Holger Schulz - Gun Barrel

June 30, 2003

Let's start with the Black Label summer party and the motorcycle club.

It's a small club but it's not bad there. Actually we had some problems this year playing there. In February we played there at the winter party at the Black Label. It was a nice gig and this year there was a summer party and we had a problem with our drummer, Toni. He hurt his arm and we had to give the gig to another band. Yeah, we had a problem there but actually Toni is fit so we can work in the rehearsal room and go on stage again. All the band stayed on the motorcycles at the Black Label.

They've been around for 15 years. Is it just a regular motorcycle club?

Yeah, we have the same here in Germany.

Tell me about the United Choppers Festival.

We played there. It was a pretty nice club gig. There are a lot of motorcycle clubs in Germany.

Do you guys still have the same lineup since the last album?

Yes, exactly. It's Guido on vocals, Rolf on guitar, Toni on drums, and me on bass. The whole band. Battle-Tested was recorded in Frankfurt, the bass and drums at Uwe Lulis. He's the guitarist from Grave Digger. Actually from Rebellion. After that it took about six or seven days in Frankfurt at the studio. After that we went to Hamburg to Pete Sielck at the Powerhouse Studios. Pete Sielck is from Iron Saviour. That was producing recordings from guitar, vocals, and bagpipes. That was recorded and mixed by Pete Sielck in a small, small studio too. The whole producing was Pete Sielck but the drums and bass were well recorded by Uwe Lulis in Frankfurt. Both studios are very good ones I think so we had a lot of fun there with Toni and me. More with Uwe so we stayed there six or seven days and Guido and Rolf more with Pete Sielck. I think it was very interesting to stay in two studios and work with two producers or with two record engineers and after that producing in Hamburg. Not bad I think.

Why did you decide to use them instead of the guy you used last time?

We got the addresses from the label. At first we got the address for Uwe Lulis and two other studios. We rang them up and then we had a meeting and we came to look at the studios and then we said okay that's all right or that's not all right. After that we got the number and address for Pete Sielck. We decided okay we'll make a cut. We get new impressions and fresh feelings when you take a new, fresh studio in my opinion. I like to see new faces, to see new equipment, other parts to records, and other technical things. The mixing, producing, and so on. We decided to split into two studios. One in Frankfurt, one in Hamburg. I think the change was right. Did you like Battle-Tested?

Yes, I did. I read reviews on it, both positive and negative. What got me was the fact that some folks didn't care for the lyrical content. Sex, rock and roll, and partying. What happened to writing music about fun, positive shit? Such as sex, rock and roll, and partying. People have hang-ups with negative angry shit.

I think it's the only right way to live.

That's why I enjoyed Battle-Tested. It was positive and fun. "My Last Ale" was one of my favorite tunes. I love that song. It's about all the fun shit in life.

I think you have to travel to Europe, especially to Germany. I think so. You have to. You must.

Your sound has been compared to AC/DC, Thunderhead, Rose Tattoo, and Motorhead. I heard a bit of Motorhead influence. Was that intentional?

Actually, Remedy Records was making a tribute to Motorhead's "Running Wild". This year we got the chance to be on a tribute to Motorhead sampler. We chose the song "Out Of The Sun" by Motorhead and it was recorded I think about four or five weeks ago so it's recorded, mixed, and mastered. I think about four or five weeks ago it belonged to the label and in the third or fourth quarter of the year it will be released. In September Rolf just told me. We had a lot of fun. It was the first time we covered a song. Normally we don't like to do cover songs but someone came to the band and said he heard us play and we like to rock. He told us he'd like us to do a cover song from Motorhead. We did the job and I think it will be all right. I'm still waiting on the music from the other bands. They all covered Motorhead songs. I'm waiting for how the sound is, how the feeling is, how the power is inside from the other bands. I don't know actually which other bands cover the other songs from Motorhead. We have to wait until September.

You did some shows with Rose Tattoo.

I think about one or two years ago we played together on a big stage in Cologne at the Leiz Music Hall but actually we didn't play together. The last we played was with Subway To Sally together I think about one week ago in Wietze. It was a nice gig. They're professional. Really good. Very kind musicians. At the end of the year there are one or two gigs with Die Happy together but I'm not sure if the music belongs together. It will be all right. On the 13th of July we play in Cologne and it will be a fete gig. We are the headliner and I'm waiting for it.

Power-Dive was released worldwide. Is this true for Battle-Tested as well?

Yes, I think so. I think it will be the same countries or villages or lands. Wiht Power-Dive I think it would be the same.

Are there any particular songs on the album that you would like to talk about a little bit?

Well, I'm not the singer but I can tell you I have two or three songs which are my favorite songs I usually like to play on stage at the first, "Lonely Rider" and "My Last Ale". "Save My Heart From You" I like to play on stage too and "The Raven". These are my favorite songs from the CD. I think all of the songs were produced in the rehearsal room and sometimes there are some stories to the songs and sometimes not. We took a couple of parts out of a few songs we wrote ages ago. We worded them together into "Lonely Rider". The result is a mid-tempo rocker in '80s and '90s style. It was strange that every one of us individually started recording the song first upon going into the studio. It doesn't sound like it but it was quite difficult to play because if you lose the tempo and the kick even for a second, then you lose it all. When it was finally finished we all wanted to go out and jump on the nearest Harley and ride across the desert towards the setting sun.

Any heavy touring ahead of you?

We have gigs every weekend now. I think we have gigs every weekend so I see the Flower Power in Oelde, Burg Linn Live in Krefeld, HardNHeavy Summernight in Erftaue, Metal Bash in Hamburg, School's Out in Cologne, So What in Netherlands. We've got at first 1001 Watt Festival at Skin in Norway. I think we have every weekend a club gig or sometimes on a bigger stage or just playing all the time. We have to work hard for it.

Sounds like you're going to a lot of different countries.

Yes, this year we played in Netherlands and we're playing at the end of the year in Netherlands too. In Norway we actually have the contract. I hope there will be a chance to play maybe in Sweden. I don't know exactly. Maybe France. We try. Maybe we can come to the USA.

I wish. I hope. Any other comments or thoughts?

Yeah, I hope the fans all enjoy our music and we try to play in the USA.

Gun Barrel