Big Daddy Longlegs - Wolfpac

May 31, 2001

Tell us a little about the band.

Okay. Well basically it's a bunch of guys onstage and it's kind of like, the big phrase that they keep referring to, is The Misfits meet Wu Tang Klan. It's a little bit know where there's a lot of those band that do that rap-rock thing? We're kind of more like...a little bit more to the rap side but a lot of heavier loops and a lot of heavier metal-type music behind that. It's a little harder and a little bit more weird. You know what I mean? We play with bands like, Slipknot, we've done shows with. We've done shows with Gwar and those guys turn around and think we're insane live. It's a good vibe to be at. How to describe is just controlled chaos I guess. It's a bunch of MCs, a drummer, a newer guitarist, turntables, and just insanity. Lot of fun.

Can you tell us about your newer guitarist? Is he on the CD?

It's the older guitarist and a lot of that is a little bit of mix of everything. I just replaced the one guy with a newer guy just to get somebody else in the mix and a little bit more of a live element to it. It goes all the way back to when I used to go to hard core shows and people just kind of standing there. The music's good but I should have stayed home and listened to the CD instead. It's the deal with the guy with the mullet rubbing up against me. It comes down to giving people a show that they want to see. You go to see a band like i. e. Gwar, Insane Clown Posse, the show. It's a lot of fun, it's exciting. That's what we try to bring back to music. Instead of being just guys getting up there whining about...oh did they warn you that we're real offensive? Instead of just going up there and whining about how to freak the band, we're having fun. We're trying to bring that back to the fans. Trying to give them something to watch, something to sink their teeth into.

Why did you decide to combine hiphop with metal?

Two of my loves. Well metal and a lot of hardcore. There was a lot of New York City hardcore on there. Two of my biggest influences. I grew up on Long Island so I used to go out to shows like Union Square to see Bismark E, UTFO, and Run DMC. Then I'd go over to CBGB's to see Sick Of It All or Gorilla Biscuits or Judge. Of course growing up I was a big Judas Priest/Ozzy Osbourne/everything fan. It comes from my loves of what I liked, but there needed to be more things out there then Fred Durst whining. If you were to call that a high bred hip-hop metal thing, it's not real. I wanted there to be more of a reality to it. A markability kind of goofy three layers put together thing. Like my loves of music all together collaborated into one.

Who does the song writing and what inspires it?

That's me. 99% of the music. The lyrics are three people - myself, MC Entropy, and a gentleman by the name of Professor Murder. I think what inspires it, for me, is actually spewage from my brain. What's on my mind. Rants and tirades. It's therapy I would say for me. Instead of going out killing that guy in front of me in that car driving slow, I write about it. Gets it out of my system. What's really cool is when we play shows. The kids come up to us and everybody seems to...the people that come to our shows can relate to it. We're not writing about being rock stars and being on the tour bus and blah, blah, blah. We're writing about we think and know. It seems like there's a lot of people who can relate to it.

Can you tell us about your Halloween warehouse party?

You have the standard stock question. Do they force these questions on you?

No. It just sounded funny so I thought I'd ask.

