Paul Lamb - LBS

June 30, 2003

Give me a little background on the band.

The band's called LBS. Lamb, Beyers, and Stahl. The three last names for a three-piece based out in Phoenix, Arizona. It's a heavy blues rock kind of a thing. Band of gypsies kind of a vibe to it. We've been out on the road for six weeks and it's been great. We're just finishing up. We're in Aspen tonight and then we're back to Phoenix tomorrow.

Where has this tour taken you guys?

When we started off the tour, we went straight to Detroit for a week to do a record with a producer by the name of Al Sutton at a studio called Rust Belt. We did a record there for a few days. Then we toured from there down through Ohio and Pennsylvania out to the East Coast. Manhattan and down through the seaside in Jersey and all the way back across the country. Back to Michigan and we played Denver last night and we're playing Aspen tonight and then we're back to Phoenix. We've been out for a while.

Sounds like you've been having a good time.

It's been a great time. It's been a really good tour. We got a good response and we played some really cool clubs and met a lot of great people.

Tell me about everyone in the band.

Matt Stahl is the drummer and he's from the East side of Detroit City where we used to play in a band together called The Big Easy's which was a jazz band in the early '90s. He played around the Detroit area for a while with a lot of blues and jazz acts. He's a total jazz drummer and then relocated to Boulder, Colorado about a year ago. Mace Beyers is our bass player and he's from New Jersey, Tom's River area, and he's played in numerous bands all over the world from London to Los Angeles. He came out to Phoenix several years ago. I was in a project for years in Phoenix. I've been out in Phoenix for about eight years. I'm also from the East side of Detroit so I know Matt. The three of us were in between bands at the time and I called them up. Best drummer and bass player I'd ever seen play and I called them up and we pulled it together down in Phoenix. We've been doing it now for about six months.

And everything's been working out.

Everything's going great.

I see Mace has played with George Lynch, Andy McCoy, and Chester Bennington.

Yeah, Mace has played with a lot of guys.

I'm a big Hanoi Rocks fan. It must have been pretty cool playing with Andy McCoy.

He did back in the day too. He played with that band Grey Daze which was Chester Bennington's band before Linkin Park so they did a bunch of stuff together and I guess that record's going to get released soon.

So that's still in the works?

Yeah, it's an endless battle with lawyers and such, I'm sure.

It seems like in the music business you spend more time wrapped up in litigation than you do actually producing music.

Absolutely. It's the one side of the business that we try our best to avoid but we can't. It's inevitable.

Tell me about some of your musical influences.

Our musical influences stem pretty deep rooted in a lot of roots music. A lot of blues and jazz. We're all big fans of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. It carries in a lot of our music. Robin Trower. I personally like a lot of the storytellers from the R&B side like the Bill Withers and the Donny Hathaways. We incorporate a little bit of all that but it's still got a pretty aggressive edge to it. It's definitely got a heavy dose of rock involved in it.

It seems like your musical style is definitely rock and blues based. I was listening to the CD which I thought was really cool.

Thank you. We wanted to go on the road and get the name out there as quickly as we could. We've only been together for six months and our first stop was Detroit to record a record. We didn't have a record so we pulled in a mobile unit and just did a live show. That's the show from beginning to end. No overdubs or anything. We just went in a club in Phoenix and recorded it so we would have some merchandise product to sell out on the road so we wouldn't starve to death out here. We had those printed up and had some T-shirts made up and it's been serving it's purpose just fine.

Tell us about the four tracks on the demo.

When Matt, Mace, and I decided we were going to do this thing, Matt was still living in Boulder and Mace was still living in Jersey. Mace came down to Phoenix with me and Matt decided he was going to move out but he had a few things to tie up back in Boulder. We flew down for a weekend and in one day we wrote and recorded those four songs that you hear on the demo. We just wanted to get a demo and a press pack together to get going as quickly as possible.

I'd say you did.

Yeah, we did it all in one day. It was good and then Matt flew back to Boulder and a couple of weeks later he moved back out. Then we've been using that as a press pack just to get our name out there more than anything.

Does everyone share the lyrical writing duties?

Yes. I do most of the lyrical writing and we wrote and arranged both songs together.

Where do you get the inspiration for your material?

Depending on the song or the mood, I like the old storytellers. Bill Withers, old classic Bob Seeger, things like that. I love Tom Waite's imagery. He has a huge lyrical influence on me but mostly I just like to read a lot and I just draw from that. As you can tell, I'm a very metaphorical writer. I write a lot in metaphors. I try to paint pictures with words as much as I can instead of doing something that may be more direct and to the point.

You actually put a lot of thought into what you do.

Yeah, I take my lyrics pretty seriously. You have those songs where they're free and easy and then you have those songs where you really try to say something. I think it's important, especially in a three-piece, because the voice is now the fourth piece. When you're working with those melodies, you get less melodies going around instead of having a keyboard player or horns to fill it up. To me if they stand out more and they're more poignant then they have to be expressed that way.

Do you guys intend to stay a three-piece?

Yeah, for the time being. We'd love to expand it and we will expand it someday just because we'd like to do different musical things. Different musical genres. Now we're just a good old classical three-piece blues rock in classic ZZ Top style.

I just saw those guys recently. Are you working on a full-length CD?

Yeah, we went out there and did preproduction with Al Sutton. He's worked with Kid Rock and Sheryl Crowe. He liked what we were doing. He pulled us out there. We did preproduction for about two or three days. Then we got into the studio and recorded 13 songs live in the studio. Then we're going to finish up the vocals in Phoenix. That's the one thing that needs to be finished up and then it's done. It should be ready to be mixed by August and then hopefully in the can by the fall, ready to come out.

Cool deal. So people can get your live CD at your shows?

Yeah, we're selling our live CD right now because that album if we're lucky probably won't be out until October so we just made a live CD just for product on the road and such.

What do you have on the live CD? The same type of material as on the demo?

Yeah, I think there are seven or eight songs on it. Most of which we've written. We do a couple of covers on there but yeah, I think just about every song on the demo is on the live album if I'm not mistaken. Then a handful of others.

You guys are fixing to get off the road. Are you planning to get back on the road?

We're on the road but this tour is finishing up on July 5th in Jerome, Arizona. That's our last show on this one and then we've got about a month off and we're going right back out again. We're doing the same tour. We're going up to the Midwest out to the East coast and back through Colorado and back to Phoenix for four or five more weeks.

You're skipping the Southwest?

We're going to do the Southwest but now when the weather's great, you hit the East coast. You only have a little while longer before the weather gets nasty up here and then we'll go down and do the South during wintertime. I imagine we'll be down there some time when winter breaks.

Any other thoughts or comments?

We're banging away and we're real excited to get down south and that way especially to Texas land with all the great guitar slingers down that way and we're just going to tour and see if we can't make a little noise.

You guys sound very enthusiastic and I wish you a lot of luck.