Ray Mazzolla - Full Blown Chaos

December 17, 2004

Tell me about not being able to get into Canada.

Basically the Human Resources Department of Canada was on strike so they didn't issue our working papers and it would be $200 U.S. for each of us to actually get in. You'd have to pay for it. We didn't have the cash and we just turned around.

Any hopes of rescheduling those dates?

Oh yeah, oh yeah. Once we work out the sale thing, hopefully we can actually get back in.

How's the tour been going?

This tour is the best tour I've ever been on. We have a lot of friends. Hatebreed, Terror, Sick Of It All, and No Warning. It's just amazing. It's definitely the best tour I've ever done.

You guys are going to be on the road until right before Christmas.

Yeah, actually there's another three shows left. We go home for Christmas and then we're back out for Stillborn Fest. We're home for New Year's for about a week after and then we head back out with Walls Of Jericho, Bury Your Dead, and Premonitions Of War. That's a full U.S. tour. That'll be up until March.

Checking your website out, you guys have been out on the road forever.

That's what we do. We love it. We tour between 200 and 250 plus days a year. There's really nothing else that we'd rather be doing. This is what we live for. I'm a Taurus. I love just checking all the sights out, meeting all the kids, and everything. It's our thing. This is what we have to do.

Did the situation with Dimebag make you guys a little nervous?

Yeah, we found out about 10 minutes after it happened. I've never seen so many grown dudes cry. That was really a cool thing. Absolute bawling and we cleaned every bar out of Crown. We just went up and down the block of clubs. It definitely was making us nervous but we're always wary of people jumping up on stage. Now even more. Now security is going to be tighter in most clubs. Who knows if somebody is going to have a grudge someday and have a replay of it. Hopefully God willing, it doesn't happen.

I think it went a bit deeper than that. Being ex-military myself, I thought there was something peculiar about Gale being released from the Marines in the middle of two wars. They must have given him a Section 8 and just let him leave. His mother confirmed that in something I read today. That he was schizophrenic. I'm wondering how many more people they've discharged, how many more walking time bombs do we have, and when are they going to go off?

Wow, who the hell knows. You never know.

Tell me about the new album.

It's a great piece of work. We're really proud of it and it's selling really well. It's actually the first record that I've ever recorded that I can actually listen to. I was never happy with the way certain records came out and the way they were recorded. The first album we have out on Stillborn, Prophet Of Hostility, I love the album but I listen to it and everything. Wake The Demons, I just can't put down. It's got something for everybody. It's mixing hardcore and it's mixing metal and it's mixing both. Definitely, it's for the masses.

You guys did a segment for Headbanger's Ball.

Yeah, we did. That was amazing. That was a lot of fun. Doing what we do and just having the acknowledgement. Being on Headbanger's Ball with 20 million viewers. Having a video out and being able to just reach out and tell people that don't know anything about us, what we're about, is really good. Definitely, that's more people we get to touch.

You had to reschedule a show because you did Headbanger's Ball.

With that show, we had to drive from Norfolk, VA to New York and that was 10 hours. We had just gotten to the MTV studio in time. We recorded it and then we drove straight out to Atlanta. We missed the show in North Carolina. A couple of kids were upset about that and they were calling us rock stars and all kinds of stuff.

What the fuck ever.

Yeah, but you know what? I guess I can't please everybody. They're either going to love us or they're going to hate us. That's the way that goes.

Just as long as they don't shoot anyone.

Yeah, yeah.

I used to see Dimebag at shows and it's hard to accept that he isn't here anymore.

I've met him as a fan. Before I was doing music. I'd seen him with Skid Row out in New York and New Jersey. With White Zombie and all those tours with Crowbar and Deftones and just meeting them and being that with him especially, he was always interested in what everybody had to say. He would talk to everybody until he was incoherent because he was drunk. Everybody has their thing. It's definitely a shame. We've met Vinnie on a number of occasions and he's always been so solid and it's sad. It's definitely a sad time.

I've met Vinnie before too. A very sweet man. After you guys get off the road, what do you have planned?

It depends. We're not really going to be off the road. If we are off the road, it's only for two weeks at a time. That's how that works.

On your new CD, you've got some videos on there from different bands.

Yeah, there's a Sworn Enemy video, a Hatebreed video, Love Is Red, The Distance which is on Bridge 9 but Jay Reason who is the singer of The Distance, he basically co-runs the label with Jamey for Stillborn. His band is on there. His video. The Program's video. A Thousand Falling Skies. It's really good. It's a good push so everybody gets a little taste of actually what's on the label.

Some of your influences are Phil Anselmo and Max Cavalera.

Yeah, Phil Anselmo and Max Cavalera. There's also Phil Vibes from a band called Irate in New York. He definitely shaped the way I do music. The way I sing and everything. We're great friends with that band. The band's amazing and they don't get the credit that they should. Plug them. Definitely plug Irate from New York. Phil is probably one of the most powerful vocalists in metal. They don't have the push that they need. They would be absolutely amazing if they were able to do it.

Have you thought about taking them out on the road with you?

Yeah, they've done some touring. Their scheduling is hard. We talk about bringing other bands from New York out with us. We took out recently this past summer our friends Through The Discipline and we took them out on tour with us. Then there's Billy Club Sandwich and Everybody Gets Hurt. We've done plenty of tours with Sworn Enemy. We're all great friends. Been friends forever. They're also on Stillborn and they live right down the block so we're all very tight. There's a lot of bands that we would like to take out. Tragic Figure and Irate. Great friends of ours. We'll see. The bigger we get, the more we get to control what we want to do and we'll be able to bring out more of our friends' bands.

You guys are going to be the second band playing tonight.

Yes, second on tonight. It should be fun. That's how basically the entire tour has been. Either second or third depending on what shows Sick Of It All was on.

Who do you guys have with you tonight?

It's all five bands. It's No Warning first, then it's us, Terror, Sick Of It All, and Hatebreed.

So it's a standing lineup going all the way down.


Any other thoughts or comments?

There's something for everybody on the record. Pick it up if you haven't got it yet. Just spread the word. If you don't like it, let us know. If you like it, let us know. All our emails are on the website. Message forum and everything. Give us some feedback. Let us know. We'll write you a record that you want to hear.

And listen to Irate from New York!

That's right. Irate from The Bronx, New York.

Full Blown Chaos