Okay. We do shows all the time. There's a lot of places won't book us because we have a really bizarre, live show. We have strippers, we have a fire breather. You ever seen ECW wrestling? It's like extreme wrestling so we have a little bit of an element like that. An average Wolfpac show is from the floor. We'll go right to the floor and do all the vocals from the pit, as opposed to being onstage just to be in touch with our fans. Just to get down and get to the level of the reality of the show. Not onstage with "can I get a strobe on me? Can I get a spotlight?" End result is that the shows tend to be really interactive and really energetic and really violent. End result of that is a lot of places are kind of scared at first, when they first see what we're going to bring to their venue. End result is we do our own shows a lot of the times. Book out a hall or something. We had this big, huge Halloween party in Philadelphia along with our friend of our's band. We put together this whole, great little thing and it was a Halloween party. It was a goof, all in all. You saw a cut out of witches on the walls and spooky ghosts. Then there was an element of gore too. We had a bunch of bloody baby dolls heads. We had bought a bunch of those baby dolls from thrift stores which were from kids that were abducted. We dipped them in fake blood and hung them from hooks. To make a long story short, the type of element that comes to Wolfpac shows, again you got the kids who are into the heavy metal, the hardcore, and the rap stuff like the ICP kids. A real weird mix of kids. The Philadelphia licensing and control board came because the show was pretty packed. According to them we were breaking all sorts of laws even though it was a private party. They start going through everything and kids start getting real rowdy. Somebody yells in the microphone "there's 10 of us to every one of them" which is such a bad idea to yell towards police officers. Way to go guys. Of course our audience is very, I guess the word is aggressive, so it started getting really ugly and then when they started going through the crowd and everything, they see these kids with Insane Clown Posse facepaint. Twisted facepaint. These shirts like Misfits shirts and whatnot. Immediately this one guy, I guess he might have been some sort of religious guy or something, assumed that this was a satanic party. They referred to this as The Satanic Rave. This was on every channel in the news. How Philadelphia has this cult and it's a satanic rave and see what your kids are doing. First of all, neither was it satanic or a rave. A bit of a rave, it wasn't that. It wasn't satanic. It was a fricking Halloween party and of course there were some shady elements there so they start cleaning up the place. They found an AK-47, they found handguns, they found all sorts of fireworks, they found pipebombs. These were firecrackers, this is what kids light off during shows. During a stage show when we go on, we have some pyrotechnics and some of the fans get in on it too. They found that stuff and of course Philadelphia just thought this was the end all to be all. All in all it was just a Halloween party with just a bunch of rowdy kids. Boy you had to see the writeups on that one. The audio tracks that you have on Evil Is..., have you heard the Halloween thing on there? There's actually an audio thing that we did. The audio tracks that you'll hear are the ones that we could clear. You have to hear the ones that the stations wouldn't let us clear because initially all these stations came out. They looked like buffoons because they came out totally against us and then they realized all these testimonies from kids that were "it's a Halloween party. Get a fucking grip." Everybody looked like a bunch of jackasses. That was cool. It was harmless. We're just a bunch of retarded kids out to have a good time and end result was, they felt we were the devil worshippers.

The Religious Right or the religious element always seems to feel that way about everybody.

Why they always have bizarre positions of power. Why would God come into play with the licensing and control of Philadelphia? Who cares. Get a grip. Go to a church seminar. Go to Iowa or Salt Lake City. There you go. Go away.

Why did you decide to leave The Bloodhound Gang and join Wolfpac?

It just wasn't fun anymore. That's a really sucky element of life the time we were on Columbia Records. We're getting an option buyout, the next album's getting ready to come out, we're writing material and everybody's miserable. When work becomes work, it's one thing. I understand things are hard work. Me and Jimmy Pop, the main guy from The Bloodhound Gang, the other main guy at the time, we were best friends for years. We were just starting to hate each other and it just sucked. Opposed to just killing myself in that place, just waking up and feeling like crap. Going to shows and not having fun at the shows. Not liking the interaction with the fans and the people that we were working with in the business cared about money over everything. It came to the fact that I would rather work at 7-Eleven for five dollars an hour then be on tour with a nationwide band. That sucks. I just started contemplating what I wanted to do, the direction I originally wanted Bloodhound Gang to go into. What I had an idea for then where it got mutated to what the record company wanted. It was just, well I'm going to do Wolfpac. This new thing. It's going to be a little more aggressive. It's going to be sort of the same vibe but a little more aggressive and a lot more, not shocking, but I just want to say the things I want to say and I don't want to have to edit it. Well when we were with Columbia, the first time we had a little board meeting for our CD, they edited the crap out of our lyrics. I hated that. It sucks. Hence Wolfpac.

How did you get in contact with Howard Stern?

