Tommy Krash - Sinn

July 23, 2003

Thanks for doing the interview.

Thanks for your interest in SINN.

To start off, give us some background on yourself (where you hail from, how you got into music, etc).

SINN has roots in LA and somehow I ended up in New Jersey. Somewhere in the early 90’s most of the rock & roll guys stopped playing or died so I had a hard time finding people to jam with. I bought an 8-track studio and started writing and playing most of the stuff myself.

Who are some of your musical influences.

Early Crue, Ratt, Britny Fox, G.G. Allin, Motorhead.

Tell us about your band, Sinn.

Sinn grew out of not being able to find others to play rock & roll. I started to demo songs myself in order to keep from going fucking nuts. Eventually I found people to complete the live line up but nothing has remained stable except me and Matthew Scott, the drummer. As the release date of Jailbait, “our new CD”, gets closer I am looking to get a solid line up.

You guys are going to be featured on Hollywood Hairspray, Vol 2. How did you get selected for that and tell us a bit about the CD.

Over the last year I started sending stuff to George, their A&R guy. HH2 seemed like a logical choice. In addition to us it has Enuff’ Z’ Nuff, Pretty Boy Floyd and some other great bands.

Do you think the glam rock scene is coming back to life?

Probably not. Right now it’s underground. Until one of the big companies signs a glam band and markets it to the 14 year old audience, Glam Rock ain’t gonna do shit.

You're going to release your CD Jailbait this fall. Can you tell us about the CD and highlight some of the tracks?

The CD was recorded over about a years time. We never set out to record a full CD but we have our own studio so the tape machine is always on. Perris Records became interested in the material so we decided to finish everything up and remix it and that’s about it. It should be out this fall and we plan to do a small tour to support it.

Tell us about your other band, American Sugar Bitch.

I found out about ASB through a band called Roughhouse who came out of the Philly scene in the 80’s. Their bass player Weakly is the singer and guitarist in ASB. They were looking for another guitar player so I thought it would be a fun gig.

You guys have a CD out as well. Can you tell us about that?

The ASB cd was recorded before I was involved.

Who handles the songwriting duties in both bands and what inspires your lyrics?

In SINN it’s primarily me. In ASB everyone writes.

Any other thoughts or comments?

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