Holger Schulz - Gun Barrel

September 27, 2001

Can you give me some background information on the band?

The band, Gun Barrel, started in 1999. The singer is Guido Fieldhausen and the guitar player, Rolf Tanzius played together a long time ago. After that they said "okay, we'll make a new band and it will be called Gun Barrel". They found the bassist. I think he's the most important man in the band. I'm the bassist. They saw me onstage and said "okay he's meant for us" and they got my number. After a while they called and then I was in the band. I think about one and a half years, maybe two years, we found Toni Pinciroli to play drums.

You guys released two EPs before this album, Bomb Attack and Back To Suicide. Can you elaborate on those?

The first one, Bomb Attack, was just a small one in a small studio and I think it was in 1998 or 1999. I don't know exactly but it's not so important. It gets better with Back To Suicide. It opened up doors for us. We went to the same studio. After a while the studio was expanded. They got newer equipment and we made the tape. This one, Back To Suicide, opened some doors so the label, L.M.P., saw the newspaper articles written about our EPs. After a while L.M.P. called us and said "okay I have some reviews about you and it would be terrific if you recorded music for us". We said okay, sure, we'll do it. We started recording the Power-Dive album and it's out now I think.

I understand that the title track of Back To Suicide was used at a boxing match between Sven Ottke and Tucker Podwill.

We had good luck at this time. On television, it's called RTL, a big satellite channel in Germany, they were looking for a song for this boxing match with Sven Ottke and Tucker Podwill. They searched for a band that had a song that's a little bit aggressive. Powerful for the jingle. We got the chance to be on television. It was a great feeling to turn on the television and hear the song. I didn't know and after a while some friends of mine called and said "hey you're on television". I couldn't believe it and then I saw it on television. What a really great feeling. Cool. I want more and more of that.

You recorded your new album Power-Dive and I guess that started in October of 2000. Then you toured and played at a prison.

That tour lasted a year so we had every weekend. It was nonstop. I think we played most weekends. We were on tour all the time this year. I think next week we're going to France. We have a gig there. Next year we'll try to do a European tour. A small one.

How about a U. S. one?

We tour small clubs in Germany. I hope we come to the USA.

I hope so too. I listened to the album and I loved it. Especially the different musical styles.

Nice to hear. Great. I hope many people will buy it.

I can imagine. I understand the gentleman who produced the album, Olaf Reitmeier, also produced Mob Rules.

He's the bassist for Hyper Child. It's a band from Germany that covered a song from Black. It's a pop song. It's a little bit more rock. They covered it and it gave them a chance to get on the charts. He works in the Gate-Studio from Das Shoppette and was our producer for this CD. Das Shoppette marketed it and Olaf mixed it. We had a lot of fun there. He's a really nice and we had a lot of fun.

Some of the songs on the EPs are on Power-Dive?

We changed our drummer and we talked to the label chief of L.M.P. and we told him we had some songs on EPs and a new drummer. A new sound. So we did it.

So you redid the songs?

With a new drummer. We got another sound. He's more aggressive and I think he gets a kick out of music.

Are those the only two songs from the EPs? Is everything else new?

Yeah, it is.

Who does most of the writing?

The guitarist has a lot of ideas that he brings to the rehearsals. When the music is finished, the singer tries it on tape, gets it home, and listens to the music and makes use of the lyrics. Sometimes we get lucky and the song is completed. So we make music, play it, and then we have a new song. Not often but sometimes we're lucky. Usually we have some ideas and have to work on them.

So everyone has input.

The most input comes from the guitarist.

What are some of your favorite tracks on the album?

My favorite track is "Gone With The Wind" from the softer songs. I have the tape here. "Straight Down To Hell" is usally the song that gives me the most power on stage. "Power-Dive" is I think one one of my most favorite tracks but "For All Like You" is the song where I get the most feeling.

My two favorites were "Gone With The Wind" and "Back To Suicide".

"Back To Suicide" is a really good live song. When you go onstage and play "Back To Suicide" the people begin to bounce.

Do you have a large following in Germany?

It's grown actually. We have a fanclub. Usually we play small clubs. Sometimes we play festivals. Sometimes we play bigger stages. Usually the venues are full, crowded with people. I think it's grown actually so we have more people standing in front of the stage.

Your touring plans are to tour France. Any other countries?

A sponsor of someone said to do it so we said we would do it. It started Friday and ended Sunday. The weekend.

So you just play on weekends.

. Yeah, the whole weekend.

Who are some of your musical influences?

. For me actually, I'm listening to the new Helloween. Last night I heard the new Saxon and I think I have to buy it. Our singer begins to laugh because he loves Saxon.

In your bio he was compared to the lead singer of Saxon on a couple of songs. Any other thoughts or comments?

I can give you the singer. He has some comments.

Hello. It's Guido.


Hi. How are you?

I'm doing fine. How are you and do you have any comments for the fans?

Very good, thank you. We are Gun Barrel and we shoot all the guns we've got. We're a German hard rock band and enjoy the music. It's coming back soon.

Gun Barrel