We kind of have a relationship with them now. Sorta kinda. I don't know if they like us or they just think we're bizarre. Who knows? We just show up. We figured hey you know what? I got a 500 pound DJ who's just insane, we're always surrounded my mind when I was a kid, the two most important things to me were loud music and big butts. I'm now older and the two most important things in my life are loud music and broads. I surround myself around that. Broads not just meaning girls. Broads meaning strippers and porno girls. End result, we figured hey what's Howard like? Well Howard kinda likes the same things. Let's go up there with a couple of our fulltime strippers. Let's go up there with a couple of girls that are stand girls that are ready to do just about anything. Let's go up there with our DJ who's ready to get naked, cut his finger off, whatever. Let's just see if we can get on the show. Got up there, within about three minutes we're in the green room. Five minutes later, we're on the show. It's just been an ongoing thing. About a month now we went up there with Kendra Jane, the porn star, and one of our girls got spanked by Hank Gangradrof and we just hung out. They're really good people. To me Howard Stern is like Yahweh. I love that guy.

How did you get Jenna Jameson to pose on your CD covers?

Almost the same thing. The big, big thing is I love porno. What better representation of Wolfpac then the queen of pornography herself, Jenna Jameson. Went up to her, handed her a CD and this is in it's infancy. Said "hey what's up, blah, blah, blah. I'm the guy used to be in Bloodhound Gang. This is my new thing. Is there anyway we can talk you into doing this"? We got a big bunch of "no. The manager blah, blah, blah". Then we get a call two days later. "Come up to the club. She loves the CD. She thinks it's the best thing she's heard. She wants to get behind it. She'll do the album. She'll do everything". Next thing we know, we go out. We start hanging out. Now she's like best friend. Anytime she's in town, we'll fly out to visit her when she's on the East coast or West coast for that matter now. I couldn't say no to that. Jenna Jameson. Ahh! There's a lot of porno girls out there. There's a million girls out there for the porno but Jenna Jameson is like the one.

She appears at a lot of your shows?

She showed up a couple of times. She likes to sneak up. It's really funny. She'll come in straight out of 007. Coat and hat, that kind of thing. It's a cool vibe when she shows up.

Tell us about your latest release.

Evil Is... is the latest releast that we've got. It's on Megaforce. It's doing pretty good. I don't even know what SoundScan is to be honest with you. I don't follow that stuff. We're no Creed, that's for sure but we're doing all right. It's got a bunch of crazy tracks and I think it's a ton of tracks actually. Somewhere in the area of 19. Actual music tracks would be 12 or 13. New cover of "Humpty Dance" which we just shot a video for. The main track, "Evil Is...", we'll be doing a video for on the 21st of this month. If MTV plays it, cool. If not, hey, it's something that I can look back on with my mom and my sister. Go "hey, look what I did". In the end, I'll have a video. Cool. Bunch of cool stuff on it. Some stuff veers more towards rap. Some stuff veers towards the heavier side of the band. It's definitely a conglomerate of everything we like to listen to.

What are some of your favorite tracks on the album?

Personally? I like "Someone's Going To Get Their Fucking Head Kicked In". It just kind of spells it out. One of my mottoes with these people...I feel so bad for these kids that are coming up. These other kids that get pushed around. Again I guess I'm going to go to hell for this. I'm already going to go to hell. I already know it and of course kids are going to be born without spines. Those kids in Columbine? You push these kids far enough, they're going to get guns and shoot the crap out of the jocks. It's what's going to happen. I kinda say "hey good job guys".

The Columbine thing was kind of weird. While those kids should not have shot those other kids, it would be nice if parents would raise their children to understand that if you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all. Sometimes that does cause people to go off the deep end. I wish people would be a little more considerate and respectful towards each other. Maybe you wouldn't have all these bizarre situations. When people do these things it sends a message to me that maybe people are egging on a situation.

