Share Pederson - Bubble

June 1, 2003

Tell me a little about how you got involved in music and who some of your influences are.

I got started because my mom was a musician and piano teacher. She started me out on piano for years and from there it just sort of naturally evolved into rock and roll and I was strangely drawn to the bass. My heroes in the beginning were Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and ZZ Top...eventually I got really in to Jaco Pastorius as a bassist. My list of influences is really long but let me just say I love everything from rock to punk to jazz so long as it's done with passion.

You were with Vixen. How did that get started and why did you eventually call it quits?

The guitarist started the band with her friends and after a number of years they moved to L. A. and one by one, the members quit or left the band. Jan (the guitarist) saw me playing in a club and gave me her number. At the time, I wasn't interested in being in an all girl band but eventually just called her up to say hello. The very day that I phoned was the day they decided they needed a new bass player! From there, we went on to being a signed band with EMI records. (Very much against their will, I might add!) We broke up due to a number of reasons...we had management problems, we no longer shared a musical vision as a band...contract problems...etc. Bottom line is when you stop sharing the's time to call it quits.

Would you ever consider having another all chick band?

Well, never say never,...but Vixen was a fluke for me. I've always just played with my favorite musicians and they were wonderful. I don't think I could ever find another group of chicks as talented as they were. Ultimately, it's just about finding the right members, regardless of gender.

How did Bubble get started?

By accident! We were asked to fill in a spot at a club in Hollywood and Bam and I had just ended a different band we'd had together. (It was too boring!) So for Bubble's first gig, we did one rehearsal, wrote a bunch of songs and played as a two piece in Hollywood. We were asked to be the house band because we made such a fun racket and just didn't care about anything outside of being entertaining.

You've had three songs in major films. How did that come about?

You know that's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know. Well, all those songs were pushed along by fans/friends who either knew the movie director or worked for a company that was helping the musical directors. At the end of the day, we just make music and hope someone will like it. It's cool when someone likes it enough to use it in a film!

You won best female guitarist in 1999. That must have been pretty thrilling.

I couldn't believe it! I still feel like I'm getting away with murder. I play an open tuning with only five strings and just play with a lot of passion and not a lot of technique. I feel lucky to have won that and lucky to be in such a great band.

You acquired Luke Bossendorfer from the Quireboys. How did you hook up with him?

Bam and I met him before when he was in Glimmer with Guy Griffin. Last fall, we toured as the Dogs D'Amour with Alice Cooper, we gave Luke our newest EP and he mentioned...ya know, if ya ever want another guitarist in the band...well, three months later, Bubble is a four piece! The band sounds the best it ever has and we can't wait to put out the new album!

Tell us a little about your album "Trashcan Punk".

I think you mean, Trashcan Punch, who is a band from Texas that Bam and I produced and put out on the Basement Boy label. EXCELLENT rock and roll band!

You went on tour with Alice Cooper. Can you tell us a little about that?

It was like hearing the soundtrack to my youth every fucking night. Great guy, great songs. It was amazing to find out there were so many Bubble fans in Europe, too. We had no idea!

Who all have you toured with and what was the most memorable?

Ozzy Osbourne, Bad Company, Deep Purple, The Scorpions, Alice a lot of festivals with many many bands. Most memorable was when Bubble went to Tokyo for the first time. All the girls started crying and singing along to Sparkle Star. I'll never forget that!

Any major tours coming up?

Nothing on the cards just yet.

Any other comments or ideas?

We just finished a video that we did ourselves and put up on Also, we played the MONSTER GARAGE tv show for the Discovery Channel and that will be airing soon, too!

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