Tim Lambesis - As I Lay Dying

August 25, 2005

You guys were on the Ozzfest 2005 Uranium Invasion thing on Fuse.

Yeah, they came out and we were already a month into Ozzfest. They were out on one of the first three days and just catching all the behind the scenes. They were trying to catch the backstage antics that all the different bands have going on.

That must have come out pretty cool then because you guys probably get pretty crazy. You were also nominated for Artist of the Year in San Diego.

Yeah, in San Diego we haven't really received a lot of support from especially the press. Things like the San Diego music awards. The fans in San Diego have always been amazing but magazines and everything have really somewhat ignored us as a band which is kind of odd. Maybe it's because we're playing underground style music but this is the first time that we've really been recognized in the music community of San Diego. It would be interesting to be up against some of those what I would consider more mainstream kind of artists and have the potential to win this year.

What kind of bands do they cover? Do they cover metal bands?

Really there are only two metal bands from San Diego. There's us and Cattle Decapitation. There's not a lot of metal coverage in general. San Diego's always been real big with punk and indie music. They cover a lot of other bands before they cover us.

I'm glad they finally found you guys. How is Security In Shadows doing?

It's going good. It took us a long time to build a foundation with our last CD. A year and a half of constant touring to really build things to the point that they were and with this new CD, ended up selling 100,000 in two months. That was a huge new step for us to know that all that hard work we'd done in the past really paid off. The success of this record was somewhat immediate.

Yeah, 100,000 copies is pretty damn good for something that's underground. How's the Ozzfest going?

It's great. The shows every day, we're very energetic when we're playing for a lot of new people and we're getting a lot of exposure. At the same time, when the show is over and everybody in the band is hanging out back here by the buses, all the other bands have been really down to earth and really easy to hang out with. We've made a lot of good friendships on this tour.

You've got a pretty good lineup of bands that you're traveling around with.

Yeah, definitely.

Is this the first time you've guys have played on Ozzfest?

Yeah, this is. We talked about it last year and financially it didn't seem to make sense and this year being asked to be the first of the three side stage headliners, we felt like it was a much better opportunity and financially much more reasonable.

Yeah, I was reading something where you guys were talking about having to pay $75,000. What is that about?

Unless you're one of the three headliners on the side stage, all the side stage bands pay $75,000 to be able to tour.

Where the hell do they get that kind of money?

Most of the time their labels will put down the money or their labels will make them sign a little deeper into their contracts in order to give them that kind of money.

Ouch, I didn't think it was that expensive. Holy shit. You guys are going to be doing the Hell On Earth tour September through October.

Yeah, it's a festival style tour that they started. One of the European booking agencies put it together and they asked us to headline this year. Really, it's just an opportunity for us to go Europe and play with a lot of different bands. Bringing a pretty diverse package of bands and then keep costs low because since it's all being booked in a festival style setting, all the bands can really share in on a lot of the traveling expenses. Whenever we go to Europe, it's a little different than here because we're still in the process of building that foundation over there. The shows have been amazing and the fans are extremely appreciative. Everything is on a little bit of a smaller scale there.

That's cool. I was reading some interviews you guys did. I'm not a religious person myself but you seem to be pretty religious. Does that play a large role in the music you do?

All five of us are Christians so the approach we have to being in this band and songwriting is influenced by our world view. Although our lyrics wouldn't be considered preachy, they definitely represent our beliefs. I think that it's impossible for somebody to believe something strongly and then not have it influence the creative process in something that we're so passionate about as the music that we play.

I find it interesting because I watch the interaction that goes on and a lot of religious people are really down on metal music. Do you ever have a problem with Christian fundamentalists?

There are people here that think because we're playing music as loud and as aggressive as our music is, that it couldn't be glorifying to God in any way but those people to me are so far removed from what's going on with modern culture in general. We hardly run into those people. It's almost like they live in a small bubble somewhere where they rarely leave the four walls of their church. Although those people exist, we don't run into them very often. If we ever did, I would hope to be able to sit down and explain things a little further. One of the goals we have as a band is to change people's minds. Not only the extreme fundamentalist Christians' minds about the way we're playing music, but also people that have stereotypes of what Christians are like. Some people have stereotypes that think that all Christians are very uptight and very fundamentalist. We want to break stereotypes on the other end as well.

It depends on where you live. Here in Texas, it's a very conservative Republican state and you have a lot of uptight Christians here and they want to push their beliefs into the public schools instead of allowing children to have open minds and decide what spiritual paths they choose to go down. I listen to these people and how they talk about music. I found it interesting how you are deeply into religion and I just wondered if you had any clashes with those types of people. Most Christians are normal people who happen to be religious but some of them go too far with that. They get a little bit weird.

It's important for us to intelligently represent our faith. When people have a chance to talk to us and get to know what we're about as a band, whether or not they agree with our point of view, we've at least been able to change their perceptions of what Christians are like. I think there are so many Christians that misrepresent even the original teachings of what Jesus was trying to get across. Not to say that we perfectly represent that but we're doing our best to not be the stereotype of the judgmental and be very pushy about the way we are. We're very down to earth guys.

Aside from Ozzfest and the Hell On Earth tour, do you have any other tours you'll be embarking on?

Yeah, right after we're back from Europe, actually the very next day we start a tour with Slipknot and Unearth. Unfortunately we're not coming to Dallas but that will be I think a 28 day tour or something like that we're doing with Slipknot.

Slipknot has already been here with some other bands so that's probably why. You don't want to over saturate things. Tell me about your tattoos. I find tattoos very fascinating.

Mainly I have tattoos on my arms. I have a couple on my back and on my collarbone. Visually, Iíve always been drawn to tattoos. Iíve always liked them ever since I was a kid. My approach to collecting tattoos is a lot like a scrapbook of whatís gone on in my life. As I look at each tattoo, I remember what I was going through and what was happening in that part of my life. Whether the tattoo was done perfectly or not, it has a special place. Itís just part of a collection.

Is it something youíll keep on doing?

Yeah, at a slow pace. I canít go too fast.

Or youíll run out of room. Any other thoughts or comments?

I know it's been a while since we've come to Dallas. I realized that we've been looking forward to coming here on a headlining show and being able to play a longer set and kind of set the rules as far as the show goes. We'll be doing that some time soon.

As I Lay Dying