Mark Slaughter - Slaughter

July 1, 2003

A fan enjoyed the cover you did of "Love Of My Life" by Queen and wanted to know if you ever met anyone in Queen or got any feedback from any of the members about the cover.

Oh really? No, I haven't. I've met Brian May in England at an awards ceremony out there. I did meet him, but I haven't talked to anybody about any of the tribute stuff that I've done.

Are you planning on recording or performing any other Queen covers?

Queen covers, no. I don't know if there's any other Queen CDs that are there that are being done. No, nothing at this point. Obviously I'm a big fan of Queen and many other groups out there.

The last CDs you guys put out was Back To Reality. Are you guys working on any new material?

Not right now. Obviously we're just re-releasing our first two CDs, Stick It To Ya and The Wild Life. Those have demos of the early recordings of what we did way back in the day. We have that out as well as we're going to be working on a DVD for around the Christmas release.

Is that going to be live footage?

That's going to be probably our home videos that we had from years ago plus some other footage.

You guys have gone through a lot of hard knocks over the years, especially with the loss of Tim. You've managed to keep the band together. How do you explain your longevity?

I think that it was just a point of your music is a part of you. You just do what you do. I don't know what else I'd be doing that I would have as much passion for. I enjoy it. I enjoy making our music. I wrote, I've been a producer, I perform it. It's what we do. I think the longevity is the part of it being our own as opposed to being songs that other people have written or as being other songs that people have produced. It's a lot more personal.

Are you guys currently with a label?

Currently with Capitol, yes.

Tell me about the Rock Never Stops tour. When does it start, how long is the duration, and who will we see playing?

The Rock Never Stops tour should be going up through September. Possibly further. We're still waiting to see on that. We're going to be out there again making some noise. It'll be Whitesnake, Warrant, Kip Winger, ourselves. We're really looking forward to going to those places that we've been so many a time. Spreading that old rock and roll word.

Do you feel that doing these package tours keeps the music out there?

I think that people love to go out to the shows. It brings back a lot of good memories. I think on that side of it, it's all a very positive thing. People get a chance to relive a lot of things and a lot of people get a chance to discover something that they'd never known. It's an exciting thing.

What kind of setlist do you guys have?

We do a lot of stuff off of the Stick It To Ya CD. The Wild Life. We also do some stuff off Fear No Evil. I think the key is, we try to do the songs that people know and love instead of trying to cram a whole bunch of new stuff down people's throats. If they come to hear those songs, they'll definitely see and hear those songs.

Do you guys try to do some recent stuff? A lot of people seem interested in hearing newer stuff.

We do new stuff but when you have a 40 minute set and there's five minutes a song and you have seven records to pull from, it certainly gets to be very difficult to pick those songs when you've got that much material. You've just got to go with what albums were the ones that sold well. What albums did the people really know and love and still bring up to you and that are being re-released. Which is kind of, we're not running away from it. We're embracing that.

When does the tour start?

The tour starts on the 11th of July, so in 10 days.

I bet you guys are excited.

Oh, yeah. It's a very exciting thing.

The remastered CDs just came out?

Right, the remastered CDs just came out. It's a really cool thing. It's part of a lot of memories for us obviously and it sounds even better than the original versions because they've been remastered and they just sound better. They really do.

Are you going to remaster your entire catalog?

Through CMC? I don't know. That's on a different label. I don't know if we'll choose to be remastering things on that label. I know that with Capitol, they've got all those studios and those things right there for us to use so that worked out very nice.

Do you guys have a lot of control over the remastering process?

Yeah, we do. We got a chance to go and be a complete part of it. Again, the band was involved from the very beginning of all that. Whatever's going to happen in the future, whatever it might be, we've been in control of that destiny, good, bad, or indifferent.

Any other comments or thoughts?

I just very much look forward to playing for everybody out there and certainly there's been a lot of great memories out in that Dallas area. We're looking forward to getting out there and partying with all the good people.