Kiko Loureiro - Angra

March 31, 2005

The last time I did an interview with Edu, you guys had come out with Rebirth.  So what has been going on between then and now?

Lots of things happened. We did a very long tour promoting Rebirth, more then 110 concerts. We released an EP - Hunters And Pray and a live double album and DVD Live in São Paulo. Then we composed and recorded Temple Of Shadows. This album was even better regarding critics and fans. We won all awards in Brazil, and lots in Japan and Europe. We think it is the best and more sophisticated Angra album. Now we are touring in Brazil. We did a long tour in Europe and Japan (with Nightwish as opening act). We will come back for festivals in Italy with Dream Theater and more concerts in Brazil before going to Prog Power in Atlanta.

 Temple Of Shadows is a concept album about a crusader soldier.  What led you to develop this storyline and was it rather complex to write it?

We had composed a very complex album regarding the music, and then just a complex concept history to be the guide line of the music if it could fit. It was written by Rafael, and I think is very much interesting. I invite everybody to take time to read it and think about it.

 You guys like to use Brazilian rhythms in your music and this time you used Milton Nascimento on your CD.  How did that come about?

We think music as something with no boundaries. Every style can be incorporated into metal. For us Brazilians, our culture is very important and showing to people where we came from is crucial. We know the Brazilian culture is something which is very rich, and we are very proud to show to people our background. Milton is one of all times greatest singers and composers from Brazil. It is great to have him singing with us. It was a dream that came true.

I also notice that you had some other guests such as Hansi Kuersch and Sabine Edelsbacher.  How did you all hook up?

We have this friendship with them because we are always in Europe for festivals and tours. Also we have Gamma Ray and Blind Guardian as great references for us in the contemporary heavy metal scene.

You guys used Dennis Ward from Pink Cream 69 as your producer.  Do you feel that his input is rather rewarding when it comes to recording your music?

Yes. He is a great producer that understands very much what the band wants to be. He is very technical and he is a musician as well. Just what we need.

Your songs are faster and more intricate than in the past.  Was this something you planned or did it just work out that way?

Not only faster, but also we experimented with different and more complex harmonies and structures. It was planned since the beginning to search for something more unique and sophisticated.

You guys were on the front cover of a magazine from Thailand.  That had to be pretty cool.

Yes! I was there for some guitar clinics. It is really amazing to be well know in such different places.

  When are you coming to the States?

For Prog Power in Atlanta.

Any other thoughts or comments?

I just want to give thanks for all the support from the fans and critics that treat Temple of Shadows as one of the best albums from 2004. We received lots of awards in Brazil, Japan, and Europe. I also released a solo album that is going pretty well. Thanks for the interview and all the best.