Chris Renn & Ben Lord - Kilowatthours

March 19, 2004

I was attending The Cooper Temple Clause show and these guys were one of the opening acts. So I had dinner with the lads and chatted for a bit and amongst the table humping, feta cheese, one Dan marrying the other Dan's girlfriend, and borrowing from the Coopers quote about not wanting to flirt with America but wanting to shag us, this is how it went.

How did you guys get together?

Ben and I started to play music together during college breaks. Every time we came back we kept on recruiting new people to be on the record. We got together in '98 and it's just been an ongoing project up until about a year ago where we decided to solidify and become a real band instead of just a project-based band and really go for it.

You guys were writing in Louisville, KY and wound up in Brooklyn.

That's his fault. He went to school in New York. He was going to college in New York and I was in Kansas City at the time and we'd play music in Louisville. Then he came back home for a while and decided that he really hated it there so he just moved back to New York. Then various of the number of recruits left. Four permanent members of the band got married or went to law school so he started pulling people. He tried pulling people into New York and then he met these guys, Brad and Dan. He told them they had to come up here. Three years later, quite a long time later, I finally moved up there.

I just recruited Doug about two months ago actually.

Did you find him humping tables?

We found Brad humping them actually. It's Brad's little radar.

I was humping them talking about "I want to be in a band. I want to be in a band."

Someone left because he married someone else's girlfriend.

Dan. As a matter of fact we just played in Nashville earlier in the week and we were sitting not far from the church where they got married. Dan's richer than me.

Our old keyboard player. He married Dan's ex-girlfriend about a year ago.

They've been married about three years.

Stole her right from him. Heartbreaking shit.

You're past all that now.

We're all buddies. It took a few months of therapy.

You guys recorded a few EPs.

Three EPs, two albums, and a split album.

Yeah, they're our friends back from California. We actually started to do a split EP as a reason to get together, do some songs together, and hopefully share some fans.

It was a good way to cross promote.

Their half of the country and our half of the country. They're pretty well known on the West coast and we're pretty well known on the East coast. Trying to get them better known out there and us down there.

We didn't have any idea. We ended up writing enough material to actually make a full length. There's one song we actually wrote together. We did some tracks and shipped it to them and they finished up the tracks in their studio. Right now we're both on tour through our respective parts of the country.

Are you guys meeting up somewhere along the way?

We were supposed to. That was supposed to be yesterday actually. We were supposed to play Houston tonight and then we were supposed to drive to Mississippi to meet them and then drive back to Dallas. A 10 hour drive there and a 12 hour drive back. Then we got offered SXSW. We finally got a good spot there so it wasn't worth it to do that. We missed each other at a couple of points. We're still talking about when we can get together.

How did SXSW go?

Great. We had a fun time. There was a lot of good exposure for everybody and we met a lot of people. Made a lot of friends there. It was great all in all.

When you guys finish this tour, what's next on the agenda?

We'll play a couple of shows in New York and try to get out to Boston and Philly and things like that. Start another album probably in early summer. Plans for Europe. We're not going to flirt with England, we want to fuck them.

What's the bands against Bush thing?

It's a national movement in about every major city. It's a very big thing to get kids out to vote. Trying to mobilize kids to vote against Bush. It's very much an underground movement.

Any other thoughts or comments?

It's not just about the feta.