've heard before. Anything that you've ever thought of the band before, wipe it away because we're a different band. You'll like the album.