Stevie Rachelle

December 14, 2002

Tuff did some shows in the U. K. How did those shows go and are you guys planning on doing any shows in the U. S.?

Yeah, we did seven shows all over the U. K. in October. It was a great time and I look forward to going back in 2003. There are no Tuff shows currently booked for the U. S. but I hope to do some dates somewhere, somehow. We'll have to wait and see.

Can you tell us about the band Shameless and the work you've done with them?

I was contacted by Alex Michael through Eric Singer about singing on their CD. Alex (bass) and BC (guitarist) came to L. A. and recorded at Gilby Clarke's studio. I was one of three vocalists and a slew of other guys played as well. Now it's a few years later and I've contributed on all three Shameless CDs and also did a tour of Germany and Holland with them in late 2000.

Tell us a little bit about Motley Priest. I see you guys recently did a show with Killingbird.

Motley Priest is my 80's metal tribute band. We cover everything from Motely Crue, Judas Priest, KISS, RATT, Metallica, Megadeth, Accept, Ozzy, W.A.S.P., and more. We all dress up with the leather, studs and put on a cool retro 80's show that has to be seen to be appreciated. Picture a 8 x 24 foot backdrop, huge logo, double bass drum kit, warlocks, 18 Marshall Cabinets, and more. Motley Priest.

Can you tell us about the Cheeseheads With Attitude CDs?

CWA is a project I put together in 1996 and has since released three CDs and a home video. The music is a mixture of cover songs that we recorded and did what Weird Al has done. Basically they are mostly parodies of hit songs with new lyrics and 99% of the lyrics revolve around the Green Bay Packers, Wisconsin, cheese, and all things related. It's a Beastie Boys style group with three lead singers (rappers) and we use a CDR playback when we perform live.

I understand Tuff is appearing on two compilation CDs.

Two? Try 22! Actually I've been very busy over the last few years contributing vocals, songs, and performance for a few dozen CDs. This includes an X-mas CD, and a 80's metal compilation due out in early 2003 on Universal Music Group/Canada. I guess two is correct for actual compilations, but if you include the Shameless CDs (which also re-recorded a Tuff song) and the nearly 20 tribute CDs I sang on then there is alot more. Even CWA was on a Packer Music compilation back in 1997.

Can you tell us about the Elvis documentary you were interviewed for?

It's in the early stages but they interviewed me along with a few hundred other musicians, friends, and family of Elvis. It's supposed to be released to a major cable network within a year or so. I guess we'll have to see what happens.

Can you tell us about the skateboard classes you teach?

I've been an avid skateboarder for most of my life. The owners at Simi Valley Skate Lab asked if I wanted to teach at their Summer Skate camp and I said yes. It was a great time and we had a few celebrity pro guests as well. Tony Alva (the true Godfather of skating) along with Jason "Wee-man" Acuna. He is the 'little person' from Jackass!

You've shared a stage with many bands. What gig was your most favorite and why?

I'd have to say the Santa Monica Civic Center with the Bullet Boys in 1989 was very cool. That and a few of the festival type shows we played on in Wisconsin (1991 & 2001) and Arizona (1991). Those bills included Badlands, The Romantics, Don Dokken, Bang Tango, Southgang, and Jackyl. I also have great memories of playing with Vain (one of my favorite bands) up in the Bay Area and various shows in Texas and Florida. CWA also played a huge gig in San Diego at the Super Bowl pep-rally in January 1997. I'd have to say that the Shameless gig in Munich (2000) was great and the most recent would be the Rock City show in Nottingham England. They all were great for different reasons.

Are you working on a solo album and if so, when will it be released?

I already have two solo releases and both are available at but yes, there has been an itch to do a third. I have two different ideas as to what will happen with it. Hopefully it'll be well underway in 2003 and maybe even released before the end of the year. If not, it will come out in 2004 for sure.

What kind of impact do you feel your band made on the '80s rock scene?

I'm not sure what impact we made on the national scene but I honestly believe Tuff made a HUGE impact on the local Sunset Strip scene in the late 80's. I also feel that the "American Hairband" song I put out in 2001 brought some new attention to the Tuff name again. I feel happy that it was so well received. I got alot of compliments from the fans, industry people, and even the 80's bands themselves for that song.

What do you think of today's rock scene?

I don't make too much of an effort to think about it, but I do like some of the songs by Linkin Park, Puddle Of Mud, Murderdolls & Butch Walker. There are some great bands out there. Then again there are some that are shit!

Do you feel that people are renewing their interest in the '80s rock scene?

Sure, but it's only for the nostalgia reason. Alot of the 80's crowd are now married, have kids and careers. They'll make their trek to a show or two a year and maybe buy a CD, but they are not gonna drive around the country following the bands and trying to meet them. That happened for us in the 80's and it's happening for Sum 41 and Papa Roach today. In five to eight years those two bands will NOT be multi platinum or playing to 10,000 people either. Mark my words!

What gave you the impetus to become a rock musician?

Motley Crue and David Lee Roth!

Do you feel that your career was rewarding, that you fulfilled your life's goals and dreams, and do you have any regrets or things you would have done differently?

I feel I fulfilled ALOT of my initial plans. But getting a driver's license and graduating high school are also plans that I've achieved. Not really worth mentioning, huh? It was a goal to play the Whiskey-a-Go-Go just because Motley Crue did. It was also a goal to get signed, see my picture in Hit Parader and be on MTV as well. But after you do those things they no longer seem so important. The goal of going multi platinum or becoming a millionaire were there, but I never dwelled on them. I have no real regrets and feel very happy at this place in my life. No reason to look back in anger now. What's done is done.

What are your future plans?

Make music, travel, perform, try to be healthy, and live life before it's over!

Any other comments or ideas?

Yeah, please visit to update your Tuff catalog. There are also T-Shirts, baby dolls, home videos, rare 80's CDs and more! See ya there and thanks, Stevie!

Stevie Rachelle