Bob Meadows - A Life Once Lost

February 23, 2006

You guys are in the midst of the Undoing Ruin tour.

Yes, we are.

How's that going for you?

It's pretty awesome. It's gone pretty incredible. There's been I think maybe three or four sellout shows so far on the tour. It's definitely a surprise. I know with Darkest Hour especially, they weren't really knowing what to expect on this tour. This tour has been nothing but amazing. We're at the Auto Bar now. I think this is one of the sold out shows. It's pretty amazing.

It sounds like you guys are doing something right then. Who all is on the tour with you?

There's Himsa, The Acacia Strain, Darkest Hour of course, and Dead To Fall.

Himsa is a really good band.,p> Yeah, they are. They're very heavy. Thrashy.

Yeah, they are. I got to see you guys on the Jaeger tour in Dallas. That was really awesome.

What did you think?

I thought you guys were really good. I loved the whole tour. All the bands. Disturbed. That guy hanging from piercings. That was a little on the weird side.

Yeah, it helps.

It keeps peopleís attention. Tell me a little bit about your band. The Jaeger tour was my introduction to your band.

Weíve been a band since 1999. Weíve gone through several lineup changes to get to where we are now as a comfortable functioning unit. Our first CD came out in 2000 on which is no longer a label. It was more like a friend helping us out kind of thing. Definitely to get our name out there. We approached label after label until we finally met Carl and all those guys. Itís just been a really long process of touring, writing, recording, going through about seven vans, almost having your van broke into, losing tires on your van, and now itís pretty damn comfortable.

Vans seem to be a really big issue with a lot of bands. Whatís the deal with vans?

I guess we really donít have the money. Weíre not on a label that is as big as Disturbed where they can have three buses. Where our money is being dumped into marketing and radio and advertising and stuff like that. We need to get that kind of promotion in order to get out. For this yearís Ozzfest though, weíll be in a bus for the first time. Actually, the second time ever. Itís definitely been vans all the way from the very beginning of our musical careers. Theyíre more affordable actually.

Itís like every time I talk to a band, they always talk about issues theyíve had with vans. I think it was Through The Eyes Of The Dead who told me that one of theirs caught on fire.

Yeah, there have definitely been a lot of incidents with vans. Itís the amount of driving that you do and the amount of miles that you actually put on the engine. Itís pretty amazing and itís definitely the wear and the tear on them. Things can happen like that. Anything can really happen.

Then there was someone else who had a really horrible accident in their van and were lucky enough to walk away from that.

Yeah, that was Bleeding Through. Dave I think was on Inside Edition. Just seeing the tape it was like wow. Like holy shit I canít believe that actually happened.

Itís really scary when it first happens and then later when you finally have gotten over it a little bit, you can snicker a little.

Then you can go back and look at it and go holy crap, I cannot believe that happened. Nothing like that has ever happened to us. I would never wish that upon anyone. Thatís probably the most frightening thing. You donít always walk away from something like that. If you do walk away, itís pretty unreal and itís pretty amazing. Thereís a few bands this year that suffered losses due to van accidents like that. I donít think anything can be done to prevent that obviously.

I think a lot of that just depends on being a careful driver yourself and other people being careful.

Not even that. A lot of those accidents that did happen were due to just an icy road or something like that. Just being able to drive and sometimes there are tractor trailers that usually cause the accidents. There are tons of different things. Thereís not just the driver. I think there are a lot of elements that are involved. Definitely you donít rule out a driver being tired or not being safe out of the picture.

You guys put out a record called Hunter. Tell me a little bit about that record.

We wrote it after the summer of 2004. We started writing in September and pretty much decided to go with a producer on this album. It was something weíve never done before with any of our other records and it definitely honed into our ability to write a song, to write a hook with a metal groove to it. It was definitely a very nice learning experience. We worked with Rob Caggiano who has worked with Cradle Of Filth and Bleeding Through and I worked with Randy Blythe on some vocal production and Randy Blythe is the singer of Lamb Of God. It was more of a learning process for us I think. I think that we definitely walked away with something that in my eyes is underrated in the metal world. Itís definitely a record that people need to hear and need to listen to.

I noticed a lot of bands telling me that the difference between the record theyíve currently released and the one they released prior was maybe they were just doing the riff thing on the prior one and then on the one they just released they said they looked into choruses and verses.

Yeah, the record prior to Hunter was our third CD and weíve gone through several different changes of music. We were always more of a part kind of a band. Writing parts and not songs but with Hunter for all of us just to be able to write a strong song that had a nice hook to it but still has that pure raw brutal essence to it.

I think itís very important when you write succeeding albums that you insert something a little bit different into each one.

Yeah, you donít want to just sit here and put out the same CD over and over. Thatís too easy. Thereís no challenge there. Itís cool to see bands are taking steps to improve their already abilities and not being afraid to take lessons and learn and to ask questions. Not only that but bands incorporating different styles of music into what theyíre already doing and honing in on a sound that could be original and could be something that nobodyís ever heard before. There are just so many bands out there and I feel that the hardcore bands nowadays are trying to do something different instead of trying to do something thatís already been done and thatís what we need more of. There are still a huge amount of bands that hear a CD and say ďshit, thatís amazing. I want to sound just like that.Ē Thatís nothing else like every song riff for riff and word for word and note for note. Thatís not who we are and there are a lot of bands out there that are doing their own thing. Itís definitely cool to be grouped in with something like that.

For a lot of people itís hard to come up with original stuff because so much shit has been done before. Itís definitely a treat to come across somebody who says ďhey, letís take this a step further than everybody else took it.Ē


I saw on your website that you guys were going to make a video. Has that taken place?

No, not yet. We were in the midst of trying to figure something out. Nothing has been talked over further. We have a headlining tour coming up that weíre working out all the little things that you need to work out before you can make announcements on that. Once thatís all settled, we can try and figure out whoís going to end up doing the video, what song, where itís going to take place.

How much longer are you guys going to be out on the road?

Weíll probably be out until about April 1 and I believe that our headlining tour begins April 17 and that will end around May 17. Then the summer, we have a few tours on the table but nothing that we can announce. Then the following fall weíll probably end up on two more tours like U.S. and probably a North American tour as well. Then probably December weíll end up plucking away and just start writing and then working on the next record.

You boys are going to be pretty damn busy for a while.

Yeah, you got to stay busy. When you stay busy time flies and you see things a little bit faster. Thereís no reason that we should sit on our asses and sit on a record like this. Weíre definitely going to push the hell out of this and another six or seven months of touring, thatís just pretty damn good to me. We can start on our next record and just try to get it out by next summer. I think weíll be in a good place.

Any other thoughts or comments?

Weíll be back in Dallas soon.

A Life Once Lost