Buzz McGrath - Unearth

October 19, 2004

How long have you guys been out on the road?

This tour, we've been out so far for about three weeks. Three and a half weeks. We have about a week and a half left to go.

Where all have you guys been playing?

Everywhere. Started out near our hometown in Massachusetts. Went all the way around the United States and now we're making our way back home.

Who are you out on the road with?

Terror, Black Dahlia Murder, and Remembering Never are the other bands on tour.

Are they from the same area you're from?

No, Terror is from the L.A. area. Black Dahlia Murder is from Detroit. Remembering Never I believe Florida.

Have you guys been doing any overseas touring?

No, but we're going there next month with the Resistance Tour.

How long are you guys going to be over there?

I think it's three and a half weeks.

That's kind of short.

Yeah, Europe. It's all right. I don't mind that it's not too long.

At least you have a chance to get to go over there. Not many people have that opportunity.

Yeah, it'll be fun.

Your album The Oncoming Storm is out. How is that doing?

Very well. It's selling very well and people are coming out to the shows. People seem to be digging it. We're very proud of the work that we did on it and people are enjoying the record. It's getting a lot of praise so we're happy with it.

Tell me a little bit about it.

Well, we wrote it over the course of the past three years or so. It was hard because we were touring a lot of the time and it's hard to write on the road. We pieced together songs in our off time and finally it came together. We signed to Metal Blade and then not long after that we recorded the record and it came out in June of this year. The track "Zombie Autopilot" is my personal favorite on the record.

You used Adam from Killswitch Engage as your producer.

It was good. Adam is a good friend of ours and we worked with him on projects before. We have a good rapport with him. He's an interesting character. He's very funny but easy to work with and I'm glad we chose him for the record. He knows the way we all are.

I saw you guys play at Ozzfest. How did that go?

Ozzfest was great. It was like heavy metal summer camp. Everyone just hangs out and parties and happens to play a show. It was a good time. All our friends' bands were there. All the band we played with coming up. God Forbid, Bleeding Through, The Darkest Hour, Every Time I Die, Atreyu. All good friends of ours. Just to name a few. Lamb Of God and Hatebreed. We've known those guys for a long time so it was good. Everyone was on the same tour and we all got to hang out and have a good time.

You guys came to Dallas in I think it was August. I totally expected the Slipknot guys to pass out. They were in a hundred degree heat wearing all that shit. I'm surprised they didn't get heat stroke.

Yeah, it was hot. Man, I don't know how they do it.

That's crazy. What are your plans after the tour?

We're doing Europe in November. After that, we're taking some time off. We're doing a short run in Canada for about nine shows with Slipknot and Killswitch Engage. That's in January. Then things are still up in the air at that point so we'll see what happens. We're going to try and work on some new material in the off time and just basically relax. We've been touring basically all year so we're taking some off.

You guys do a whole bunch of touring.

Yeah, we've been touring since March with little time off.

Doesn't that get a little bit old after a while?

Yeah, it does.

Any other thoughts or comments?

Just go out and buy our record. It's inexpensive. I think it's only $9.99 depending on which area you're in and you'll not be disappointed.