Sure. It just shows that something is definitely wrong and the system is not working the way it's supposed to. There needs to be some monitoring or there needs to be something intact that...that's a huge SOS. You have to figure how many other signs were given before these kids actually had to go to that level. First year of my school in Pennsylvania when I moved from New York, the first thing that happened within five or six minutes was, I was a freaky kid. I had a mohawk and I was into hardcore stuff and moving from a New York City environment to a rural Pennsylvania suburb is a whole different ballpark. First week I'm here, I get picked on by the football kid. One of the kid's on the football...what is he, a quarterback or something? So I took the lock off my locker and I broke in his front teeth. Nobody ever messed with me again in this school. If you complain to the guidance counselor, you complain to this, you complain to that...but I had to stick up for myself to make it stop. It's a shame that they had to bring it to that level to make it stop but on the same extent I'm all for kids at least standing up for themselves in some manifestation. In some form and that's kind of what that one song is about. Push somebody a little bit, keep pushing, and if you push too hard you're probably going to get a reaction. That's what happens.

Seems everyone dwells on the aftermath and they act like those kids went off at that point. I got the impression, having read about it, that obviously there were warning signs. I also got the impression that people did not pay any attention to them. Anytime you have some freak going around doing freaky things, there are warning signs there. They knew there were warning signs and they chose to ignore them.

I'm sure there were. You gotta figure. It's like a drug addict. Nobody starts doing heroin. Nobody wakes up in the morning and goes "today's a good day that I do heroin". They go "no I'm gonna have a smoke. I'm gonna have a beer". Then they smoke some pot. It's a progessive falling into this thing. So I think nobody went "you know what, somebody called me an asshole at school so now I'm going to get an AK-47 and mow everybody down". I'm sure there was a lot of progression through it. I'm sure there were a lot of warning signs all the way up to it. Everybody's going "the kids that were killed were the victims, blah, blah, blah". How about the kids that were forced to that level? That's insane. Imagine having to be pushed to that level where you where you snap and go insane. Both sides of the fence here are victims for sure. Society's fucked up. It's a violent world right now. I hate to sound like a douchebag but I think it's on a steady downfall. It's gonna get a lot worse before it gets better.

I think that both sides were victims and I think both sides were at fault. I think the people that ignored the warning signs are almost as responsible as the kids who pulled the trigger. Someone should have stopped this. It should not have gone that far.

Yeah exactly. Somebody should have intervened. Whether it's the parents, the school system, society, a fellow student, who knows? Needless to say, it was definitely chaos. That's kind of what the song kind of means. Sticking up for yourself. Not backing down. If you feel strongly against something, do something about it. Don't just sit there and boil it until you go insane. Step up to the plate. I guess it's the most qualified political Wolfpac thing you can take from the whole album.

You did a small tour. How did that go and will you be doing a larger one?

Pretty decent. Everytime we play, it's kinda cool. We'll play these shows...we've played to 13 kids, we've played to 2,500 kids. Just recently we played at this Carlisle Car Show. This custom compact powerjam. It's a huge show out here. 10,000 people. All these custom cars. They booked us. We played it and everybody that saw us there bought freaking albums and they loved it. It's kind of cool, the Wolfpac vibe, because a lot of times we'll play with bands that have no's not even remotely the same kind of music. Again, Slipknot. We show up at the 9:30 club. They ask us to play the show. We're setting up our stuff and it looks different. We don't have the standard setup. Why these five guys on microphone? Why these MCs here? So and so forth. End result, within two songs the place is going nuts. I don't know if you're familiar with E Town Concrete. It's a hardcore band out of the New Jersey area. They're on Triple Crown. So this is a very bias hardcore scene and same thing. We get onstage, start doing our things, they love us. The local club from here called us to do their GWAR show. We go do the show. I've seen bands booed at GWAR shows. So it was really cool to end up selling...I think we sold close to $700 of merchandise that night and did really good. So every show that we do seems to be pretty much a plus. We show up. We do it whether it's five kids or 50 kids or 500 kids. We have a good time with it. We just give it our all. A lot of energy. Everybody reacts good. I think if you feed into that, you put 100% into it, you get 100% right back out of it.

