Lesli Sanders - Pretty Boy Floyd

November 14, 2002

Tell us a little about yourself.

I started playing bass because no one else played bass. All my friends played guitar when I was young. They said "why don't you play bass?" I go "alright." My very first band was a band called Tramp Alley up in Seattle. If you heard of that band that came out a little while ago called New American Shame, it was the singer of that and the lead guitar player of that that was my first band. With those people basically sounding exactly how New American Shame sounded too because AC/DC shit kind of rocks except we were kind of I guess glam looking. More like trashy. Then after that I was in this band called Talks Cheap and that was with the same guitar player from New American Shame and some other people. Then Queeny Blast Pop and that turned into Distractions and then my other band City Girls Boys and then Pretty Boy Floyd. Then I play with some other people. I did a tour and played bass for Marky Ramone from The Ramones. Shit like that.

Are you still doing the City Girls Boys thing?

Yeah, I guess. It kind of got on the back burner because we got so busy doing all of that stuff with Floyd. I've got a bunch of new songs recorded. I've got to find the new people for the band.

Get a whole new lineup?

Not a whole new one but a drummer and a guitar player.

When did you join Pretty Boy Floyd and did you hook up with them?

I don't know. I think about four or five years ago. I kind of knew them from before and they had this big show coming up at the Key Club and they had the other people that were in the band, I guess it was Pretty Boy Floyd and Bang Tango together, and Joe from Bang Tango came in and was like "John, we got Pretty Boy Floyd. We're going to blow you off the stage." Kind of like in a joking, friendly way and Kristy at the time I guess took it pretty seriously and said "Fuck that. All right, I'm bringing new people in this band so we can kick ass." He called me and said "we need you on bass." I guess at the time that Caps guy was still on bass and they were like "all right we need to get some people" so they called me.

Kristy left the band and has a booking agency now.

He had it the whole time. He was never really wanting to ever tour. As you noticed, once he wasn't in the band that's when all of a sudden we started touring all over. He never really wanted to do that anyhow so it was kind of better in the first place.

What's the point of being in a band if you don't want to go anywhere? You guys have a new guy in the band called Chadpole?

He's one of the guitar players in City Boys Girls.

And now he's in Pretty Boy Floyd. That band has had quite a lineup change.

Well with the band that's done all this touring that's who its been. Me, Steve, Chad, and Dish. Last year we played about 100 shows which is probably more than Pretty Boy Floyd played in the last four or five years before that.

So when did Chad join the band?

I guess a year ago. No, not even a year because last February we played in England and Keri Kelli went with us to do that. He did the tours with us so that was in June I guess.

You guys have released three studio albums, a live album, and a best of album. Are we going to get another studio album from you guys?

We're writing the songs right now. We have some of them done. Finally there's some motivation. Everyone always says "yeah, okay you did those other songs. They're the same fucking songs over and over." First you got "Leather Boyz" and then you re-recorded half the songs on "Porn Stars". Then you do a live record with the same fucking songs too. So now, it's going to be a brand new one. It's going to be the same songs industrial. Nah.


Hip-hop, motherfuckers.

You can do a Faster Pussycat thing.

No, it's going to be all new songs with a country twang.

Woohoo. Please not that.

Nah, it's just going to be rock.

Are you guys doing a lot of gigs around California?

Well, not a lot. We're playing here on the 21st at the Key Club and on the 30th at some other place. We're not playing that many shows right now because right now is when we're writing all the songs for that new record and we're going to try to get that all recorded before we leave. We're going to the UK to do another UK tour in the first week of February and we go to Italy and hopefully it looks like we'll be going to Germany and Belgium and Sweden and a few other places over there too. Hopefully it'll be done then but it won't be released yet so when we go on that tour, we're going to go with some kind of CD type sampler thing with four songs or something like that. It's going to be more like a promotional thing. The new album's coming out and we'll have that thing with the four songs and then after we're there, like a month later or something, then the real one will come out.

Sounds cool. Are you guys touring the U. S. after you get done with Europe?

Yeah, I don't know when. There was talk of one in January but I think it's the Midwest but it would be like 15 shows. As soon as the record comes out, we'll tour the whole place. Keggers, dumpsters behind Chinese restaurants. We'll play it all.

Cool. Come to your local Chinese restaurant in the back alley in the dumpster.

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