Willie Salazar - Fenix TX

November 5, 2005

Tell me a little bit about Fenix TX.

We started up in 1995 and did a lot of touring as a band called Riverfenix when we first started. Right before we put out our first full length album with MCA and Drive-Thru Records, we were fixing to have trouble with the mother of River Phoenix and that forced us to change the name. It came down to changing the name within a two hour time period. We had to give somebody a title on the new album and a name of the band all at once. We chose Fenix TX. It wasn't the first thing we thought up but it was the first thing everybody agreed on that wasn't already taken. We toured extensively for the first five or six years and then took a break citing musical differences.

That's when you guys suddenly broke up and shocked everyone.


What did you guys do after you split up?

We started two different bands. Myself and Chris Lewis, the other guitar player, started a band called Denver Harbor. Adam and Damon started a band that had so many names I don't know what it's called now.

What led you guys to get back together again?

We played a show a year ago just to get more video footage for a full length DVD. With the help of management and Drive-Thru Records, they put together a show and it was a neat idea to invite a bunch of fans out to a farewell show since we never got the chance to say goodbye to anybody before we broke. We did it without anybody's knowledge and it took on a life of its own. We played that one show and it turned out to be really awesome. We got everything that we needed and we never really put out the DVD because of a lot of things that we weren't able to do. A year later we thought it would be cool to do another show. It was an idea of ours to do a reunion show once a year in a different market. Mainly markets that we did well in. That one show turned into two shows and it turned into a tour. A little reunion tour which turned into a Drive-Thru tour with other Drive-Thru bands. It snowballed into this one right now.

It's turned into a shitload of dates. You guys better never think of splitting up again.

We haven't officially reunited. At first it was going to be a farewell tour but it's been getting more and more fun. As time goes by it seems like it's something that no one minds doing anymore. It used to seem like it was an obligation.

It's because you took some time apart and gave each other space. Now you can get back together and have fun again.

Yeah, that's how we look at it.

I can understand when you're around each other too much it tends to make people crazy.


You guys are coming out with a live album called Purple Reign In Blood.

Right now it's called Purple Reign In Blood. We'll see what it's going to be called after the show.

Are you still recording shows for it?

No, it's already done. It's actually coming out on the eighth of November but while we were in the process of trying to promote it, we sent out a press release and we got a response from the management company of Prince for using the title and the artwork. We might have to change it.


Because the artwork uses a little variance of a Prince symbol.

Oh my God, like anybody cares about him anymore. Honestly, when was the last time you heard anything about the artist formerly known as Prince?

Yeah, exactly.

It might give him a reason to sue you and get some extra money.

Yeah, that's why we're a little bit up in arms about that. It's not so much of a big deal. It's just a little bit of a hassle.

You guys put out a couple of studio records while you were still together or just one?

No, we put out a couple. The first album we put out as Riverfenix was on Drive-Thru Records and we re-released that album. We produced it and we remixed it and added a couple of tracks when we signed over to MCA and released that as Fenix TX. Then the last album we put out came out in 2000 or 2001.

Have you guys been thinking about putting out another studio album?

Yeah, and it's like we get into that thought process a whole lot more just because of being asked that question. That's what the interviews revolve around nowadays. "So when are you guys thinking about recording a new album?" We talk about it a lot. We just haven't decided whether we're going to be able to do it or not. I guess it all depends on how many of the live albums we sell. It will be a good gauge to see how interested fans would be to hear something new from Fenix TX.

You guys have been out on the road since the 22nd of October. How has the attendance been on the tour?

It feels the same. When we first started playing, it was always a gradual thing. The more shows on a long tour, gradually the attendance got greater. It was exactly like that. Some of the markets that we did great in, awesome shows. Some markets that we've never been to before like Nashville, TN, crappy shows. Some nights there are probably 100 people there. Some nights, 1,000.

Are people buying the record?

Yeah, so far. It's been really cool.

Well then I think we can expect a new studio record.

We'll see.

You said you guys did a DVD thing but you never released it.

Yeah, we were scheduled to release it last year with Drive-Thru. We never got around to doing it because Drive-Thru decided not to do it. We saved all the material and will release it in a few weeks with another label.

When you guys get done with the tour which ends on December 4, what do you guys plan on doing after that?

Take a short little break. We have a few more shows lined up in the States and then we go to Japan. We've got some offers for some other tours. We haven't decided which would be the best idea. We're keeping all of our options open.

That's always a good thing to do.

Fenix TX