Pete Mainzer - Dysinformation

October 28, 2005

You were part of Robby Knievel's team.

Yeah, I still am.

Tell me a little bit about that.

Between my band and him, it keeps me pretty busy.

What exactly do you do on his reality show?

I drive for him and they used a bunch of my music on the show and I was just Rocker Pete, one of the characters. One of the crazy nuts that hung out with him. I've known Robby for about 10 years. He had been asking me to go on the road with him for a long time and then he got the show so I said okay. He liked my music and stuff and he said he wanted to use some of my music on the show. He said he wanted to spice it up a little bit with my character because we have fun together when we're hanging out so it worked out pretty good. It's crazy. We were in Myrtle Beach and I got up on stage and sang with Brett Michaels during the bike festival there. That was kind of cool.

Tell me a little bit about Dysinformation.

Me and Chris have been together about three years. The drummer, I was laying double tracks for some of his stuff and whatnot and then he was playing drum tracks for some of my stuff. About a year ago we incorporated the bass player and Andy the guitar player. Rob and Andy. Rob is our bass player and Andy is the new guitar player. We went into the studio and recorded some stuff for the show which they used on the show. It was a good fit musically all the way around. That's when we came to be known as Dysinformation.

Andy was a guitar tech for Zakk Wylde and he also builds guitars.

Yes, exactly. He toured with Ozzy's Ozzfest tour for six years. He's been to Europe and everywhere. He's a phenomenal player I'll tell you what.

That's definitely something you need.

Yes, exactly. Definitely.

Who would you say some of your main musical influences are?

I would say Rob Halford, Ian Gillan. Disturbed, I like some of his stuff. There's so many of them. All the way from Elton John to Brian Adams. Some new stuff that I like. Alice In Chains, Jerry used to open for my band Hammer Head when we were in Tacoma. We had an album out in Europe that did fairly well. We hit the charts pretty good. We were in Kerrang! magazine and we had a song called "Masters Of Frustration" in Hammer Head and it hit number two on the charts for five months on the heavy metal charts. We sold 30,000 copies over there in two weeks. It went real well. A lot of my influences even back then were Krokus and Accept. There's a broad range.

That's pretty broad. You guys wrote your debut album Smoke And Mirrors. How long did it take to get the album done?

Actually, two weeks. They went and laid the drum tracks and the guitar tracks. I was on the road with Robbie and they were laying the drum, bass, and rhythm tracks and then I came in and wrote the lyrics for all the songs but one, "Suicide Machine", in two days. I did my vocal tracks in two days and then I think it was another week mixing and mastering. All together about a month to put it all together.

It only took two days to write the songs?

Two days to write the lyrics for the songs, yeah. "Acid Rain", I had already written the lyrics and the music to that song. I had previously recorded it a year earlier and then I brought it in Rob and Andy to redo the guitar and the bass tracks. Actually seven songs it took me two days to write the lyrics to.

The story about "Die Alone" shocked the hell out of me.

That's about a friend of mine who just died and he was 70 years old. We used to have cocktails together. My dad died when I was two years old so I adopted him as my dad. He was just a cool old guy and he had a heart attack all of a sudden and died. His daughter didn't even want to fucking help pay for his burial so I coughed up the money to bury him and so that's how that came about.

That is fucked.

Yeah, it disturbed me the way she was about it so I got the lyrical ideas from that. "Don't want to die a lonely old man, will there be somebody to take my hand." Then I took his ashes out and to bury him we spread his ashes in the ocean. That's the kind of theme behind that song.

That is really sweet.

That's just the type of guy I am.

We need more guys like that.

I agree.

Tell me a little more about the record. What are some of your favorite tracks on it?

I like most all of them. I like the newer stuff that we've threw together. "Acid Rain" I like but I've been listening to it for over a year and "Suicide Machine", the same thing. Those songs were tracked over a year ago. All the other tunes that we finished, four months ago, they're still fresh to me. I'm kind of partial to all of the newer ones. I do like the other ones too. It's like anything. You listen to a song for a year, you still like it but the newer stuff that you just finished, you seem to like more because it seems fresher. Actually, I'm on my way to Robbie Knievel's house right now. He wants me to drive his motor home to Chicago. A good friend of his just died and he's in New York and he just bought a $350,000 motor home he wants me to drive to Chicago.

Damn, that's going to be a trip.

Yeah, definitely.

Have you guys done any shows prior to the release of the record?

We did in Estes Park, Colorado and stuff like that and got some airplay on the classic rock station down there. We filmed one of the last episodes of the last season, we recorded it and Andy filmed it. We did five or six shows while we were down there. We were down there for two weeks. That was cool. The guys drove up in a motor home and while we were there, my manager booked a bunch of more shows for us and it was a blast. Since we've been back we've just been rehearsing and my goal is to get the album out first. Get it on the radio and get promotion going before we bang our heads against the wall and play to nobody. I want people to know who we are so they will come to our shows. Other bands go out and they play when there's only 10 or 12 people and that's cool and everything but to me, I've already been down that road. I want to play to a couple of hundred people crowd. People that know who we are and who will come see us because we're still kind of a fresh band. We've only been out four months. I'm going to do it the opposite way. Get the promotion going and getting the magazine ads going. Get the radio play going. We're getting awesome reviews on We just got on that two weeks ago and we're just smoking. Every song we've let them hear, we're just getting killer ratings.

That's great to hear. Are you thinking of doing a video for any of your songs?

We have stuff from A&E that we're going to be doing so hopefully we're going to be getting the footage from them and try to mix it down to one of our songs and make a video out of it. That's in the works right now.

That A&E thing really helps a lot.

Yes, it did. Then we just secured a spot on to start getting radio play through our affiliates because of the rating and stuff of the music. That and we're up in the top round for the next slot two they call it so we're not going to be pushed down. We're going to be out there with all the other bands that have good ratings. That's neat. This is all happening in a week and a half. "Die Alone" and "Acid Rain" moved up from 379 in two days and it was up 82 spots over night so that's kind of cool. We'd just like to make some money. Start making a real living doing it.

Yeah, that would be cool. Any other thoughts or comments?

Tell everybody to watch the show on A&E every Sunday and go to our to web page and buy the CD.