Tin Star - Gemini 5

August 2, 2005

First off, I really enjoyed the CD! I couldn't take it out of the CD player. Tell me a bit about how you guys got together and why you decided to play the type of music that you do.

Thanks, man. I'm glad you liked it. Me and Pete left our then current band Plaster to form an old school L.A. hard rock band. We heard Rod was back from the U.S. (deported) while laying with The Beautiful Creatures and told him to come to Stockholm and do an audition. Snoopy was a local drunk at my bar and we asked him if he was interested to join a cool new band in the same vein as Mötley Crüe and Skid Row. Everything happened very fast and we got a record deal a half year later. We grew up with all those '80s bands and those are the bands we love. We had this idea to be a band that we would have loved when we grew up ourselves. We try to mix all the things we love into the music. Both old and new stuff.

I like the name of the band. Why did you decide on calling it Gemini Five? Does that have some kind of meaning?

We wanted a universal name that wouldn't only appeal to the rockers. Rod came up with the name. He used to be in a band called The Jet Set in L.A. and they had a song called Gemini 5. It's the name of a NASA program just like the Apollo or Challenger.

Tell me about some of the musical influences of the band.

The main influence is Mötley Crüe, Marilyn Manson, and Shotgun Messiah. Rod and Snoopy's into the new stuff. Me and Pete are more into the vintage bands. It creates a great mix.

Tell me a bit about your release, Babylon Rockets.

We released it in Europe, Japan, and Brazil late 2003 so it's been around for some time. It's a rock & roll-sleaze album that should be fit for the American market. Heavy riffs and strong melodies combined with the coolest band around. Cleopatra records released it in June 2005 in the US and are currently working to find a release date for the upcoming album Black Anthem.

I really enjoyed the cover of Dead Or Alive's "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)". Are you guys Dead Or Alive fans and what inspired you to cover that song?

We thought it would be cool to do a cover song. I think they're still cool up to this date but we're no DOA fans. It came out great in the studio so we decided to put it on the album.

Can you tell me a bit about the Swedish music scene? I love the Gothenburg stuff but apparently there are other styles of music that are bursting out of Sweden as well.

There are many good bands in Sweden right now. All types of music. The sleaze scene is getting bigger as well. There are always places to play, but in Stockholm most bands don't get paid. Guess it's the same in L.A. etc.. We have bands like Backyard Babies, Hardcore Superstar, Crash Diet among bands like The Hives and Soundtrack Of Our Lives.

Can you tell me about the Black Anthem album I saw advertised on your site?

We'll release it in Europe Aug 24th. No date is set for the US but I hope this fall. 13 heavy tracks of pure rock & roll-in-your-face-killers. It's a real beast with a heavy sound. But it still sounds like Gemini Five. Killer riffs and killer songs. We didn't want to do a Babylon Rockets II. Gemini Five need to keep moving and take things to a higher level. The sound is more modern and heavier. I know the G5 fans won't be disappointed. Rod and Snoopy contributed with some song writing and Slim Pete was a monster behind the drums.

What does your touring schedule look like?

Right now we're doing shows in Sweden. A European tour is scheduled this fall. We'd love to tour America. Rod can't enter the U.S. until 2006 because he got deported in 2001. We can hopefully do some show in the L.A. area sometime next year.

Any other thoughts or comments?

If you've been waiting for a new cool band that's larger than life, here's the answer to your prayers. We might not rock your entire world but we'll definitely shake your foundations. Check out Gemini Five at www.gemini5.net. Thanks for the interview. It was great...Tin

Gemini 5