Todd Smith - Dog Fashion Disco

June 29, 2003

You guys replaced two band members. What led you to do that and can you tell us about the new guys?

Those guys decided to leave and get married and have kids.

You've released a new CD called "Committed To A Bright Future". Can you tell us a little about that album and highlight a few tracks on it?

I think the whole album is a highlight for us. We have definitely grown as musicians and songwriters and the music seems to make more sense.

You've used a broad array of instruments including some wind instruments. What led to experiment with that?

We are all about experimentation and making the most out of the sounds available. We listen to bands that incorporate a lot of instrumentation.

You used Drew Mazurak again to produce the album. Are you pleased with his work?

He has upgraded his equipment to Pro Tools and is an easy guy to work with so it's a no brainer. I am always pleased with the job Drew does. He has made us sound better than ever.

It's been stated that you're trying to change a stale metal scene. What do you think about the current state of metal?

I don't listen to the so called nu-metal shit, it all ends up sounding the same.

You guys are a bit wild and have been arrested a few times. Can you tell us about your most interesting arrest story?

I was arrested for refusing to leave Pop's Saloon in Illinois. It isn't an exciting story but I wasn't done drinking and I got kicked out and thrown in a cell.

Is the story I read about pissed off ICP fans an actual story and can you elaborate on that?

Yo make a long story short, before we played a note these individuals were spiting and throwing bottles and change at us so I took a shit and threw it at them and poured bottles of piss on them and afterwards they actually smelled better.

You have a street team called the Mushroom Cult. Do you find street teams an effective way to get the word out about bands?

Fuck yeah.

You're doing well on college radio. Are you also being >played on Internet radio? How do you feel about the recent attempt by the FCC to monopolize public radio?

Commercial radio is a fucking joke. It's all about money and payola. That's why the same songs are played over and over and the bands are shit.

How did your Jagermeister tour go and how is your current touring going? Where all are you guys playing at?

The tours are going great and we are covering a lot of territory all over the country.

You re-released "Experiments In Alchemy" and "Embryos In Bloom". What led you to re-release those albums and where can people pick them up at?

We re-released them because people were paying 70-80 bucks for one copy on Ebay so we wanted people to be able to get the albums and artwork for cheap.

Any other comments or thoughts?

Thanks for the interview and hopefully we will meet in Dallas sometime.

Thanks for doing the interview and have a safe, fun tour!

Dog Fashion Disco