Rick Ruhl - Every Mother's Nightmare

January 12, 2005

How are you doing?

Recovering from last night.

Did we do some heavy partying last night?

Yeah, I somehow ended up at a party. I don't know how that happened.

There's nothing wrong that. I hope you drank some good stuff.

I think I drank everything they made.

If you're going to have a hangover that lasts all day, you may as well earn it.

Well the last thing I drank, I was getting thrown out of a convenience store drinking chocolate milk and eating apple pies for some reason. That didn't help much. The guy at the store told me I must leave.

Were you eating all of his apple pies?

Yeah, but I was having a problem with getting them off the counter with my foot. I don't know what was wrong. Something was wrong with my body. It wasn't working right.

Hopefully you'll get that straightened out before tonight.

I'm working on it. I figure the more I practice, the better off I'll be.

Exactly. When did you guys first get together?

Oh man, I put the first lineup together back in '89 and then we did our first record. It came out in '91. We're working on our seventh record in '05.

You guys haven't released anything since 2002.

We put out our live album in 2003. Then we've been playing around and we took a little time off and we recorded that. We were on tour and we stopped and recorded half a record. Then we took some time off. Just got our ducks back in a row and we actually got away from everything for a little bit. Now we're back in the studio.

Are you guys still with Perris Records?

We're still doing stuff with Perris, yeah. We're exploring other options that have been offered to us but we're just seeing what's happening with it right now.

Yeah, you have to be careful when you sign those options.

Yeah, Tom's a real good guy from Perris. He's done a lot for us when nobody else would. You get labeled as a hair band or whatever because back in the day that's the only way you could get a deal pretty much. You had to have a lot of hair and have a ballad. Now nobody will touch you but we're still doing it. We were just mainly a hard rock band. We just got labeled into that little lump. I don't know. We'll just keep doing it and keep doing it. He helped us out and he stuck with us. All in all, he's a pretty good guy.

Yeah, sounds like it. Did you guys have a lot of problems when the music scene changed to the grunge thing?

We kind of got known for the ballad thing but we were always a little heavier than that. That's where we were going when we were writing the third record when we were with Arista. They kept wanting us to go more ballad. We were going heavier like music. We were out on the road and we were seeing what was going on. We were doing a lot heavier and a different type style of music and that's what didn't work out. We just said adios to them and just been making records and doing stuff the way we wanted ever since.

Tell us a little bit about the new record you guys are working on.

Yeah, it's pretty mad. Frustrating. Nah, I think there's one or two of the songs on the Live Songs From Somewhere that are going to be on there. It's real aggressive. It falls back to even real more straight forward rock. Real straight in your face aggressive mad at the world type stuff. Not really mad at the world but some of the people we've met in it.

Some of the people in the world. Is it different from the stuff you've done in the past?

I don't know. Yeah, I think it's a lot more aggressive.

When is it going to be out?

Well, at the rate right now if we keep having to go on the road, it's going to be out in 2010. I don't know. We've been trying to get it finished because we keep having little things out. It should be out by next year I figure. What year is this?

2005 sweetie.

Oh! It'll be out in a couple of months.

You really are in trouble.

The tour manager said it'll be out by the summer. He's going to go in and finish it while we're asleep.

And while you're recovering from your hangover.

Yeah, I did get in a fight with a box of chocolate donuts at the store too last night.

That's probably when he wanted you to leave.

Yeah, that was the clincher. "You must leave."

Especially if the chocolate donuts were kicking your ass.

They were. I was yelling for somebody to get them off me.

You guys are hitting the road with XYZ. Tell us a little about the tour.

So far it's been great. The crowds have been pretty good. It's been snowing everywhere we've been. They lied to us and told us we were going to be in Florida. We woke up for the first show and it was 10 degrees and that was in Wisconsin. Liars. XYZ is a great band. The singer is an incredible singer. The whole band is incredible. Real good band. This is the most I've ever heard from them. I don't really listen to a whole lot of music. Playing with them every night, you start hearing stuff and you go "damn, I'm going to steal one of your CDs."

You check out their show and everything.

Yeah, last night we headlined and they hung out for our show. They headlined the first two nights.

You guys are switching headlining roles.

Yeah, it's a co-headlining deal which we like to go on first. That way we can hang out and get in fights with chocolate donut boxes.

And apple pies and chocolate milk. Aha, now I see.

Really, the chocolate milk is our biggest vice. I called Betty Ford and they said they couldn't really do anything about chocolate milk.

We'll have to get a Milk Drinkers Anonymous thing going.

Yeah, that's right. What would you call that? MMA? MDA? Milk Drinkers Anonymous. I'm sorry. I stayed up all night.

How long have you guys been out?

You want the truth or you want me to tell you a lie?

Whatever is easier for your mind at this point.

We've been out with these guys for a week and we've been out on the road since '95. We've been with these guys for about a week.

How long will the tour last?

See, that's one of the things the tour manager won't ever tell you the truth about. We just have a couple more shows. The last I heard, it was supposed to be March. We're supposed to done but that changes. You know how tour managers are. They'll tell you half the story.

It's supposed to end in March but you'll probably be out on the road until 2010.

2010, yeah. We're going to go out with Jesus and his band. They're going to come back and we're going to go out on tour with them.

Any other thoughts or comments?

Come see the show. It's a rock show. That's all I can ever say. There's no smoke, no lights, no nothing. We're just a blue jean, T-shirt rock and roll band. We're drinking a lot of beer. That's about our only flaw I guess. Other than we're pretty ugly. We just play music, man. It's just a good time. Don't judge us before you see us, that's basically what I'd like to say.

And that he gets in fights with chocolate donuts.

Yeah, watch out for chocolate donuts. They'll get you in the store at night.

Every Mother's Nightmare