Myron - Dirty Americans

March 15, 2005

Tell me a little about Dirty Americans.

Oh boy. Where do we start? Let's see. The guitar player Jeff and I were in another band called The Workhorse Movement. That was something we had started back when we were in college like in '97 or something like that. That broke up and the guy playing bass for us right now, we had grabbed him as a replacement towards the end of Workhorse and as that started to fall apart, we lost the drummer and another singer that was in the band. So the three of us ventured off and found a new drummer and started this. We really only missed like a month between coming back. We were on the Slipknot tour with Workhorse, broke up, and a month later we had this going and kept the same deal with Roadrunner. The whole time now has been writing, recording, and touring overseas so here we are.

Well, that's cool. They compare you guys to Grand Funk Railroad, Cheap Trick, and Blue Oyster Cult. Were they influences on you guys?

Yeah, as much as Guns N' Roses and Soundgarden were. Or Zeppelin or Jane's Addiction or God, there's a million influences.

You guys have that sound going on. When you open for bands like Slipknot, do you go over with the crowd pretty good?

Well, that was in the band that was prior to that which was considerably heavier. The Workhorse Movement was pretty heavy so when that broke up and Jeff and I and Pete decided to do this, it was more trying to do the kind of stuff that we couldn't do with that band. There were avenues that we wanted to go down like this. Stuff that we grew up with. Black Sabbath or Guns N' Roses or whatever so it allowed us to take a left turn and do some cool new stuff.

You guys have managed to share stages with Metallica, Monster Magnet, Brides Of Destruction, and a few other bands.

Yeah, and the Go-Gos. How about that one? Slipknot and the Go-Gos. I have played with both of them.

You guys have managed to achieve the impossible.

Yeah, I guess so. The Go-Gos are more fun though.

Yeah, probably so. Tell me about your new album, Strange Generation.

Finally it's coming out in the U.S. It came out overseas in Europe, Japan, and Australia almost the same time last year. We spent most of last year touring over there to support it so we obviously really want it out in the U.S. but I guess it was good that we got to tour and push it over there rather than put it out and then neglect it and tour the U.S. It took a little bit of patience but we definitely got to see some cool stuff and play with all those bands that you mentioned for some huge crowds. I mean 90,000 to 100,000 people in Japan and London. It was quite the experience.

You guys come out of Detroit like Ted Nugent.

Yeah, we've definitely been doing some shows with him just because that's hometown stuff. Even The Stooges did their reunion tour in Italy and we were the sole support for that so they billed it as A Night Of Detroit Rock And Roll and all that kind of stuff. That was cool. Alice Cooper took us out when we got back from that so within two months we had played with Nugent, Cooper, and The Stooges reunion. Then a month later we went to Tokyo with The MC5. It's all about Detroit for us lately it seems like.

You guys have been out on the road a whole hell of a lot.

Yeah, ready to go back again though.

Are you ever at home?

Not too much. We've been home for the last few months so everybody is getting antsy to get out again. The fun stuff starts again.

Tell me about some of the songs on the album that you like in particular.

Good lord, I like them all. We wrote them all. I think probably my favorite song is a song called "Dead Man". Just because of our guitar player's sound and what he does on it. To me it has a real kind of psychedelic feel to it so that's my kind of vibe when I'm listening to stuff. That's probably my favorite for sure. Live, the one that I love playing is "Burn You Down" and the opening track "No Rest". Those are probably my two favorites when we play them live.

I like the CD cover. It has that LSD kind of looking shit.

Yeah, that's through experience I guess. Definitely. I definitely wanted to achieve an album cover that was worthy of being a vinyl album cover. Something that was when the artwork used to be cool and you really had a lot to look at. We wanted it to just really be extensive as far as how many things there were to look at and faint little symbols. Things around the album that tied in with songs. We definitely went a little bit old school at that but that's definitely what we wanted it to do.

With CDs, they're so small. You can barely get anything on there.

I know. You miss it all plus I've always wanted an album cover that would come off as a black light poster. We're getting black light posters made. It's perfect for it. You look at it and it's definitely a black light poster for sure.

What kind of gigs do you have in store?

We leave tomorrow morning for SXSW down in Austin. We're doing a show outside of Dallas the night before. Actually just throwing a hall party. Renting a big PA and we got some fans down there so we're throwing just a party down there the night before. Then we come back and the album comes out March 22 so we have a disc release in Detroit on March 25th and then a couple more Michigan shows. Then the touring starts.

Are you touring the entire U.S.?

Yeah, definitely. I'm sure we'll be on the road at least until the fall. That's the plan anyway. All kinds of things are being pieced together. Calling all the people that have taken us out before, see if they'll take us out again, and trying to connect with new people.

Do you know where you'll be playing at and what time at the SXSW?

Yeah, nine o'clock at Emos on Saturday night. I've heard that's right in the middle of all the chaos.

That's what they tell me. It's been a while since I've been in Austin.

My first time at SXSW. As long as we've been this band and the band before it, we've tried to go to SXSW and either a tour conflicted or it just didn't happen so I can't believe this is our first time down there.

I've heard that SXSW can be pretty tricky to get into sometimes.

Yeah, it is. I know the couple of years that we didn't have anything going on at that time, we tried to get in and didn't but that was in Workhorse and that was kind of an up and coming band. Just starting out so I'm sure that was a little more difficult for us. I'm really looking forward to it.

Any other thoughts or comments?

No, just come find us then. Have a beer with us and we'll crank it up.

Are you buying?

I'll buy the first round.

Dirty Americans