Bruce Kulick - Grand Funk Railroad

July 11, 2001

How did you become interested in music, specifically playing guitar?

The Beatles made me do it!

Which guitars do you endorse and why?

I love ESP guitars...quality instruments...

What was the best thing about being in KISS?

The fans are amazing.

Rockology was a fine example of Eric Carr's musical talents. Are there any more plans to release more of his music?

No more stuff!!! That I know of.

Why is Union on hiatus and do you have plans to work with the guys in the future?

It was hard to keep touring, etc...we may do things in the future...

What are your thoughts on Eric Singer being back with KISS?

Not surprised...

How did you become a member of Grand Funk Railroad?

Don Brewer's wife thought I would fit well. She was right.

Are you a fan of the band's music?


Are there plans to record an album with them?


You've been touring with the band. How has it gone and what other tour plans do you have?

Go to my

You released AudioDog. What was the inspiration behind that album and are you going to do more solo records?

I write alot and I will continue to do solo discs.

Are there any plans to add one or two of your songs to the Grand Funk Railroad setlist and if so which ones?

Not sure.

What are "The Dogs Of Morrison" and "495" about?

"Dogs Of Morrison" is about making choices in life...and 495 is an instrumental, a freeway on the east coast.

How is your book coming along?

Slow but it will be great.

Any other comments?

Thanks for the support...and sorry this took so long to do!

Grand Funk Railroad