How did you get your music featured in a few movies and are all these movies porn flicks?

Most of them are porno. Just because I love porno. I love porno and there's a company called Shane's World which does the coolest know MTV's Real World, right? They took MTV's Real World and then they put sex. What they do is, they'll get six couples. It's not the kind of porno my dad used to watch. The buxom blonde with the 46DD's and Ron Jeremy's with his afro kicking it. This is like real life kind of stuff. Peop you would see in clubs. They turn around and they go to a ski place. They all go snowboarding. They go to some beach resort and everything's camaraed. They all just fuck. I think it's incredible because not only is it real life, but the people are really hot. You could actually watch it and be like "wow". It's really a plus. She's done about 15 of them and the girls just kept getting better. No cheesy plots. It's not like "hey...where'"? "Oh you need a badge? You want me to frisk you"? It's not like bad plots. It's straightforward, real life stuff. We started talking to her and we sent her out some CDs. She loved it. Then she turns around and goes "can we use some of your music"? Hell yeah. Anytime there's a Wolfpac-porno connection, yes. Then we get a call that day and we started filming our own Wolfpac porno for our fans. Get some of the girls that come to the shows. Get some of our fans into it. Started doing some Wolfpac porno stuff. Kind of the same vein. And we end up getting a call from Mad Zane from Zane's World to see if he could have the footage of that for his Backstage Sluts #3. So we actually make an appearance in Backstage Sluts #3. God bless porn. Right now you're like "this guy sucks. Get him off my phone. He's into porno. He's a pervert".

No, I love it!

I love porno because it's the only multi million dollar industry that nobody buys. "No I don't watch porn". Hey, it's the biggest industry out there. It's like alcohol and porn. "I don't know what you're talking about. Porn? What's that"?

Any other comments?

Just loving our fans. Everytime I do anything, I just want to give a shout out to our fans. Because if it wasn't for them...we have the most dedicated, diehard fans. The kind of person that digs what I do musically is the kind of person I don't mind hanging out with. We kind of talk for a bit, email our fans. We never go backstage. We sit with the kids at the shows. I just like to give a shout out to those kids. Check out the webpage because our webpage is definitely a lot of fun because we put the porno up on it. We have a naked fansite now where girls take photos of themselves in Wolfpac stuff or writing Wolfpac on their bodies. They send in the photo. We put it right on the web. We sell all our own merchandise. This is hwy I love Megaforce. Megaforce gave me the ability to do everything on the indie level. Sure I'm not on MTV right now, but the fact of the matter is, I can make a song about raping a dead chick and nobody's really getting up in arms about it. We have our song "Death Becomes Her" and it's all about that. It's a fun song. If anybody really thinks of fucking a corpse they're insane. On the same extent, in your mind right now, who is the hottest guy or girl you want to have sex with? Take that person, let's say you're in a hotel room with them, and you're just about to have sex. That person dies. You're one inch away from penetration. You still penetrate or get penetrated by that person once. Of course, so most of 99% of everybody is a necrophiliac anyway. I talk to the weirdest people like high ups in magazines, "yeah I see your point". Especially guys like "Jennifer Love Hewitt. Oh yeah and her chest". You'd do it? "Maybe". Okay.

They would give it some thought.

Exactly. Yeah I'd do it once just to say I did it. You had sex with that person until they died. "Yeah, wassup"? Until they died? "Well yeah, I'm that good. I'm the mack".

"I fucked that person to death".

Exactly. "I got the fucking steel. I can break shit. I killed a bitch once". But just a shout to our fans for real. Just lots of love and respect to those people because if it ain't for them, I'd still be flipping burgers. Which I will be anyway. Give it three more albums, I'll be at 7-Eleven asking what flavor of Slurpee you want. It's all about having a good time.