Jim Rota - Fireball Ministry

November 13, 2005

You guys have been around for a few years.

Yes ma'am.

You're not into trendy rock stuff.

I think there's enough of that going around. We don't have to perpetuate that anymore.

You were on tour with CKY and you're tour on with them again.

Yeah, at the moment. And The Knives.

How's the tour been going so far?

It's really good. They're really good kids to play for. They're very responsive and CKY really treats us well. It's been a really good tour.

You have a new bassist.

Yes, a guy named Johny Chow.

You're going to be on a compilation CD called Bam Margera Presents.

Actually over the summer Bam put out a CD called Viva La Bam which was his compilation CD and in about a week and a half we're going to be doing the tour accompanying that CD called Bam Margera Presents Viva La Bam's tour with a band called H.I.M. which kicked off in Atlantic City.

Those guys were here a few weeks back I think.

Oh yeah? It's a good show to see.

That's what I've been told. As a matter of fact I saw you guys here in Dallas a few weeks back.

With Opeth at Trees.

That was a very cool show.

Yeah, good show. Good bands to play with again.

You have a new record that came out on October 18 called Their Rock Is Not Our Rock. Tell me a little bit about the new record.

For anybody who likes the band, it's pretty much just standard issue Fireball Ministry. We did the record with Nick Raskulinecz, the same producer that did our last record. We're all really happy with it. It came out just the way we wanted it to come out. It's going to be hopefully a good thing for everyone.

For people who are now just getting into your band, what three songs do you think best represent your band off of that record?

I think that the whole record pretty much represents us. I don't think that we ever really deviate from the thing that we started at the beginning. It's pretty much all or nothing when it comes to Fireball Ministry.

You had the opportunity to open up for Judas Priest. How did that go?

It was very good. It was a dream come true. That's a very big deal for every member of this band that we were honored to share the stage. For me that being my favorite band ever, was a very, very big deal.

Was it kind of scary?

No, it was actually really cool because all of them were really nice. Usually those things are only scary because you're worried that they're going to be mean or they're going to be egotistical or not down to earth. They were none of those things. They were very cordial, very accommodating, and very good. They sounded amazing.

Rob Halford is still amazing after all this time. You did a video for your first single.

It’s kind of like an epic movie in the vein of Conan, The Barbarian. It’s for the song “Sundown”. Hopefully it will be put into rotation by this week. It’s a video trying to get back to the roots of what this is all about without being a joke or being ironic which a lot of stuff seems to be taken as lately.

You’re going to be on Last Call With Carson Daly.

Yeah, on December 16.

What other things do you guys have in the works?

The Carson Daly thing pretty much wraps up the year because it gets to be Christmas time and then next year we’ll just be out again promoting the record and coming to your town.

Any other thoughts or comments?

Just love what you love and do what you do and don’t let anybody tell you any different.

Fireball Ministry