Mille Petrozza - Kreator

October 7, 2002

Give me a little background on the band.

Our band has been around since 1985. Weíve put out 10 studio albums and weíre going to put a live recording of this tour. Weíve been doing a lot of touring.

When did your tour begin?

We started last year in Europe.

What countries did you tour in Europe?

We went through the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Russia, Spain, Italy.

I know people are doing shows in Korea. Are you doing any shows there?

On this tour, yes. We did a summer festival there.

What cities in the North America have you touched on?

Weíve been to Montreal, Toronto, New York. Weíve been to 33 cities.

When is the tour over?

October 17th.

You guys released Violent Revolution. Tell us a little about it.

Yeah, itís our tenth studio album. Itís very heavy. Itís very much what Kreator was about. It has influences from what weíve done in the past when we started to what weíve done more recently. Itís a mix between the old Kreator and the new Kreator sound.

Where do you get a lot of the inspiration for your songs?

Basically everyday life, books, movies. It depends really. Sometimes I read something in a book or I hear something on TV and I ďthink thatís a good title for a songĒ or a nice title for something else. It changes daily. You always have to keep your eyes open like this.

Do you do most of the songwriting?

I do all of it.

Can you talk about some of the tracks on the album?

ďViolent RevolutionĒ is about if you want something you can get it whether itís not a peaceful way, it can be more aggressive. Thatís basically what the lyrical concept of the whole album is about. Itís very hard for me to explain. I donít want to go too much into detail on the concept of the album because thatís why Iím writing the lyrics. Everybody who is interested in the lyrics should read them. I leave a lot of space for personal interpretation. Itís better than just giving what the song is about. I donít want to take away a lot of the vibe of the songs.

Who did the artwork for the album?

Itís an artist from Germany that weíve been working with for many years. I think his artwork goes good with the music.